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[Hero Concept] Tahlia - Dark Witch [#79]

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The Dark Witch

Role: Mage
Specialty: Burst
Difficulty: 8.8/10

Pure dark magic is the foundation to all chaos. Tahlia - the descendants of one of the greatest dark magicians whom almost consumed the whole world into darkness - is chained to her unwillingness to cause more trouble for the world. She has been pressured by those who have high expectations for her, fearing that she might let them down. Driven with madness, Tahlia went missing for years, before coming back to the Land of Dawn to cause chaos, and to find her little cousin to make up for her past mistakes.

Skills & Abilities

Tahlia has amazing burst, with high zone control and AOE explosions, she is sure to cause chaos around her.

Passive: Flurry Hearts
Tahlia's first skill give a mark of Doom on her targets, which lasts up to 4s. This mark can have numerous effects on her skills. Furthermore, hitting a marked enemy will cause the mark to spread to nearby units, dealing 120 ~ 340 (+45% total M.P) magic damage, depending on her level (also applies to the original mark that was given to her target with the skill) . Enemies that died with the mark will explode, causing it to bounce to other units as well. The bouncing of the mark can bounce to already marked targets as well.

Skill 1: Dusky Sonar (3.5s cd, 35 mc)
Tahlia shoots out a dark projectile at her targeted enemy, dealing 250/300/350/400 (+65% total M.P) magic damage. This skill gives the mark of doom. Using Dusky Sonar on marked enemies will cause the damage to increase by 25%/30%/35%/40% and bounce to all other units around her target.

Skill 2: Caliginous Bombs (10s recharge time, 50 mc)
Can store up to 3 bombs at any given time, but up to 5 bombs can be placed down. Bombs give vision to its surroundings and when inside a bush.

Tahlia summons a bomb infused with dark magic inside, slowing enemies who pass through it by 35%. After 1.5s, the bomb automatically explodes, dealing 340/420/500/580 (+100% total M.P) magic damage, slowing enemies hit by 50% for 1s. Continuous explosions on the same enemy have decayed damage.

Does not give doom mark. The marked enemies will be stunned by this skill for 1s instead of a slow, consuming the mark. The same enemy cannot be stunned again for another 5s.

Skill 3: Slight of Hand (7s cd, 70 mc)
Can only be used when at least one bomb is placed. Tahlia immediately teleports to the specified bomb (targeted like Haya's 2nd skill, has a fixed range), immediately causing it to explode. If the explosion is on someone with the mark, it will give a shield for Tahlia that can absorb 120/180/240/300 (+100% extra M.P) points of damage, lasting 3s. The shield can be stacked when exploding multiple marked targets.

Ultimate: Darkness Bores Through Souls (53.9s cd, 140 mc)
Tahlia summons a dark ribbon-like area in a long but thin straight line that lasts 6s. Enemies that walk through the area will be slowed by 30%.

Any Caliginous Bombs that are placed on the area or touching the area will immediately explode. Although this skill does not deal damage normally, it will deal 450/650/850 (+140% total M.P) magic damage to targets marked with doom. This damage is only applied on its activation, but it can also be activated using the imemdiate explosions of the Caliginous Bombs. The same enemy cannot receive damage from this skill again until it is used for the next time (damage from Caliginous Explosions are still applicable, the enemies that have received the stupidly high burst damage from this skill won't receive it again until the next activation of this skill).

Extra Information

Tahlia sounds very overpowered, and yes, she is. Super high burst damage, high mobility, execute skill, shield and vision, she is an annoyance to even the most annoying of all heroes. She is the descendants of great dark magicians after all.

PS. This concept is a lot like Ryze from Lol, I'm sure a lot of you can spot it. I was wondering if I wanted to make this 'Ryze-type marking' hero as an independent concept or a rework concept for Vexana (since she uses marks on her passive already). This completely contradicts my post of having Lylia as a copy of Ekko from the same game. Oh well.

Tahlia is hard to play due to her marking mechanics. The marks have numerous different uses, but all you need to know is:
  • ONLY S1 can give marks
  • Using S1 on marked targets increase its damage and spreads it to nearby targets
  • Using S2 on marked targets will stun them, but the stun has a cooldown of 5s on the same target
  • S3 does not deal damage and does not give marks, but it immediately explodes the bombs from S2 and gives you a shield if you hit marked enemies with the explosion
  • Ult will only deal damage to marked enemies and they do not give marks
  • Ult's damage can only happen upon activating the skill, or explosions from bombs that are touching the Ult's area
  • Ult's damage can only apply to an enemy once per activation. Meaning further damage from bombs will not deal the 850 magic damage, only the damage from the bomb itself

This is Tahlia's main combo:


This looks confusing but here is the explanation:
1. Use S1 on them for the slow to apply the mark, and use S1 again to spread it around
2. Use S2 underneath your target / wherever you think they are going
3. Immdeiately use S3 after using S2, causing an immidiate explosion and a stun
4. Use the S2-S3 combo again if your cooldown is low enough
5. Then, use S1 to give the mark again
6. Immediately use Ultimate afterwards for the burst / execution damage
7. Use S1 on the marked target to spread the mark
8. Use S2 on or near the Ult area where the bomb is touching it, causing it to explode immediately without the help of S3 and deal the high burst damage to nearby marked targets
9. Repeat Number 8 until your enemies are dead


At the Magic Academy, Tahlia is a renowned dark magician at a young age, even being recognized by the light magicians that normally don't give two sakes about their counterparts. This led to Tahlia being praised and even worshipped by the dark magicians, and given some priviledges at the Magic Academy which only light magicians and high-ranking dark magicians have.

Tahlia had a little cousin - Lylia - who very much looked up to her. Back then, Lylia was still naive and didn't have friends since she was different from her peers. The only person who could understand her feelings was her elder cousin, Tahlia. Tahlia understood Lylia's suffering, with no parents to comfort her at a time they are most needed.

Everyday, Lylia would come to her house and learn advanced dark magic, which is never taught in the Magic Academy. Since Lylia was still young and there were no other dark magicians who were children, there were never any classes taught about dark magic. Lylia loved talking about dark magic, as if it was her sole purpose for living. Her creative ideas led to her becoming a very powerful one as well.

But, Tahlia had a secret that she doesn't want to tell Lylia. From all the pressure of the high expectations and praising from the high authoritarians of the dark magicians, Tahlia was put under a lot of pressure. One day, she couldn't handle it anymore and she had to leave Magic Academy. With the help of Harley's invisibility magic, Tahlia disappeared from the Magic Academy, leaving no traces behind.

Lylia was never told about this, and once she found out Tahlia has ran away, she broke down crying for days. She hated the fact that her one and only friend is now gone. With nobody to care for her anymore, she became a real troublemaker. When an accident of dark magic occured in the Magic Academy, all the dark magicians were exiled from the academy. That was when Lylia found her loyal friends - the Snores.

Tahlia spent years travelling the world to clear her mind from the troubles and stress caused by the dark magicians. After years of absence, she finally had the courage to return to Magic Academy, without knowledge of what happened to her fellow dark magicians in the past years.

At the front gate, Tahlia was halted from entering. She asked why, and was told that all dark magicians are exiled from the academy. Surprised, she went away and tried to look for some of her light magician friends to explain what happened. After hearing the devastating story, Tahlia left the Magic Academy to search for her fellow dark magicians, most importantly Lylia so she can apologize to her.

Reference Images

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Good lore and all that, but she is combination of vexana somehow, or at least i think at that way, does that mean that she is in some type of relationship, i also like her picture, did u draw that or u found it on net?
 Author| Post time 2019-8-14 06:09 PM | Show all posts
StreetGamer replied at 2019-8-14 05:38 PM
Good lore and all that, but she is combination of vexana somehow, or at least i think at that way, d ...

Yes, she was supposed to be a rework idea, but I made her into a hero in the end. I find all my reference pictures on the internet. I'm trash at drawing just so you know.
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good concept, i like OP heroes
Post time 2019-8-14 10:15 PM | Show all posts
this hero is kinda like lylia. but with more tricks in her arsenal.
with ability to burst the bomb and marking enemies and damage , she got both bomb damage and marked damage. really good hero concept. please submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. thanks.


As a fellow Dark Magician and Lylia's cousin, she is naturally identical to her. Yeah, she is annoying with high burst damage. Why do I even make these if I hate them myself haha  Post time 2019-8-14 10:25 PM
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