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[Hero Concept] [Marksman] Sularrina:Trap Specialist

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-9-5 07:44 PM

Role: Marksman
Name: Sularrina
Type: Damage, Trap
"Technology is the tool to support even the lowest of fools."
                                        ~Very annoyed Sularrina
Intro Appearance: Sularrina lies on the ground twirling a gadget with one finger and suddenly throws it into the air, where it turns into 3 different types of shooting devices as she stands up and dusts herself. The gadget then shrinks and flies into her backpack.
"Well? Let's go."

Skin Ideas:
Trap Specialist
Demolition Expert
Sudden Death

Sularrina was Kimmy's greatest rival in school. Instead of being fixated on combining "magic and technology" Sularrina thought that both should be kept separated to maintain each aspect's uniqueness. Sularrina herself is capable of using magic herself though she rarely uses it, choosing to indulge herself in creating machinary that can be used by everyone.

Her breakthrough came when she finalized her nanotechnology model. Using this new found device, she created a superior device that aimed to help everyone with their daily lives. At the same time however, Kimmy made her advancement too. The scientists were more interested in Kimmy's "weapon" than Sularrina's life improvement nanotech, thinking that it would turn around the war situation against the Abyss. All funding was said to be transfered to Kimmy's device manufacturing and they kicked Sularrina out before even setting an eye on her creation.

She realized then that the world wasn't fair at all.

It was later revealed that the decision was enforced due to the rampage that X.Borg cause with his technological enhancements and the people were reluctant to support another crazy person who wanted to place their creation in every home.

Once she got this information from Kimmy who got sympathetic she flew not into rage as most people do, but utter annoyance. "THEY FEAR MY CREATION BECAUSE OF ONE GUY!?" were the exact words she spat into Kimmy's face before she slammed and lock herself behind the doors of her workshop.

A few weeks later she stepped out of her workshop, fully equiped with a weaponized model of her technology she decided to enroll with Kimmy into the Military Academy to prove the power of her creation.

For now her dreams stay locked within a safe at home, but her passion burns brighther than ever.  

Some rough stats at level 1:
Hp: 2450
Movement speed: 245
Physical attack: 200
Attack speed: 0.580
Magic defense: 10
Physical defense: 22
Energy: 1000

" Sularrina is a hero who deals both her basic and skill damage
through her skills."

Passive Ability:NANO Inhabitance
Sularrina, in an attempt to show the powers of her tech, does not deal any basic attack.
Instead her skills act as both skills and basic attacks alike. [Basic attack effects are triggered by the skill projectiles.]

When her hp drops below 30% the nanobots reconfigure themselves to protect her. Reducing damage by 40% but giving a shield that absorbs 1000(+60% Physical Damage)points of damage for 10s and a 5% Maxhp per second regen for 10s
(Increases survivability of the hero and allows for a newer gameplay method)
Extra notes: The hero can deal decent damage but is completely reliant on her skills. If the skills haven't been used yet and she gets silenced then the chances of survival are thin.


Aditional Skill :Focused strike
Sularrina instructs the turrets to prortize a target.
Attack turrets immediately switches towards the aimed target while the scatter turrets shoots at the target twice while firing.
(A targetting skill)
Extra notes: Because we all know how reliable autoaim is. [#IT'SREALLYNOT]


Skill 1:NANO turrets "Scatter, Attack"
Energy cost: 25/50/75  CD:5s
Stacks 3 times. Max deployable amount 3.
"Engaging target."
Sularrina deploys a turret in a selected area. Turrets remain functional when they are within range [Distance between ally and enemy midlane turrets]
Each turret attack deals 50% of Sularrina's original basic attack damage. Attack speed is affected by items. Single target shooting. When attack speed increases, multiple shots are merged into single shots.
Each turret deals 40% original basic damage. When firing, it shoots at all within range targets immediately and coolsdown for 4s. Cooldown time reduces when attack speed increases.  
A turret only has 500(+100% Physical Power)Points of hp though basic attacks can't hit them.
(Sularrina's source of "basic attacks" turret projectiles can trigger basic attack effects.)
Extra notes: Turrets are immobile and easy to avoid without anything slowing enemies down. [At least zhask's spawn slows people significantly]


Skill 2: Clamp trap [CC]
Energy cost:10/20/30  
Sularrina uses a clamp trap, effects differs based on the chosen settings.
Ranged Jaws CD:5s:
Sularrina throws a trap an a targeted enemy. When it hits the trap activates, clamping onto and immobilizing the enemy for 2s before breaking down. Enemies are dealt 90(+70% Physical Power)Physical Damage when clamped. Successive usage of the skill within 10s would increase the energy cost by 10 each time.

Hidden Claw CD:8s  Energy cost:60/70/80  
Sularinna places down a larger clamp trap.[Max 2] When placed in a bush or next to the turret,the claw drills into the ground and becomes hidden while the turrets within a distance of the trap deactivates.When an enemy walks across the trap, it triggers after 2s of contact. Immobilizing units in a small area for 2.5s and dealing 70(+60%Physical Power)Physical Damage to them. When the trap triggers the turrets also reactivate instantly.
(A simple cc skill used to immobilize/trap approaching enemies.)
Extra notes: Use to quickly pin down enemies near your turrets. Combine with Attack turret for fast single target wipe out. The second setting allows for a deathly surprise attack.


Ult skill:Quickcast Outburst [CC]
Energy cost: 100/200/300 CD:25s
Sularrina casts a large whirlwind of arrows that sustains itself for 5s and moves forwards while active. The whirlwind pulls enemies nearby into it and slows the units near the edges by 50%.
It deals 50(+40% Magic Power)Magic Damage every second. At the end of the 5s all the arrows will fall down, forming a wall at the edges of the whirlwind that lasts 3s and deals 100(+50% Physical Power)Physical Damage to the units under the arrow impact areas.
(A skill used to trap enemies.)
Extra notes:Unlike other ult skills, this one does not provide enormous damage. It only serves as a utility to hold enemies within turret range longer. Combine with scatter turret for max area damage.

I'll show those idiotic geniuses!

Dammit i owe Kimmy a debt.
Wait till everyone acknowledges my tech!
Come out come out where ever you are my practice targets....
My dreams are to change the world!

Special interactions:

Death :
My work...
I won't give fools...

 Author| Post time 2019-9-3 11:13 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
RoyalFrog replied at 2019-9-3 10:24 PM
WOw it cool concept brother. her 2nd skill is too good personal opinion. Thnaks for sharing .

Thank you! XD
Post time 2019-9-3 07:42 PM | Show all posts
wow nice hero concept. Passive is good. for doing skill damage and basic attack together her cd is ok for this. i like the turret skill but how many turret she can places at once?
Ultimate and 2nd skill is nice too. Please submit this to in game cs as well.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-3 09:49 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-9-3 07:42 PM
wow nice hero concept. Passive is good. for doing skill damage and basic attack together her cd is o ...

The max amount is 3 turrets, I typed it in next to the max stackable amount.
Thx for da compliment! XD
Post time 2019-9-3 10:24 PM | Show all posts
WOw it cool concept brother. her 2nd skill is too good personal opinion. Thnaks for sharing .
Post time 2019-9-3 11:56 PM | Show all posts
That passive is so original. Also the story was interesting, like..having a marksman fighting against Xborg or because of him. The quotes are funny and original.
About skill 2 - that package should be also placed as trap ward in bushes.. it would make her more interesting.
I would love to see her ingame, her skills are so different from what we've seen untill now.
I read both of your concepts : Mage/support and this one and they are both well designed. Great job!
 Author| Post time 2019-9-4 05:32 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2019-9-3 11:56 PM
That passive is so original. Also the story was interesting, like..having a marksman fighting agains ...

Thanks for the compliments! It makes taking my time to create the stories and details worth it xD

I have thought of make s2 a trap that you could place on the ground but I switched it after thinking how you would have to lure enemies over in order for it to be useful. So I switched it to a some what instant ranged cc for ambush and/or fleeing  attempts to be more successful.

Or maybe I could make it so that there's 2 modes for s2 too?
Like ranged has less cc time and static has longer cc and area effect?  Hmm...
Post time 2019-9-5 12:35 AM | Show all posts
Well you don't really need to lure them since they already don't have vision in the bushes. But placing traps there will give you vision and will also trap could be an usefull skill this way.
I know things like these require time and a lot of imagination and it's abvious that you did some thinking there for the story and it worked out well.
I like reading about concepts like this one so i hope to see more from you, maybe you inspire the devs
 Author| Post time 2019-9-5 08:00 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2019-9-5 12:35 AM
Well you don't really need to lure them since they already don't have vision in the bushes. But plac ...

I decided to incorporate both instant and trap in s2 in the end with a little bonus xD.
Also thanks for the support though i highly doubt the devs would consider my brainfarts
No worries about it though, I'm just making these for fun anyways
Post time 2019-9-6 02:52 AM | Show all posts
Just keep being never know  
I will always support creative takes talent, patience and imagination to create something out of nothing .
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