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[Hero Concept] Luna - The Dark Husk of Lunox (Tank/Marksman)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-30 09:01 PM

Luna Freeworth
Ultima Shield

Role: Marksman / Tank
Specialty: Initiator / Burst

Child's Affliction
Luna will always on Blind Status. She doesn't have any vision of all enemy hero unit and can't easily do basic attacks. Instead, she will throw Sticky Candy Pops in a specified direction as her basic attack. She will gain visuals and the positions of any heroes that will deal damage to her (either basic or skill) and/or the enemy hero unit have Sticky Candy Pop in them. Every time Luna loses 5% HP, she will get 6% Damage Reduction that can stack up to 60%.

Sticky Candy Pops: This basic attack can't auto-target any enemy unit when still in a blind state. Can only auto-target enemy hero unit when Luna gained visual(s) and if the enemy is within the basic attack range. The pops that will not hit an enemy will stay in the spot where it lands for 30secs and will stick to any enemy hero unit that will step on it.

Despair Assault (Marksman mode)                    Burst
Cooldown: 5          Mana Cost: 70
(Passive) Every damage that luna receives from enemy heroes (not applicable to minions) will add a missile stack: 1stack per basic attack, 3stacks per skill damage. The number of missiles launched will base on the stack made (Max. 6) and will reset after every skill use.

(Active) Luna will launch guided missiles from her shields that will chase where the Sticky Candy Pops are. If the target candy within range is on the ground, the missiles will rain in a small circular area dealing 250/320/390/460/530/600 (+250%Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage around the target, dealing only 50% of damage to minions. If the target candy within range is on the enemy hero unit, the missiles will chase the enemy dealing 150/220/290/360/430/500 (+120%Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage each missile, ignoring minions. This skill can be stored for 5 times.

Shield Slap (Altering Grief mode)                   AoE CC
Cooldown: 0          Mana Cost: 0
Throws two great shields in distance. Each shield will deal 350 (+260% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies caught in the trajectory. This will stun the single enemy hero unit caught in the middle of the throw for 2secs, knocks back all enemy units around and slowing them down by 80% for 2secs. This skill can be cast again after a short pause.

Nuclear of Sadness (Marksman mode)                   AoE Burst
Cooldown: 60          Mana Cost: 150
(Active) Luna will gain visual positions of all enemy heroes in the map for 5secs and will lock onto a single enemy hero unit.

(Use again) Use the skill again to launch a barrage of 5 Guided Missiles on the chosen enemy hero dealing 150/220/290/360/430/500 (+180%Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage each missile. Each missile will explode upon hit that reduces Magical and Physical Defense by 10 for 2.5secs and Reduced Movement Speed by 90% for 1.5secs to nearby enemies. The missiles can be blocked by other enemy heroes. All visual positions and visual stacks on all enemy hero units will be removed after the skill ends.

Shield Cushion (Altering Grief mode)                  Buff
Cooldown: 0          Mana Cost: 0
Luna will equip one of her shields to a single ally with the lowest HP nearby that can absorb 350/400/450/500/550/600 (+250% Total Physical Power) points of Magical and Physical Damage, grants 20% CC Resilience, increased Physical and Magical Defense by 15%, Reduced Physical and Magical Damage by 25% and Increased Movement Speed by 40% for 1.8secs. This skill can be cast again after a short pause (Max 4 times) but can't be stacked on the same ally hero.

Altering Grief                   Buff
Cooldown: 0         Mana Cost: 120
(Passive) During this skill's duration, Luna can't do basic attack and will have visuals on the positions of all enemy heroes in the entire map that attacks her. Each hit Luna takes (Before the activation and while the duration of this skill) will charge this skill's gauge by: 1% every basic attack; 5% every skill damage. The higher the percentage of the gauge, the longer the duration will be (Max 100% for 20secs). The charging of the gauge will stop after all the shields are destroyed or used.

(Active) Luna will combine all of her shields, making 4 great shields that will continuously orbit around her. Each shield can absorb at least 450/500/650 (+250% Total Physical Power) points of Magic and Physical Damage, grants 20% CC Resilience (Max 80%), increased Physical and Magical Defense by 15% (Max 60%), and an additional 1.5% Damage Reduction every time Luna loses 5% HP. Each shield will be destroyed after taking maximum damage and/or used by Shield Cushion and Shield Slap. After the shields are destroyed or used, Luna will get CC immunity, Reduced Physical and Magical Damage by 25% and increased Movement Speed by 40%, all of it for 2secs.

Skill Note(s):
Passive: Sticky Candy Pops will only grant enemy visuals if the candy pop sticks to an enemy hero unit, you can't gain visual if the pops are still on the ground. Sticky Candy Pops will grant Luna enemy visual for 5secs each stack. Skill damage and basic attack will grant Luna enemy visual for 2secs each stack. There's no maximum limit for the visual stack. The visual is universal, meaning you can see all enemy unit in the entire map if you have a visual on them. Helcurt's Ulti will cancel luna's visual on enemy hero units but won't stop the time stacked. The Blind State will only affect enemy hero units, you will still see your teammates on the map. The visuals are only available for you, your teammates won't get the enemy's position visuals. Whenever Aldous use his Ulti, Luna will get Aldous’ position in the map.

Skill1: (Marksman mode) This skill will prioritize enemy hero units within range. (Altering Grief mode) This is like Lapu-Lapu's first skill in Twin Blade mode but won't come back.

Skill2: (Marksman mode) The missiles will dance mid-air, so there's a possibility of blocking the other missiles while the other still hits the target enemy. This is literally a combination of Lesley's and Aldous' SS. The positions gained of the enemies by this skill will affect your teammates, just like how Aldous’ and Lesley's Ulti works.

Skill3: This skill’s passive won’t give your teammates visuals on the enemy positions. The additional Damage Reduction can reach up to 40% if you still have the 4 shields active that can stack up with Luna’s passive, possibly reaching a maximum 100% Damage Reduction.

Little Girl.jpg
Nishimiya's Cute, isn't she? The hero will look like her but with...

Blind Eye.jpg
Blind eyes like this... Also, she doesn't have any Arms or Legs. One of her Shields has this...

Large Mechanical Arm.jpg
as her arms. She's almost mecha like together with her shield equipped like this...

Mechanical Back Wing.jpg
imagine those legs and the wings as Shields. She's like that. and for the shield designs...

Shield 6.jpg Shield 4.jpg
Shield 3.jpg Shield 2.jpg Shield 1.jpg
and more. Not just five but I was imagining there's like 20+ of them.

* These images are Google grabbed. This is an effort to try and visualize the hero concept. I don't know who the owner or creator is and which game or anime some of them are in but credits to them.
* I will be posting another hero concept tomorrow which is a Support/Assassin! Hate it or love it, your choice! Mabuhay!
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she is blind and has no vision. she will only have vision when enemy attack her or she uses her 2nd skill right?
her skill set are good but i think she needs a bit more buff for her blindness. also no reference image there. please add a reference image from google and submit it to in game customer support as a suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-9 07:26 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-11 09:54 PM
BD007 replied at 2019-9-9 07:09 AM
she is blind and has no vision. she will only have vision when enemy attack her or she uses her 2nd  ...

She will actually gain visuals on enemies when:
1. She is hit with basic attacks and skill damage.
2. if her Candy Pops stick on an enemy.
3. Skill2 passive
4. Skill3 passive

This hero was actually revamped so many times since there's so much hate I received when I posted this on Facebook and Reddit. I tried, as much as possible, to do a High-Risk High Gain style for her. Also, I hope you don't mind me asking sir but, what is reference image? I don't have any original visual art for my hero here so I just grabbed some google images and pasted here to try to visualize her.
By the way sir, I hope you do mind me asking this but I tried several times sending out to In-game CS about my ideas. But the form they provide only has a limit of 800 characters. And you can see that my Hero Concept uses more than 800characters.

So what I did is I took a screenshot of my hero ideas and submit it to them. however, I am not sure if they can read it since when I checked the preview of my form to them, the picture looks really bad and you can't read anything in it!

The CS too is just sending out or replying me with a template so I am not sure if my ideas were sent out properly. DO you other ways to send our ideas to them? or if someone could talk to us, like a live person?

TIA for the help.
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excaliburn20 replied at 2019-9-9 08:28 PM
By the way sir, I hope you do mind me asking this but I tried several times sending out to In-game ...

all you need to do is submit this thread link.
just summarize the whole thing and provide the link. thanks.


Nice! Thank you so much, sir!  Post time 2019-9-10 11:35 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-9-10 10:38 PM | Show all posts
Deep within the Dark Forest at night, a couple of a Human woman and a Dark Elf man that’s looking for specimen and any leftovers from the attack of Helcurt’s army to Leonin Village. They heard cries that echo through the silent deserted place. They followed where the sound comes from and found a lovely baby girl basked in the rays of moonlight. The lovely couple took the baby and the baby stopped crying, smiled at them. The couple was so happy and decided to name her - Luna.

Years passed and the baby grows to be a lovely girl in a neutral village deep within the southern mountains near the Abyss. Everyone in the neighbor loved Luna as she was jolly and always active. She would even give out her favorite Sticky Candy Pops to everyone that her father always brings whenever he comes home. She would also greet the elder dark elves every morning and give them candies. Her parents are contented as ever… not knowing what lies ahead.

One day, the Blood Queen Alice visited the village to ask the Elders for another sacrifice to feed the 'Abyss Devil'. Everyone greeted her and Luna, who happens to be playing in the street, came running to greet her to greet the Queen and to give her some candies.

Alice: My, my… Aren’t you a lovely human girl?
Luna: Human? No, I am a Dark Elf, my queen!
Alice: With your flawlessly white skin all over? Yes, you’re a Dark Elf. Hahaha!

The people around the street also laughed at what Luna did. She is so lovely, cute and innocent to things that even the Blood Queen don’t bother.

Alice: I think I like you, little girl. What’s your name?
Luna: Luna, my queen!
Alice: Well, my dear Luna, there’s something I have to do and I must go…

...and when Alice tried to put her hands in Luna’s head to pat her, a grim thing happened. An intense memory flashed back in Alice’s head and she saw the face of one of her most hated things alive - Lunox.

Alice hurriedly took her hands off Luna and pushed her so hard that Luna was thrown off the street harshly. Luna burst out into tears and the people around were in shock as to what happened..

Alice: What the hell are you? Who are your parents!!!???

Alice shouted and looked around. Luna’s parents came running when they heard what happened. Her mother took her off the ground and father asked Alice what happened. Alice was still holding her hands within her and didn’t answer. She then recognized Luna’s mother as Dr. Alisa of the Shadow Lab.

Alice: Dr. Alisa… So, you’re Marco, the Elite Captain of the Dark Elf Abyssal Army. What are you doing with one of the Husk of Lunox!!??
Marco: I am not understanding what you mean, my Queen.
Alice: That gir… that thing there. That is Lunox’ Dark Husk! I know you already heard of that!
Marco: I beg your pardon for my question now, my Queen but… How can you be so sure? No one found Lunox’ husks when she fell into a deep sleep and we don’t even know if they really exist.

As Alice was lost for words, the Dark Elf Elders came and stopped what’s happening. The Elders invited all of them to their High Tower. The people around don’t know what to do or believe in the things they hear. Because for the Dark Elves and everyone in the Southern Mountains, they believe that Lunox is a curse. An enemy that was brought forth preventing them to live peacefully under darkness.

Days and weeks passed, the people of the village started to ignore Luna and her family. Luna still insisted and tried to talk to them. She tried to give them again the Sticky Candy Pops that she loved in the people but were declined numerous times. Some kids even tried to bully her and calling names like ‘Cursed Child’. She became so sad that she busted into tears in the middle of the street. Suddenly, some people came to her and wiped her tears. They still loved the innocent and lovely Luna that they knew.

The Elders saw the scene. Early morning on the day after, people gathered in the mountains outside of the village. Luna as curious went on and took a peek of what happened. While on the way, the people tried to punch and kicked her and shout names at her. Blaming her but she still persists. Upon reaching the top, she fell on her knees on the sight. Those people… those people who hugged her and wiped her tears yesterday… yesterday they were still alive. They are now hanging on the branches of the giant tree.

Alice commanded the Elders for Dr. Alisa to experiment on Luna on the Shadow Lab to know the truth and to kill anyone who will side with them. Dr. Alisa and Marco opposes the Elder’s decisions and tried to hide Luna and planned an escape… but the Elders already knew. On the night of their escape, an entire corps of Dark Elf Army surrounded them and blocked their route. Marco knew he had no chance of winning even if he’s a top-rank elite but he has to make a way for Luna and Dr. Alisa. An intense fight and resistance occurred. Marco managed to defeat half of the corps soldiers but he also lost too much blood. Luna and Dr. Alisa make a run for it while Marco’s holding off the rest of the soldiers.

They successfully made their way but as they looked back, they saw Marco’s body pierced with dozens of spears. Luna cried and shouted at her father’s name with all her might. Trying to get out of her mother’s grasp to try and help. Marco manages to look back at them, smiled and they saw his lips moved… “Thank you and I love you both.” Dr. Alisa pulled Luna to finally make their escape complete… but not for long.

Selena heard of what happened in the village and ordered Thamuz to chase after them. Days passed within the Dark Forest, Dr. Alisa told Luna about the truth about her birth. Luna nevermind about it and accepted that they are still her parents. Dr. Alisa also told her that she never knew she was Lunox’ Dark Husk. Luna being curious, she asked her mother as who is Lunox and what it that husk of her.

Lunox’ Dreamland ability is to make her dream into a reality that was used to absorb the overwhelming power of Light and Dark and that stopped the millennia of war. Lunox mastered how to handle the power of Chaos and Order properly. She then needs to put these overwhelming power that’s within her inside the Twilight Orb resulting her to fall into a deep sleep to guard the power inside the dreamland. However, a myriad of things happened. One of it is the story of Lunox leaving her physical body after her going into the dreamland. Dr. Alisa didn’t go into much of the details but she told Luna that Lunox needs to be near God-like state to be able to hold together the two overwhelming powers for endless years. Thus, Lunox needs to leave her mortal body and that’s the birth of Lunox’ Husks. Added to the story is that Lunox’s physical body was torn in half because of the Light and Dark force can’t be together.

Dr. Alisa pointed to Luna: ...And you were now that Legendary Dark Husk of Lunox. Declared by that bitch queen Alice.

Not soon after, Thamuz’ army traced their smell in the wide of the Dark Forest. Thamuz, not having any pride or remorse over his victims, commanded his entire corps that he bought with him to attack them while in their sleep. Luna felt the bloodlust that lies around them and woke her mother up. As they were surrounded, Luna remembered what had happened to her father and wished that the stories were true. Hoping she could use some power from Lunox, whether it's light or dark, to save her mother in this desperate situation.

Tears ran down her face as she is crying but she is mad and angry at the same time. She fiercely looked at the monster’s commander, Thamuz and a miracle happened. A dimensional fissure opened at the back of Thamuz and he was right away sucked in it. No moments passed and the fissure closed. The monsters and Dr. Alisa were shocked. Luna managed to use the Chaos power of Lunox but… the price was great.

Luna fainted and fell on the ground. Dr. Alisa rushed to her help and was devastated for what she saw. Luna’s eyes were heavily bleeding black blood and when she tried to wake her up, Luna started crying again. She can’t see anything already. She tried blinking again and again but to no help. The monsters stop at the scene. They already knew what happened but they will all be killed if they backed down now. They continued their attack to the two defenseless victims.

Dr. Alisa, having known little military combat from a dear friend in Eruditio (Earthyl), tried to defend themselves hoping they could still get out of this. If not, then just Luna’s safety is enough. Luna didn’t stop crying, but not for her wounds, but for the thing, she’s hearing for minutes now. Her mother fighting off these countless creatures and tearing her apart. As she tried crawling to help her mother despite the odds, she heard a hoarse and crazy voice in the back. A voice of a little girl laughing.

Lilith: Ah...! What do we... have here. So... this is now the... faces of the… minions of that…. stinky Abyssal Spirit, huh...?

Luna faced the direction as to where the voice came from and she heard slithers, like a snake passing by her side.

Lilith: Don’t worry baby... i... got you... now…. It would be a waste if I... let you… a precious thing... perish here.

Hope comes in unexpected ways, Luna thought and she smiled. She then heard the voice laughed and laughed so hard in a distance and all of the noise from the monsters were gone. Luna unconsciously smiled for the victory and asked the voice to help her mother.

Lilith: Your... mother? Who? Where….? You... have someone with you...? Oh! Yeah… I guess you... mean that human...

Luna’s eyes widened in shock and more black blood gushed out. She again broke into tears. She lost all of her strength, almost fainting, and fell on her knees. But, as she was crying all of her heart out, a hand touched her hand. She knew it was Mother’s hand. She Knew the feeling of it. The softness and love. She hurriedly looked up to try and hug her...

Lilith: I’m sorry... my dear... This the only.... thing that's left of her… Your... mother they... were feasting on her… before i... came here..

Luna never felt so much sadness before. She hugged her mother’s hands so tight it almost broke into pieces. She cried and shouted with all of her strength in mad and anger. The whole Dark Forest were covered with Luna’s howling of hate and tears. She swore and cursed everyone she could see in her head.


As Luna’s losing all her strength after all the shouting and crying, something slithers on her body. The snake’s body is wrapping all over her.

Lilith: Hush now... my child... Things do happen and…. there’s nothing you can… do to stop it. but what you can.... do now… is revenge! But now that you... don’t have your... sight and you're... fragile as a cockroach... what can you... do?

Luna: Help me. HELP ME! I will give you everything you want and need just help me!
Lilith: Well... you see... I came here to…. devour that Lunox’s Dark Husk’s body…. You know... to be my own... for me to have a... body and so that i could use the.... maximum of my abilities... After all… that’s a body with chaos powers… Hihi Hihi hi!.... and I want and need it! And you happened to....  say that you will give me everything I want and need… right…?

Luna was lost for words. This snake needs and wants to eat her. Luna then asked if there’s something else she can do.

Lilith: Well…. I… have a question for you... Are you… willing to sacrifice everything for… your cause…?
Lilith: Hihi hihi! Hi...Hihi! HAHA! Fine, then I… will take two of your… arms and two of your… legs… Deal…?
Luna: (Short pause) Deal…

The voice laughed so hard that Luna’s being annoyed and stopped her. Asking what’s her name first before she serves what the voice needs. She answered Lilith and that she was the Eternal Spirit. The very first entity to own and rule the world’s darkness. Lilith then touched Luna’s hand and Luna gritted her teeth. Lilith calmed her down stated that it is not yet time. Instead, Lilith guided Luna’s hands to touch something on the ground. It's a small cold round hard thing. Lilith told Luna that she placed 4 of them on the ground and that she must wish for 4 things. She will then grant them in exchange for Luna’s 2 arms and 2 legs.

Luna touched the two stones with both hands and breathed in heavily...

Luna: I want something… a power. A power to protect and defend myself and everyone whose dear in me. A power to eradicate all of my enemies!

Lilith smirked and suddenly Luna felt so much pain on her legs. The stone became a creature and started devouring her legs. The slow pain caused so much agony on her that she would scream so hard. Soon after the eating finishes, a shroud of dark mist surrounds her and it summons what seems to be metals because it clatters after falling on the ground. Luna touches them and recognizes countless shields with heavy artillery armaments installed in them. Luna is still catching her breath up from what she just experienced. Being eaten alive, as a child, and she still needs to do it over again. Having no legs now, she rolled on the ground to touch again the remaining 2 more stones.

Luna: Ughhh… 3rd is… I want the power of wisdom and mastery of my new power!

The 3rd stone right away turned into the creature and started eating her left arm. It was slow and painful that Luna thought she won't make it anymore. Then, she remembered her happy days while still in the village. The everyday content of life. Those smiles and hugs from the people whenever she gives them her favorite Sticky Candy Pops.

Luna: The fourth is…

She is now on the verge of sleeping out the pain. She thought she would not survive anymore and then she smiled.

Luna: ...ticky Candy Pops... Many… many… limitless candy pops…
Lilith: HAH...! HAHAHA…! YOU'RE… INSANE! You… could have wished to fix yourself or eyesight! Are you really dying!?
Luna: I know… you will not let me… die… you still need… this body… remember..? I need… my candies… to give to you… to thank you… for this chance… and this power…
Lilith: (Speechless) *Gulp* I… like you… kid…

Luna smiled and fell into a deep sleep while the fourth stone is eating her right arm. Then magically, Lilith grew arms and legs in her body. She enjoyed her newly acquired Chaos body. She tried jumping and punching. She partied all the way. Looking down on the ground, the Helpless, limbless body of Luna all covered in blood with the shields at her side.

Lilith: You... cunning little girl... I... will now give you... a small gift… Use it… well…

Luna woke up thru the sunlight rays beaming at her face. She wasn’t like before. She remembered what happened last night but when she woke up, she felt so good… and refreshed. She tried standing up and… it was effortless! She never stood like that ever before. She was floating! All of her shields are now equip all over her body, literally. She now has shield at her back like wings. Shields beneath her that look like dress gown and shields that have huge mechanical hands, almost touching the ground, acts as her arms. All her wounds are now gone and were as if fixed by a great doctor or engineer. Though she still can't see, she can now make sense of everything around her. She tried touching everything she can but nothing. Her sense of touch is not there.

Luna: Well, it would be greedy of me if I'll ask for touch senses to be back but thank you, snake girl. We’ll see each other again but I hope not as enemies.

Luna tried to start her journey to get out of the forest when suddenly she smelled something she’s so familiar with. The smell of happy memories, Sticky Candy Pops. She tried searching for it through and it brought her to her belly. She tried touching and there seems to be a bag. She opened it up and it was full of her favorite candies! She smiled and remembered her last wish. She smiles at how silly she is when she can just wish for her eyesight or something else. She grabbed one candy and put it in her mouth. Tears came down running again. With that first candy for her new self, she’s now resolved to take her revenge and to be the greatest protector the entire Land of Dawn ever have.
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