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[UI] Sincere request to Game designers

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Post time 2019-9-4 08:36 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Could you please stop making female heroes with emphasis over large “chest”.
It’s getting ridiculous.

This Kadita design looks odd. Looks like she got 2 plastic buckets on her chest.

Don’t cheapen the game with these sort of designs.
MLbb should focus more of game quality and mechanics. Not objectifying women.

I am sure many will post supporting this design but as a women specializing virtual characters is a low ball approach to incite young men and other weirdos.

Also remember we have lot of underage kids playing this game.
Keep that in mind.
Post time 2019-9-5 02:04 AM | Show all posts
You are being highly contradictory if you ask me.
60% of the males in this game are shirtless (In Gord's case he's nearly naked), yet no one gives a crap about it. And you've Bishōnen guys like Gusion, Alucard, Lancelot, and Ling who completely appeal to females gamers. This isn't a kids game, it's clearly rated T in the app store. Shouldn't it appeal to teenagers anyways?
It you want to avoid these things, go play a intended child game like Minecraft.

Almost all of the females in this game have been censored anyways. Now you've like what, three female heroes showing cleavage, and now people making a fuse over it?

We can have killing, blood, announcers yelling "You've slain a enemy!", cursing, dark aesthetical themes, and nude males. But when a female character have large chest, people are like " this game is sexist!".

I by no means support objectification of women. But when you say this game supports it, when clearly there's more male objectification then anything, then you're being hypocritical.
Post time 2019-9-5 09:24 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
AnnaStrasza replied at 2019-9-5 04:53 AM
Ok found one triggered potential customer.

Sounds you don’t know the definition of the words “h ...

Lmao you just answered my question. No one EVER talks about how nude the males are, and apparently you don't either. You still haven't address my question how this game allow nude males and "youth" ones like Gusion, who is completely female fanservice. If this game is about killing, then why aren't both the males and females dressed like Tigreal hmm? Realistically, a man with his shirt off in war would be decimated in seconds without that protection. Then why is Badang, Lapu, Vale shirtless? Isn't this unrealistic, and thus fantasizing lol?
The characters in Mobile Legends, if anything, appeal to females gamers. If this game appealed to "male fantasy", then all of the female characters would be one-sided with no personality. Most women I've talked too love "strong, sexy female characters" which Mobile Legends indeed have. This is a win-win situation for women.

Kadita chest are indeed rather large relative to body size (about a cup D). But you do know that D chests are extremely common in real life. Don't you see Kadita is appropriately dressed? By your logic, any women, regardless how they dress are automatically objects because of their chest size.

What "large chest skin" you're talking about? literally the only other female with such chest is Selena.All the other females are within the A/C ranges. I'd agree with you if Kadita's chest were the size of Tifa from FF7 or the old Lora Croft. But no, Kadita's chest are realistically proportional period.

What particular customer service? You're the first and only person I've seen so far talking about Kadita chest size. Literally no one else cares.

Instead of critizing what I've said. Put up your own debate with facts and proof. Thank you!
 Author| Post time 2019-9-5 04:53 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ExternalChamp77 replied at 2019-9-5 02:04 AM
You are being highly contradictory if you ask me.
60% of the males in this game are shirtless (In Go ...

Ok found one triggered potential customer.

Sounds you don’t know the definition of the words “hypocritical”  and “contradictory”.

That would be true if I made a post saying male heroes running around semi nude is ok.
But since I didn’t your comments are baseless.

Yes there are dark themes and demons and killing enemies.
That’s part of the lore and objective of the game.

Would like to hear your logic around skin designs with massive breasts.

What purpose other than to excite “certain section of the customer base”.

Next time if you want to argue, come up with better points.

Thanks for reading.
Post time 2019-9-4 11:13 PM | Show all posts
Flat chested?
Post time 2019-9-5 06:37 AM | Show all posts
as my fellow colleague said, there was a discussion with official in past about this issue. there are two different opinion based on officials, mods and players toom guess what, the result was 50/50. the game used to be a bit matured in past but its changed due to family friendly tag. i personally believe being natural on this is best strategy for mlbb official. so ya i support you. thanks for the feedback.
Post time 2019-9-5 01:53 AM | Show all posts
so there has been a discussion regarding this issue in the past, and let me be honest with you. people complained about the game being family friendly due to the reworks to some heroes and some like the family friendly concept as well..but there are 2 sides actually in this suggestion
Post time 2019-9-5 02:36 AM | Show all posts
To be honest, i did think about it after reading your thread and i don't really find it sexist and also i kind of agree with @ExternalChamp77 . He basically stated a lot of facts there. xd
Dark aesthetical themes can affect kids more than that Kadita skin..Also, she's pretty covered up, she's not flat, indeed, but yet there is no revealance to any female part..
It's just my honest opinion, never thought about parts of this game being a way to "incite young men and other weirdos." like you said..I don't really think it's the case here..
Post time 2019-9-5 03:22 AM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2019-9-5 02:36 AM
To be honest, i did think about it after reading your thread and i don't really find it sexist and a ...

"Inciting young men and weirdos", you serious or sarcastic right now?
That's like me as a adult playing a children game. Then complain about " this game have no guns in it ect". It's a child's game. You as a adult really expect a child game to have guns? This is exactly how you sounding right now. Ridiculous.

Fanservice appeal to the teenager criteria. Just as cute animals appeal to young children. It all comes down to profit. It not like most kids and teenagers already know about this stuff anyways thanks to the internet. This Kadita skin is literally nothing compared to what kids see on the internet, what they see in real life beaches, what they see and hear in music videos, even what they see on the daily bases in the public.
If you guys were really serious what kids see, then ban access to all beaches, ban clothing that reveal the slightest of skin, and ban the internet. Problem solved.

@Shinee, agreed. This game have countless amount of dark themes, from demons to dark magic to dark humor. Leomard literally tells the player to "kill me!". What if someone with severe suicide depression plays Leomard? What would happen to them?

The only females in this game to show excessive amount of skin is Fanny beach skin, and Lesley's Cheer gunner skin. Fanny is at the beach so of course she would show skin. And Lesley is based off real life cheerleaders with some showing excessive skin. Literally all the other females are properly dressed. You better complain about these two skins first before Kadita's skin. Seriously, Kadita's skin is so tame that most people wouldn't even take second thought how this could possibly be fan service.
Post time 2019-9-5 03:45 PM | Show all posts
what a stupid topic. lol
this is a game!
i didnt notice her chest, before you say lol.
Why u had looked at her chest lol and opened this topic?
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