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[Hero Concept] Enbo - The Punisher [#80]

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Edited by Halbikx at 2019-8-16 08:52 AM

The Punisher

Role: Fighter / Assassin
Specialty: Burst / Reap
Difficulty: 7.8/10

Through the flames of war, one figure has stood out the most in the recent histories. Standing with no sides and keeping to himself, Enbo burns through the battlefield to punish anyone who opposes this land's nature. He is neither an ally nor an enemy, but a neutral being that stands in the middle to eradicate all conflict in the world.

Skills & Abilities

Using his pain-inducing whip, Enbo is exceptional at torturing his targets with the painful lashes from each swing of his whip.

Passive: No Time to Spare

For every time Enbo uses a skill, his movement speed increases by 4%, up to 20%. This effect lasts for 2.5s. Additionally, Enbo's cooldown reduction can reach up to 50% instead of 40%.

Skill 1: Hookshot (10.5s cd, 50 mana cost)

Enbo swings his whip to shoot it out in a straight line in a specified direction, dealing 180/220/260/300 (+80% total P.D) physical damage to targets struck. If the whip touches an obstacle (wall, turret, Grock and Badang's walls), he will also pull himself towards the wall, dealing an additional 200/250/300/350 (+100% total P.D) physical damage.

Upon reaching the wall, Enbo gains a shield that can absorb 400/470/540/610 (+130% extra P.D) points of damage. Lasts 4s.

Skill 2: Maddening Punishment (8.7s cd, 65 mana cost)

Enbo lashes out his whip in a cone shaped area in fornt of him, dealing 240/300/360/420 (+120% total P.D) physical damage to all enemies struck. They will also receive a slow effect of 40% for 1s. Enemies that are in the outer half of the cone will receive 20% more damage and a 65% slow that lasts 2s instead.

Skill 3: Synapse / Halt (12.8s cd, 70 mana cost)

Enbo lashes out his whip towards his targeted enemy, dealing 320/380/440/500 (+140% total P.D) physical damage to them. The target will be marked for 3s. Enbo moves 20%/25%/30%/35% faster towards marked targets (stacks with passive).

This skill can be reactivated in the next 5s. Upon reactivation, Enbo will dash towards the specified direction, stopping when he hits a wall, enemy hero or jungle monster, dealing 130/160/190/210 (+35% total P.D) physical damage. Stops any enemy blink skills and charging up skills that are in progress.

Ultimate: Fulminating Penalty (28.3s cd, 115 mana cost)

Enbo adds 6 explosives to his whip, causing his next 6 basic attacks and skills to cause the explosives to detonate and deal an additional 230/330/430 (+60%% total P.D) physical damage in a small area. Each basic attack or skill use only consumes one explosive per hit, with his second skill causing one explosion for each enemy hero and jungle monster hit. Explosives last forever when unused.

Explosion damage is reduced by 50% when hitting the same enemy again. Each explosion reduces this skill's cooldown by 1s.

Extra Information

Enbo is a skill type fighter, but that doesn't mean he can't use attack speed items as well. His ultimate gives him exceptional damage output, alongside his high damaging skills, he is a nightmare to deal with. His passive which increases his overall cooldown reduction cap to 50% instead of the normal 40% makes him even more of a threat. Though minor, the extra movement speed buff from his passive gives him great mobility, especially when paired with his third skill where he moves faster towards marked targets.

Enbo has one combo for initiation:


1. Starting with the ultimate, activate it for its extra damage from explosives.
2. Hookshot to a wall near your target, at the same time dealing some damage to them and gaining a shield.
3. Mark them with Synapse, causing your movment speed when running towards your target to increase.
4. Continue with Maddening Punishment to deal heavy damage and slow.
5. Use the second part of S3, Halt, to dash towards your escaping target to break their blink or catch up with them.
6. Finally, use your explosive basic attacks to finish off your target.

Adding a basic attack in between each skill cast is also recommended when buying Endless Battle.


In the recent histories of the Land of Dawn, numerous sightings of a figure named Enbo had been popping out in each waging war. It is said that he stands with neither side, solo with himself and his whip. What was his purpose? To punish those who wage war on each other, no matter if they are in the right or wrong.

He is said to have white hair, pale white skin and cold blue eyes. The only thing that's not white is his whip, which is mentioned to be very powerful.

Regarding the whip, it can shatter even the toughest of terrains. Many soldier's heads have been split open due to being slashed by the physics-defying whip. Impressively, Enbo is very experienced with manipulating the movements of his whip. Being able to pull himself towards obstacles with a throw of his whip, making the iconic cracking sound that scares even the mightiest of creatures.

In the chronicles of the Land of Dawn, some might have even suspected that Enbo can add grenades to his whip, but it is still uncertain to what kind of explosive he uses. One thing's for sure though is that the explosions can cause immediate death in certain conditions, making it a threat for every warrior.

Enbo would just stand in the middle of a battle, swinging and lashing his whip around, snapping and pulling the soldiers in battle. He did not care for the well-beings of the warriors, as he believes that those who wage war do not respect the nature of the land. No matter what situation Enbo was in, it is said that he always keeps his calm, with the same cold, dead eyes looking into the souls of his foes.

Many people have speculated his purpose for existing. Was he sent by the Gods to punish the foolish actions of the mortals inhabiting the Land of Dawn? Or was he sent directly by Lunox in secret to stop the wars once and for all? After all, Enbo is just a normal human. He possesses not of any magic nor strange powers. It just does not make sense how he could appear in so many wars around the world in such a short span of time.

At the end of the day, the origins of Enbo is still a mystery to all of the Land of Dawn.

Reference Images

Thank you @Mjuyts for giving me this reference image. Credit goes to him and Etika_Kuro who drew this picture.
Post time 2019-8-14 04:38 PM | Show all posts
Uhh.. not bad, i like the concept
Post time 2019-8-14 05:46 PM | Show all posts
Hmm not bad but he should be fighter/mage, because if he only use whip (as you said his whip can explod probablz magic) or he has gun or some type of weapon. At least i look in that way
 Author| Post time 2019-8-14 06:11 PM | Show all posts
StreetGamer replied at 2019-8-14 05:46 PM
Hmm not bad but he should be fighter/mage, because if he only use whip (as you said his whip can exp ...

Anyone would naturally think that a whip would deal physical damage (unless its Kaja). Also it is said in the lore that the explosives could be grenades, but it is not confirmed. Thanks for your feedback though
Post time 2019-8-14 08:36 PM | Show all posts
Okay, maybe it's better if he doesn't use mana


How so? Is it because he is skill-based?  Post time 2019-8-14 09:10 PM
Post time 2019-8-14 10:02 PM | Show all posts
about his first skill, what if he can pull enemies towards him if he doesn't hit any obstacle? it would be really good skill right?
other than that overall very good concept.
do not forget to submit to in game customer support as a suggestion


yup that will be good too.  Post time 2019-8-15 01:31 AM
On second thought, it kinda drives away the idea of hookshoting a wall. I might add this in another hero concept though  Post time 2019-8-14 10:27 PM
This sounds good, I'll add it in. Thanks for sugegstion :D  Post time 2019-8-14 10:24 PM
Post time 2019-8-16 07:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts

but be careful
the reference image is from aov's new assassin
Post time 2019-8-16 07:21 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Skin KOF from Enbo
 Author| Post time 2019-8-16 08:49 AM | Show all posts

Yeah, I specifically chose that since only Enzo has a similar look to what I imagine of Enbo (names are copies as well I guess lol)
Thank you for reference images, I'll use them instead to avoid copyright
Post time 2019-8-16 09:09 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-8-15 09:49 PM
Yeah, I specifically chose that since only Enzo has a similar look to what I imagine of Enbo (name ...

       :) Hibari is very  cool
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