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[Request] LF a Nana expert

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Post time 2019-8-11 11:32 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Please help me in mastering Nana.
I do ok with her.
But I am Sure there are some tips and tricks to be a super effective Nana.

Thanks in advance
Post time 2019-8-12 12:57 AM | Show all posts
Yeah she is good, she was my first main, and i love her 2nd ability, and passive, thats like double life, i would share you items build but i am not on pc :( so i will write you names of items, for boots i sugest you demon boots, genius wand, fleeting time, concentrated energy, holy crystal, lightning truncheon. Well for tricks, i love using myself as decoy ( i onow that sounds weird) facticly if there is you jungler near you, and you are facing enemy assassin, he could attack you because you are easy for for him ;) but no worry nana have passive ready to save her, but enemy is low and you jg is killing him, thats how that functionate, try playing with someone dou for this, when nana transform in here molina she can still gain things like heals and shields from allys, when you are ulting try ulting only persons eho csn get stuned (2 hits with her ultimate) and then go drop molina on one of them( on harder to kill because squishy one will be already dead ) dont be agressive when you dont have passive ready, get 2 core item first and then start supporting others, try pairing mostly with fighters or heros with high demage, every your ability have slow effect dont forget that, and she have high cc, when she ult she can hit one enemy (at leadt) 3 times(if you aim properly). If you are playing like supp sugest you to go with track or heal, if you want to be agressive go sprint or flicker because dhe lack mobility, if you need to know more feel free to ask :D
Post time 2019-8-12 01:29 AM | Show all posts
I was a Nana Main as well long before around S1-S3, but sadly it's far different from now since she's reworked. For me, she's a burst type and accurate aiming is required. You have to know where to aim your skills or you have to aim it advanced. Make sure you make the most of her ult since it stuns + hurts. I would agree to StreetGamer not to be reckless at all times and make sure you have passive ready in case you get out of hand. Make poking a must for Nana with perfect aiming.
Post time 2019-8-12 02:03 AM | Show all posts
Personally, when I use Nana, I always try to play as safe as I can since Nana is really squishy but her passive and stuns can be very useful during team fight or when ganking. I don't really think, Nana is a really wise choice for ranking but if you can play her professionally and safely, you can definitely carry your team. It's all about aiming properly with her ultimate. My combo is 2nd skill+3rd skill then 1st skill. You need to be very careful when activating Nana's ultimate since I've seen many players miss this chance and the enemy able to escape successfully. In the end, it's all about: aiming properly and playing safe
Post time 2019-8-12 02:33 AM | Show all posts
Nananana.. She is so cute
Post time 2019-8-12 04:19 AM | Show all posts
always play aggressive when she has her passive active.
built in immortality which is really cool to have.
use Sprint as spell. try to guess and place those meow on accurate place. built her as full magic damage and you are good to go.
Post time 2019-8-12 05:00 AM | Show all posts
Play nana marksman build in order to see her true power. I am being serious she has 2 cc skills unlike most marksmen and her oassive that let's you escape anytime.
Post time 2019-8-12 05:15 AM | Show all posts
Use her second skill to zone off enemies rather than using it as an offensive tool...thats all i can think about when mastering nana
Post time 2019-8-12 05:37 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
From what I've gathered on my 2 years meditation at Kilimanjaro mountain, I have found that Marksman Nana has the potential to be the most op hero in our dimension.

In all seriousness though, Nana is a very good hero, too bad people still think she's trash tier.
I've carried games with her, and i do think that poking your enemy and try to execute your ult whenever there's a gap, or a weakness in enemy defenses.
Oh, and use your second skill to be some kind of bodyguard, like put it in a bush nearby.

Remember, all you young future Nana masters...
The only way to play Nana
Is by playing your enemy.
Post time 2019-8-12 08:37 AM | Show all posts
just spam 2nd skill to enemy's core
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