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Author: SeaWalker
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What's up Awesome People

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 Author| Post time 2019-8-23 10:58 AM | Show all posts
kingzvvd replied at 2019-8-23 10:56 AM
i believe if you focus on your main roles and improve your playing skill by listen to others advise  ...

Thank you man and i feel your struggle . i am stuck in legend too :(

but i agree that we always need to improve . do add me if you plan to catch few games with another solo q buddy


sure, not a problem to play together and i love to. hope you are in SEA. my ID is 412541180 IGN : Kingz i play MM and learning Mage now  Post time 2019-8-23 11:00 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-8-23 11:02 AM | Show all posts
SeaWalker replied at 2019-8-23 10:58 AM
Thank you man and i feel your struggle . i am stuck in legend too :(

but i agree that we always  ...

added you bro  and looking forward to add more awesome player
Post time 2019-8-23 11:07 AM | Show all posts
Post time 2019-8-23 01:14 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-8-27 11:37 AM

Join to MLBB Official Discord server to find teammates for you want in here
Post time 2019-8-23 02:05 PM | Show all posts
Add me if you'd like to play with me (SEA server very low Mythic :(( ID: 24343244)
And reaching Mythic in just three months of joining the game is very impressive. Maybe you've played other MOBA games before and have a lot of experience already.
Post time 2019-8-23 03:09 PM | Show all posts
The key to get to mythic is teammwork. I got to mythic as a tank, only tank and always solo. I just babysit the marksman or the assassin early game, help jungle whenever possible, try to give teammates last hit on minions, say “ultimate not ready” or “ultimate is ready”, join the fights, always check the mini map, check the game data to see who has more money in both teams, also the weakest one (easiest kill), play one or two more games with strangers if we won.
As a marksman, mage, assassin, its harder to get to mythic when solo. You are not only fighting the enemy team, you are fighting your own team! They all want the buff, they all want “I will be solo this lane” they all yell “request back up” if ganked or realized they cant fight against 2 enemies, and insult you if they day. Its hard. I recommend showing you numbers in the draft in rank, so people not only trust you but support you. You should do the same if there is a better marksman than you, you will need to change to fighter or tank, so practice those roles as well in classic and be ready to play them in rank (as a support, helping your better marksman or assassin or mage).
I cant play with anyone here cause I live in Japan and there is lag :(
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Hey there ! Welcome !
Post time 2019-8-23 04:22 PM | Show all posts
Welcome, fell free to ask whatever interests you, i would answear on your question but i am legend also xD
Post time 2019-8-23 05:40 PM | Show all posts
What's up?
Post time 2019-8-23 06:37 PM | Show all posts
Yeah you need just a team , random games may give you a feeders team or afk players...etc
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