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Author: fgdfgdfsad
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[Complaint] im sick of 1v2/3ing and losing

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Post time 2019-8-15 06:38 AM | Show all posts
when this happen, just leave your turret. they can't take down turret so fast. they only dive to kill you. what i can say about this is, to increase turret damage in early game, and auto lock enemy hero whenever get damage from ally.
Post time 2019-8-15 09:53 AM | Show all posts
just like what they said, is all about who last hit the minions and also the jungle mobs. there is a few things that affected the xp
1. last hit on minions and mobs
2. the roaming item by the team mate surrounding
3. the jungle item carry by the hero
4. types of hero (assassin / fighter tend to farm faster)

my suggestions to you, try to watch more and more replay on youtube on the top players on how they play especially for the first 5 minutes of the game. you can see obviously the different of the game play and learn something
 Author| Post time 2019-8-29 07:38 AM | Show all posts
Edited by fgdfgdfsad at 2019-8-29 09:46 PM

meta on mythic is 3/4 people roaming together and zerging/towerdiving at level 2 , it's clear to me now and it's broken that's why people do it, because it's too rewarding and there's too little counterplay and its stupid as hell if you're on the receiving end (the one getting ganked)

u can't do anything individually and it's unfun and idiotic, i'm sitting on my tower doing 1v1 then 3 people from mid come and spend 30 seconds taking my jungle and trying to dive me until they do and i die and there's nothing u can do. I can't rely on my team cause my team is not me and i can't control them and half of the time they won't come because they are monkeys. If this strategy wasn't good it wouldn't be the meta but it is, on higher elo

when i made this thread i wasn't mythic but now i am and it's literally every single game with 3 ppl just roaming anywhere on the map cus they get too much rewards for it

edit: just now im in a game where 4 people towerdive me top and kill me even tho they nearly died while my team had 1 idiot farming jungle and 3 ppl ganking the last enemy on the other side of the map (so they were essentially mirroring) and instead of killing him one of them died before they killed him so i paid the price to buy time for my 4 members to do what? feed and fail

so i individually had to suffer over other ppl's retardation and then they even surrendered 2 min later cause i was the only one with positive stats or any damage or anything

that some kind of a joke? I'm mythic lmao what the fuck is this garbage

shit game
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