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[Complaint] im sick of 1v2/3ing and losing

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WTF is the xp distribution in this game? why do 2 - 3 people get more xp than 1 person does? How does that make any fucking sense and do you know how horrible it feels to be the 1 person?

In my last game i'm bot lane against 3 enemies who can clear jungle camps without an issue and when they tower dive and kill me im level 2 while the enemy guison is level fucking 4 DESPITE THEM BEING _THREE_ PEOPLE ?????????????? They get more XP than i do which is fucking idiotic. If i had my ult i would have been able to defend myself
and you might think "what was your team doing" my team was failing 4v2 which happens half of the games and that's why zerging shouldn't be rewarded, if i'm solo vs multiple people they shouldn't be able to level up faster than me cus they are already 2 people so they have advantage and can try to get kills much easier

almost all my losses are when i'm being outnumbered and when my teammates don't make up for this and then when we lose horribly i end up looking bad despite the fact that i was keeping the entire enemy team busy and in this time my teammates didn't do shit. XP distribution in this game is retarded

zerg shouldn't level up faster than solo , jungle camps need to give less xp if you're more than 1 person instead more or something to balance it out
Post time 2019-8-14 10:53 PM | Show all posts
Jungle camps do distribute less XP when multiple people are jungling, but it isn't 50/50. The person who took the last hit gets most of it and assistors get a percentage of it. From what I've seen, it actually distributes more XP in total compared to solo (if you get 100xp while soloing a camp and the enemy has assistor, the last hitter gets 80% and the assistor gets 30% to 50%;not very sure but it totals up to more than 100%)

Another thing could be that they are clearing camps faster than you, they invaded your jungle or they got early kills. The tank or support could be using roam items as well where they get no gold for helping and all the gold and xp is given to the person with no roam item.
Post time 2019-8-14 11:09 PM | Show all posts
Yes they will get less xp if jungling in a big group but jungling in a big group is faster so that just mean that enemy just cleared the jungle fast enough and quickly get into level 4. Try to jungle together with your teammates too, that what pros does, and if youre so sure, try to invade enemy jungle in early game.
Post time 2019-8-14 11:33 PM | Show all posts
You must be failing at getting the last hits from the minion waves, while the other 2 enemies are leaving their last hits to their gusion and giving him all farm, getting kills and turrets also gives xp; what i would suggest is using a hero that can solo a lane and has many escape skills or many cc skills so it must be a fighter or an assassin, if you're struggling at your lane ask for backup from your team
Post time 2019-8-15 12:04 AM | Show all posts
As mentioned above, killing jungle creeps does gain lesser xp if there are teammates near you but the one who got last hit gains a little bit more. Considering the fact that how fast they could clear the jungle creeps, and if one of the teammate has roam equipment which gains 0 xp when killing creeps/minions who is using the equipment, meaning there will be no split distribution of xp for him but his teammate near him will get the most xp.
Also, you might be missing the last hit which can also make a small difference in gaining your xp but even then, if consider all the fact above, the enemy team could come out a level higher than yours.
Post time 2019-8-15 12:31 AM | Show all posts
I am not sure, but midlaners tend to play 1-3-1 with 2 people using roaming items nowadays.
Post time 2019-8-15 01:27 AM | Show all posts
Yeah i hate that also but your team can do something usefull, its cxalled push, one tower will be probably open for pushing
Post time 2019-8-15 01:35 AM | Show all posts
First, if your exp is less than ur enemy, u must still farming and last hit to minion is especially important.. never force the war 1 vs 1 if your exp / gold is lower than your enemy.  it's very difficult unless you are 2 vs 1
Post time 2019-8-15 02:35 AM | Show all posts
i get the frustration of this feeling xD
if you cant solo lane just call out for help, no one came? say i cant solo lane.
its possible to solo lane in some heroes, (fighter or mage with lots of cc)
but yeah i get it, getting towered dive and seeing what ur team doing. just frustrating


haha .. maybe he needs rest  Post time 2019-8-15 02:39 AM
Post time 2019-8-15 04:13 AM | Show all posts
They might be using roam items to make gusion fat.Its your fault that you couldn't match up with their level.If you were in that lane solo how come you be only level 2 by that time?
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