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[Hero Concept] [Mage/Fighter] Lucifer : The Hellfire

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-8-13 11:50 PM

Role: Mage/Fighter
Name: Lucifer
Type: Damage, Poke
"To me, existance is a joke. Everything dissapers eventually."
Intro Appearance: Lucifer walks up to the screen and examines his hand.A small flame appears at his fingertips and a huge swirl of power and demonic wings appears. Turning the flame black in colour.
"Sometimes, I like to think that the world is alive because i am too lazy to burn it."

Skin Ideas:
The Hellfire
Abyssal Demon
Demon of flames
Cosmic spectre

Long ago when the ancients roam the Earth, there was a human fascinated with the power of knowledge.
He enjoyed learning of the world around him as well as how to influence it. When he reached adulthood his experiments took a huge turn. He became obssesed with the power that the ancients wield and came to spite them.
His chance came as the most powerful of them fell and other humans began to learn magic. Theorizing and performing the containment spells for ancients, he walked the path of a psycopath and enjoyed the agony of his victims.
Upon realizing his instability, his people tried to drive him away from their village. However this only came to anger him and he slaugthered all of the people that he once knew.
Once others heard of the news, the great mages from around the continent came to battle him. After their bitter victory, they chose to imprison him as he did to the ancients, in a prison constructed by his own powers that burnt and torture him every second.

As his strength failed and he started to fade away, a voice called out to him. Promising him power, knowledge and "fun" at the price of being its henchman when the time comes and he would be free. He accepted the offer with the laughter of the Abyss.


And now, with the shattering of his bonds, the lure of the orb and the powers of the Abyss. He is born anew to reap the Earth.
He was no more a mere human of the ancient times.
He was "Lucifer".

Some rough stats at level 1:
Hp: 2560
Movement speed: 190
Physical attack: 150
Attack speed: 1.20
Magic defense: 24
Physical defense: 26
[Special bar]: Energy build up: 10
[Looks a bit like lolita's shield bar when it blocks projectiles though there's ten bars]

Passive Ability:Hell's Fury
When enemies are damaged by Lucifer, they emit a pulse around them with every damage. Dealing 50% of the original damage they received to nearby enemy/jungle units and slowing them by 5%.

The slow effect does not stack but the pulse damage triggers every hit.

Lucifer's skills gather more power the longer they are in use. When the "Build up bar" is 0, his skills dealts only 60% of their original damage. With each 1s of damage being dealt by Lucifer, the "build-up" increases by a bar. Each bar will increase the damage of Lucifer's skills by 10%. [First 4 increases to original damage, remaining 6 will increase original damage by 60%]

All present "Build-up" bars dissappear after 5s of no damage being dealt.

At max bars, Lucifer's powers intensifies and his demonic wings bursts out. Increasing his movement speed by 15% and granting a cc reduction of 20%. A cursed aura surrounds him, increasing the intensity of "Hellfire" by 10% when within range. It lasts as long as the max bars are maintained, then when cut off it has a CD of 30s

(The pulse and bars may seem a bit odd by can be used as a devastating skill later with s2 and the empowerment of the wings are also not to be overlooked. Lucifer attacks normally like a mage with ranged basic attack though he can switch to melee with ult.)
Extra notes:The slows are a bit too low to be actually useful and the bars mean that your combat time needs to be extended. It is also hard to maintain the winged form.

edit: Changed name, removed "When doing ranged attacks[Both basic or skill], the projectile creates a rift in its path to the target/max range. This rift area deals 50[+2% Magic power] true damage once and slows enemies by 5% if they make contact with it." part and added wings effect instead


Skill 1:Plane Ripple [CC]
"Shove off"
Lucifer thursts his hands forwards, creating a fan-shaped ripple that knocks back enemies that are in range and dealing 60[+80% Physical Damage+90% Magic power]Physical Damage. 2s later the ripple would repeat itself and deal 70% of the original damage.
Lucifer dashes forwards and smacks the ground, creating a circular ripple that knocks up enemies in an area and dealing 70[+80% Physical Damage+90% Magic Power]Physical Damage. 2s later the effect repeats with 60% original damage.

(a simple cc skill that allows you to push back/control enemy lines.)
Extra notes: There is a travel time for the ripples unlike valliirs instant knockback.


Skill 2: Hell's Fire [Damage]
"How does it feel like to be burnt alive?"
Lucifer summons 3 hellfire claws that crushes onto 3 targetted units, dealing 90[+80% Physical Damage +90%Magic Power]Magic Damage, stunning them for 1.5s and setting them alight with Hell's Fire.
Lucifer infuses Hell's Fire within his hands, increasing his attack speed and damage by 10%. Each basic attack burns the enemy with Hell's Fire [also restarts its timer] and every 3 hits stuns them for 1.5s.
Lasts for 10s.

Hell's Fire:
When a target is burnt with Hell's Fire they receive 40[+50% Physical Damage+60% Magic power] Magic Damage every 1.5s. The fire lasts for 15s and it leaves a trail of fire on the path that the affected unit took. Enemies that makes contact with the fire trail of the burning enemy would also be burnt. Receving the same effect and restarting the timer of the originally affected enemy. The timer restarting effect can be activated by Lucifer's attacks [both basic and skill] minions and jungle units.
There is no limits to how many units that can be burnt [And if 2 already on fire units meets again the timer also refreshes]. Though the fire trail's length would shorten with every affected units [up to 60% length decrease.]
(A devasting dps skill to enemies who enjoy sticking together. Watch them flame each other like people do when they are "passed" bruno's ball when low hp.)
Extra notes:Strategic skill use and constant enemy attacking is required to maximise the effects of the skill.


Ult skill [when range attack]:Rift walker [CC,Flicker]
"Enjoy your prison!"
Lucifer marks an enemy, after 3s he switches to melee attacks and flickers to the front of the enemy. He kicks the enemy into a portal after flickering, dealing 100(+60% Physical Damage +70% Magic power)Physical Damage and he enters the portal himself. For the next 10s Lucifer and the affected enemy stays in the rift plane. No one else can affect them while they are in the rift though Lucifer moves 10% faster.
When the trapped enemy is killed Lucifer exits the plane immediately.
(Single target skill that can be used as a lock on toll or escape tool.)
Extra notes:When low health use this skill on a low damage dealer if possible. During teamfights you can also use this skill to trap the tankier enemy so that all the damage dealers are exposed.

Ult skill [when melee attack]:Blast Rift [Burst,CC]
Lucifer locks onto an enemy and jumps back slightly [enters range mode]. While doing so he forms a crystal-like rift tear around the enemy, slowing them by 20%. After 3s of charging [he can still move but not attack with basic attacks or other skills] the crystal explodes, dealing 120(+90% Physical Damage +100% Magic Power)Physical Damage to all units within range of the crystal. After the explosion a rift trap springs and immobilizes all affected units for 2s.

If an enemy flickers while the crystal is forming around them they could escape from the crystal. Though it will continue to form and follow them before it explodes. [It will keep accelerating until it explodes.]
(A huge burst damage skill that traps enemies and chases them if they try to escape.)
Extra notes:You will be unable to do anything else but move while charging. CC also cancels the skill.
Warning!: This means that in order to change modes you need to target a unit and wait for the longer CDs


Ah ha ha ha, how the world has changed.
A mere child is leading the Abyss now, brilliant.
The Moniyan Empire is holding out against the Abyss? THE ABYSS IS RULED BY WEAKLINGS!?
Hah, the little Blood demon remembers me. Nice
Death :
nOT thE PrIson AgAin...
I need some sleep...


Hero Themed Items:
1. Plane Walker boots [Movement]:
+40 Movement speed

Active passive [Plane manipulation]: When bought, this skill becomes avaliable. Activating would boosts the user's speed by 20% for 5s though it also leaves a footprint trail while active. CD 25s.
Unique passive [Rift Sanctuary]: When not damage for 5s mana and hp regens by 2% per second.

2. Dark fire Aura Helm [Roaming item]:
+10%CD reduction
Active passive [Black shield]: When activated, all allies within range receives a shield that blocks 1000(+10% personal Maxhp)Points of damage for 5s. CD is 40s

3. Void Cape [Defense item]:
+35 Magic resistance
+15% Crit reduction
Unique passive [Nullification Void]: Every 5th damage received is reduced by 90%

*Made some edits, according to feedback. Also added some more info

Post time 2019-8-13 12:16 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
How can someone be hellfire of the abyss ? Hell is one thing and abyss is something different. I mean its interesting hero, but that title is not suited well, maybe just Hellfire in name would be good, since Lucifer is king of Hell


Yaa.. I agree  Post time 2019-8-15 04:04 PM
Post time 2019-8-13 12:21 AM | Show all posts
when i see Lucifer, Netflix Lucifer just came in my mind.
anyway his passive is good and very useful for both melee and ranged attack. his skill sets are good with both physical and magical damage and his ultimate has burst damage with cc too. that's cool. could add range attack reflection when his pulse bar is full. i mean he can reflect ranged attack with his wings if his pulse bar is full. juet my imagination. anyway very good hero concept. please submit this to in game cs as a suggestion.
Post time 2019-8-13 12:42 AM | Show all posts
Not bad idea for heroz ty for sharing it with us :D
Post time 2019-8-13 12:45 AM | Show all posts
A very cool hero. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!
Post time 2019-8-13 01:29 AM | Show all posts
Nice concept bro
Post time 2019-8-13 03:46 AM | Show all posts
That's a really great idea! but i don't want him to end up like dyrroth if he gets implemented, they did change dyrroth to fighter only but he also was a mage/fighter. I like the double ults idea it's a cool mechanic tho.
Post time 2019-8-13 08:43 AM | Show all posts
Eeeeeeeeeeeee Bondrewd!! So you watch Made in Abyss??
Post time 2019-8-13 03:18 PM | Show all posts
this hero looks pretty cool, skill wise and model wise great job
Post time 2019-8-13 03:56 PM | Show all posts
Not bad, i like the concept tho
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