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[Hero Concept] [Mage/support] Restitre: World Guardian

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-8-25 03:03 PM

Role: Mage,Support
Name: Restitre
[I reworded it from 'Restituere', latin for restore. According to google at least]
Type: Burst, Landscaper [as in terrain changing]
"We have one world, one chance, one life. Just ONE."
Intro Appearance: A Twilight orb glows and spins with light. Restuitre shimmers into being and immediately the left side of his clothing is engulfed by shadows coming from the ground. He looks impassive at the 2 forces colliding and shrugs, balancing both forces immediately.
"I like to think of myself as a violent pacifist.[normal voice] Cross my path to peace and you will be cut down. [Abyssal voice]"

Skin Ideas:
World Guardian
Time Guardian
The Great Equalizer

Lunox was not the first to be kept and released from a Twilight orb. A long time ago, Restire had been release to push back against the dark forces that plagued the world. When his enemies were all vanqiushed he was left alone with nothing to do but explore the world.

Eventually, he fell in love with the earth he roam upon. He admired the earth for its beauty and after creating a link between himself and the world he bid it goodnight as the orb took him back to sleep.

When he woke up he felt something had gone wrong. He felt pain and a sense of forebiding. The world was corrupted, polluted. PLAGUED. Rage flooded his mind so intensely and wildly he had to loosen his link with the world in order to stay upright. But he felt it noneless. All of the world's beauty was dying, the air was much harder to breath in, the temperature no longer pleasent but in extremes and the world had lost so many inhabitants. Yet the world was noisier and ever. The cause was clear, the people who did it was clear. The world fed the information into Restire's mind, it hated them for silencing so many lives, destroying everything and themselves for their own gains, to satisfying their lust for more.  

For the first time in his life, Restire felt shame and despair. Nearly wanting to end himself when the world relented, its prescence returning to a bit of what it was before. It isn't over yet, it said. There are people trying to change, to help. They just need more support.
The world begged Restire to help them change, to at the very least, maintain what it had left.

The world doesn't want to be silent and alone one day.

Restire understood. He started his journey to take down those in charge of the earth's destruction and help those who oppose them. It doesn't matter who stood in his way. Moniyans, Abyssans, his own brethen.
He will slay all those who stand in his way.

Some rough stats at level 1:
Hp: 1980
Movement speed: 240
Physical attack: 130
Attack speed: 0.790
Magic defense: 16
Physical defense: 20
Mana: 3509

Passive Ability:Of Chaos and Order
When Chaos mode is active, Restitre's movement speed increases by 20% and his nearby allies gains a small [5/10/15] increase in defenses.
When Order mode is active, Restitre and his nearby allies gains a small mana and health regen boost [1%/3%/5% of max]

"Extra smol effect" Synergies of the Earth: Some of Restitre's skills can change the landscape.
(Allows for constant minor supporting and also the ability to change the map slightly)
Extra notes: The boosts are relatively small and not really reliable. And its hard to ultilize the landscape changing without specific combos


Order Skill 1:Alpha Generator [Buff]
Mana cost: 25/50/75  CD:5s
"Shields up."
Restitre summons a shield of 300/400/500[+80% Magic Power]points to himself and the nearest 3 allies with the lowest current hp. The shields last 10s and can be stacked twice. Affected allies would also gain a 5% movement speed increase.

(Provides temporary shields to nearby teammates along with a speed buff.)
Extra notes: If well timed you can save your teammates multiple times due to the small CD time.


Order Skill 2: Fae Pathway [CC]
Mana cost:10/20/30 per second of skill being active CD:10s
"Natural carpet, hah."
Restitre creates a vine trail behind him. The vines deal no damage but continously slows enemies that walk on it. After 4s of walking on the path, enemies are immobilized until the trail dissapers. Allies on the path regens a bit of health [10/30/50points of hp per second.]The trail lasts for 7/8/9s. Tap again to deactivate the skill.  

(A damageless mass cc skill.)
Extra notes: This skill is best used to slow down enemies from chasing you while you have low hp. It can also be used as an offense by completely covering the enemy team's escape route with the vines. [Backline infitration!]


Order skill 3:Primal Wrath [CC,Burst]
"Dinner time"
A dinosaur jaw shadow slowly fades in at the targeted area. After 3s a T-Rex's skull explodes out of the ground, knocking up nearby enemies and dealing 50/55/60[+70% Magic Power]Physical Damage. Enemies in the middle of the skill are not affected. Instead, .5s later the skull smashes back into the ground. Stunning those that had been "Eaten" for 1.5s and dealing 100/150/200[+60% Magic Power]Physical Damage. A puddle of black oil appears at where the skull disappeared [Go away America, i don't have oil] for 5s and stepping on it activates Chaos mode.
(A scary cc used to switch modes.)
Extra notes:There is a long cast time so try to compesate for it. Also if you miss the puddle you need to wait for the skill to refresh in order to change.


Order Ult:The Big Bang [Burst]
Mana Cost: 1000/1100/1200 CD:100s
"More of a simulation"
Restitre charges up a powerful blast for 10s. [Can be cancelled by CC, or releasing the button while charging] After 5s of charging the skill would have half of its effects and range. At max 10s, a huge circular blast spans across the map. Dealing 900/1000/1100[+90% Magic Power]Magic Damage to all units. Enemy minions are instantly wiped out by the wave and allied minions are boosted by 10%.
After casting the skill, Restitre is silenced and slowed by 10% for 10s due to the system overheat.
(Insane global disruptor, enemies would go frantic trying to stop the mulitple wave minion charge.)
Extra notes:The LONGEST CD of any skill in game. Also has a powerful negative effect after usage, its best to use in the safety of the base instead of the battlefield.


Chaos Skill 1:Greed Lure [Bait,Regen]
Mana cost: 5/10/15 per second  CD:15s
Restitre changes his health and mana bar. When the skill is active, his health and mana bar shows 10% of his maxhp and 5% of his max mana left. [Identified with an odd circle under him] When attacked, his true hp is shown and he regens 10% of his lost hp from the first attack.

(A lure against hasty enemies, watch them spam "HACKER" as your hp "regens" as they attack you.)
Extra notes: A psychological warfare skill [lol], on one hand, you may be full hp though it seems you are about to die. On the other hand, you might be near death but the enemy won't attack, thinking that you are faking it.

Extra extra notes: I feel evil for coming up with this lol.


Chaos Skill 2: Scorched Pathway [Buff]
Mana cost:15/25/35 per second of skill being active CD:10s
"You like fire?"
Restitre creates a path of fire that boosts the movement speed of allies on it by 20% and reduces enemy defenses by 4/7/10 for 3s after leaving the trail. The trail last for 5s and is too weak to deal damage. When the skill makes contact with the oil puddle for Order skill 3, it explodes into a pool of fire dealing 70/80/100 points of True damage every 1.5s. Restitre is also enguled in the flames for 5s, inflicting the same damage effects to enemy units that he makes contact with.
(A mostly harmless skill. Until its not)
Extra notes: This skill is best used to charge running enemies with your slow tanks behind you so they can keep up. Requires the oil puddle for max damage effects.


Chaos skill 3:Crushing Timber [CC,Landscaper]
"Dinner time"
A circular groove/forest grows from the ground, slowing enemy units by 10%. After 3s they all grow to max height and smash into the center. Knocking back units and dealing 700/800/900[+ 60% Magic Power]Physical Damage. Enemies at the central point are stunned for 2s and the zone continous to stay and slow them down by 5% for 8s. If Restitre walks into the zone, his fire goes out [if CSkill2 is on]and he reverts to order form. The fallen timber zone then turns into a bush that can conceal units.
(A scary cc used to switch modes.)
Extra notes:A skill with a long cast time but noteworthy cc. Also requires careful planning to switch modes and also to place a bush.The bushes looks and acts like the normal bushes on the map. Now here comes the interesting landscape skill...


Chaos Ult:Devoid Earth [Landscaper]
Mana Cost: 1000/1100/1200 CD:90s
"Greet you future."
Restitre creates a zone around him. Within this zone units are slowed by 30% and constantly receive 1% of Restitre's max hp as true damage every 1.5s. Around him, bushes[even the map ones] wilts away and jungle monsters and minions are debuffed by 80%. The zone follows Restitre and stays for 5s. However if Restitre hits an enemy, a pollution tendril latches onto them. Slowing them by another 10% and extending the time of the skill by 3s. Up to 4 tendrils can be made. Destroying one deducts 2s from the zone duration. If all tendrils are destroyed, Restitre is stunned for 2s.
Tendril stats:
Damage [on contact] 200/300/400 Magic Damage
Damage [while latched]: 50/60/70 Magic Damage per second
HP: 400/500/600[+60% Magic power]
Max distance: ~Miya's shooting range
(A skill able to deal scary dps and change the terrain.)
Extra notes:The SECOND LONGEST CD of any skill in game. [i believe its the same as Argus's] Also has smaller negative effect if tendrils are broken, its best to have a cc hero beside you while using.

It's time for payback.

I will never sleep again until my mission is completed.
Why do people destroy such a beatiful place, why?
Death is too easy a way out for the sinners.
The world requires our aid.

Special interactions:
Lunox: She prefers to indulge in dreams. Me? I face reality.
Johnson: Huh, your electric. Nice.
Leomord: I can't begin to imagine the amout of methane gas coming from your ride.
Belerick: Wow..I thought you guys were all extinct.
Lancelot: the heck did you get a girlfriend? You look gay.
Kimmy: Build something useful for once.
X.Borg:...Fire, check; tech, check; Intelligence, nada. Your punishment is death. IT'S THE ONLY OPTION!
[No, I am not high. Unless someone spiked the water i am drinking.]

Death :

Personal Notes:
I got inspired by a few recent posts online saying that it is almost impossible to save our planet now with the level of pollution that we have inflicted and i thought of making a concept revolving around that topic.
[That being said I was just playing around with ideas and how the skills can represent things that the world as we know it is shown. Hence I didn't really cared about the balancing much and i acknowlege the fact that he is quite broken lol]
Maybe if this guy gets implemented Moonton can plant a tree for every few purchases xD.
Broken Hero for saving the world!
Purchase this guy to wreck every game against your enemies and save the enviroment!

For every x purchase, Moonton plants a tree for the world!
Come save the enviroment and get a bucket of nab tears for free!

i swear i am still sane lol.

btw hope you guys like the symbolism of each skill beside the passive. 030)/

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-8-25 10:20 AM
BD007 replied at 2019-8-25 03:02 AM
both mode are nice and really useful in various situation.
what i don't understand is this hero's pa ...

The passive is just to state that some of  his skills can change the map terrain xD
Basically chaos ult which removes the bushes on the map and the walking on the chaos s3 that creates a bush.
So Restitre is able to change the bush layout of the map.
And since the map is different now the enemy team wouldn't know which bush to trust xD
Post time 2019-8-25 03:02 AM | Show all posts
both mode are nice and really useful in various situation.
what i don't understand is this hero's passive. it said it can change landscape. but how and why this is useful? thanks.
Post time 2019-8-25 04:40 AM | Show all posts
Its great concept for me.. Thanks for ur suggestions
 Author| Post time 2019-8-25 10:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2019-8-25 04:40 AM
Its great concept for me.. Thanks for ur suggestions

Thanks for reading :))


Ur wellcome bro  Post time 2019-8-25 09:22 PM
Post time 2019-8-25 11:21 AM | Show all posts
Taking 25s to change forms is a bit long, but I guess you want to make it different from the normal form changing heroes. Also, that order ultimate is literally the saving grace for any losing team. 1 use and all minions are gone. Thanos approves.
 Author| Post time 2019-8-25 01:34 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-8-25 03:07 PM
Halbikx replied at 2019-8-25 11:21 AM
Taking 25s to change forms is a bit long, but I guess you want to make it different from the normal  ...

Enemy team: Pushes
This one guy: *chuckles, I am inevitable
*Snap, all minions are gone xD

Also, yeah I made this guy to be able to choose whether or not the player actually wishes to change form. Of they do, walk into the skill effect zone. If they only want to use the skill but not change form? Don't walk onto the zone and your fine
Post time 2019-8-25 07:19 PM | Show all posts
it's great concept for all of us.Both mode are nice . thanks for your great suggestion
Post time 2019-8-26 10:05 AM | Show all posts
nice concept,but maybe you should change the name.Its too hard to pronounce xD
 Author| Post time 2019-8-26 05:07 PM | Show all posts
RoyalFrog replied at 2019-8-25 07:19 PM
it's great concept for all of us.Both mode are nice . thanks for your great suggestion

No, thank you guys for reading! Ya'll are breathtaking! xD
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