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[Hero Concept] [Tank, Support] Grandelave: Champion of The Fallen Empire

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-8-21 08:58 PM

Role: Tank,Support
Name: Grandelave
Type: Initiator, CC
"To have honor and faith is what makes a warrior a champion."
Intro Appearance: Grandelave slowly rises up from a throne-like seat and looks at his sword. He suddenly swings it around energetically and grabbed his shield from the back of his seat. He then turns to the screen and jabs his now glowing sword into the ground.
"Honour, is the lifeline of a Royal Guard."

Skin Ideas:
Champion of the Fallen Empire
General of the Moniyan Army
Dark Warrior

Grandelave was once an orphan who was taken in by a noble knight. Through his childhood training his skills and potential were honed by his mentor, to the point where at the age of 15 he could stand against a person 5 years older than him.
His success gradually made him snobish and reckless. Despite the warning of his mentor he continued on with his impotence.
It got worse when he lead the army of the empire against an enemy and was granted the title Champion of The Empire. His attitude made even his best friends and wife left him until only his mentor remained, and yet he never felt that he was at fault.
Feeling annoyed at everyone for not acknowledging his "greatness" he neglected even his duties of training the army and resorted to drinking alchohol all day.
It was on a faithful night that the Abyss's army charged into the empires defenses. Grandelave ordered his men to rally and fight but no one listened to him. The entire army was in disarray and the empire was slaugthered in a matter of hours. Grandelave regained consiousness long after the Abyss troops had left and saw his entire world in flames and his mentor dying from a fatal wound.
He rushed over to his mentor and for the first time in his life he saw his mentor's eyes filled with hatred towards him. With his last few moments he said: "You forgot your honour, you forgot my kindness and teachings. Now watch around you...THE BLOOD OF THE EMPIRE IS ON YOUR HANDS CHAMPION! ...I should have left you to die, the day I saw you. Perhaps we would have a chance of winning....."
When Grandelave tried to apologise his mentor had already passed, along with the thousands of dead people around him.

From that day onwards. Grandelave took on an oath to change for the better. He joined the Moniyan Empire and lead victories after victories with them. Never again shall he be swayed by himself or his enemies, or tolerate incompetence in his army.
Perhaps someday, he can pay back for his sins. But for now he shall always carry the title as a painful reminder, "Champion of the Fallen Empire"

Some rough stats at level 1:
Hp: 2970
Movement speed: 260
Physical attack: 150
Attack speed: 0.826
Magic defense: 26
Physical defense: 30
Mana: 2950

Passive Ability:Guardsman's Oath
With every 2/3/4[based on hero level] assist that Grandelave receives, he immediately gains an item.
When he dies his hybrid defenses are increased by 5%.
Due to his shield being worn on his back, damage that comes from behind is reduced by 50% when the shield is not in use.
Item gain at lv1-5
Normal items [e.g. Daggers]
Item gain at lv5-10
Sub items [e.g. Legion sword]
Item gain at lv10-15
Gold [2000]
(Allows for faster item gathering during teamfights.)
Extra notes:When the item slots are all full, no items would be given. Hence its best to leave a slot empty so you obtain an item that you can sell for extra gold. With each death he also becomes more tankier. So the penalties for using this guy is not too bad when playing with incompetent players.
The damage reduction also means that you can stay slightly more behind and tank the damage that is intended for your teammates while retreating.


Skill 1:Royal Might [CC]
Mana cost: 60/70/80/90/100 CD:10s

Grandelave charges his strength [hold skill to charge], increasing his movement speed by 5% every second. After [max time=4s] releasing, he sweeps his blade in a semi circle in front of him. Knocking down enemies within range for 1.5s and dealing 100[+50% Total defense points]Physical Damage to them. The skill's knock down duration and damage increases by 2% per second.
Being cced would release this skill immediately.
(A skill that enhances your mobility and ccs enemies who tried to cc you.)
Extra notes: Charging the skill makes you vulnurable too as you are unable to do anything else. And similar to Grock's s1 you will stop moving for a bit when the skill is released.


Skill 2: Enchanted Blade [Buff]
Mana cost:90/100/110/120 CD:20s
Phase 1: Grandelave aims and throws his sword [hold to aim longer though movement speed decreases by 5% each second], dealing 80[+50% Total defense points] Physical damage on hit. When attacking normal units [or miss] the CD is reduced by 50%. When an enemy hero is hit, they are stunned for 1.5s and Phase 2 starts.

Phase 2: The sword stays impaled to the enemy for 10s, slowing them by 20%. When impaled, Grandelave uses his gaunlets to do basic attacks [Just animation, no additional effects] and he wields his shield.
The shield constantly faces the impaled enemy. Nullifying all damage coming from that direction.
If the skill is used again before the timer ends, Grandelave charges forwards to grab his sword immediately. knocking aside any enemy in his way and dealing 40[+40% Total defense points]Physical damage while doing so.
If no action is taken after 10s, the sword reappears in Grandelave's hand.

(A single target short cc skill that allows for cover from the marked target.)
Extra notes: Use the skill on the enemy team's main damage dealer to give your team an advantage. Should your team know how to stay in movement, they can adjust their position to stay behind your shield until the enemy carrier exhausts his skills.


Ult skill:Glory of the Champion [Buff,Flicker]
Grandelave locks onto an ally. After 2s he smashes down onto the ally's location and stun's all enemies in an area around the ally for .5s.
He branishes both his sword and shield for the next 10s. Tapping the basic attack button when not in melee range would make him use his shield to absorb ranged attacks. When in melee range, his basic attacks would have a small displacement effect.
(The skill allows you to almost immediately lauch into battle. His shield and basic attacks effects would allow a newer gameplay style that can be utilized for massive sustain.)
Extra notes:Once gain, team coordination and map awareness is required for optimal effects.


To war I return.
I had strayed from my path, I will never do so again.
My title, shall be a reminder of my failure.
Argh, the might of the Abyss is still growing.
The army is the blood of the empire, and the knights are thier backbone, leaders in a battle.
Death :
..i must repent...

Edit: According to feedback i have changed the phase 2 of s2. After some considerations i also decided to slightly decrease the cc duration and damage from his skills.

Post time 2019-8-20 10:16 PM | Show all posts
Too many CC on his skill ... but not bad
Good concept
Post time 2019-8-20 10:16 PM | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-8-20 07:07 PM
That CC on his skill 2 is excessive to say the least.. even Chou's ultimate is no match.

yes that's too much
Post time 2019-8-20 07:35 PM | Show all posts
herro stroy are great man. skill1-2 both skill are CC ? seriouly brother?BTW thnx brother
Post time 2019-8-20 08:07 PM | Show all posts
That CC on his skill 2 is excessive to say the least.. even Chou's ultimate is no match.
Post time 2019-8-20 10:33 PM | Show all posts
This is too much cc, i mean... look at his skill 2, at least the phase 2 should just push back and not immobilize, so if they're coming towards you, you block them and move them away with your shield. I like the idea and the story, keep up the good work!
Post time 2019-8-20 11:10 PM | Show all posts
Toomuch cc, but ty for sharing ur ideas with us :D
Post time 2019-8-21 01:28 AM | Show all posts
His passive is interesting. he has cc for all of his skill set which is really good. over all very good hero concept. Please submit this to in game cs as a suggestion.
Post time 2019-8-21 04:49 AM | Show all posts
Great hero concept and great job on the story and on the skills.
 Author| Post time 2019-8-21 06:32 PM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2019-8-20 10:16 PM
Too many CC on his skill ... but not bad
Good concept

Thx for the feedback^^. I will revise s2 when i have the time later


Ur wellcome bro  Post time 2019-8-21 10:25 PM
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