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[Hero Concept] [Tank/Marksman]:Terrarian, Cursed Celestial (Rework of old concept)

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Role: Tank/Marksman
Name: Terrarian
Type: CC, Poke
"I WALK BETWEEN 2 WORLDS. The one of insanity and the other of old."
Intro Appearance: A corrupted glowing sphere [Like uranus's energy when intro animation] rises from the broken altar and flashes. Rocks and plant materials rises up and forms Terrarian and a Giant Venus Fly trap unfolds from his back and looks around with its eye.
"My sanity hangs by a vine, huhuh..."

Skin Ideas:
Cursed Celestial


During the imprisonment of the Ancients Terrarian had slept in the celestial palace.
He was clueless to what had happened to the outside world while he slept and when he woke up it was due to an unbelievable amount of pain. Vines and stone puntured itself into Terrarian's body. Creeping within him and changing his body with a vile form of magic.
When he tried to escape a powerful barrier blocked his way. He plead and plead over and over again for the pain to stop but it kept intensifying and reducing his powers.
A few thousand years later, the pain had gone numb but Terrarian was still bounded to the ground. His Celestial form had been completely stripped away and what's left was Earth and vegetation that made up his body. However unlike the other ancients, he had company.
The other inhabitants of the celestial palace had reawakened and stayed by Terrarian, helping him to ease hhis pain though they had not enough power to break the seal set upon him. Thanks to that Terrarian manage to stay sane and lived as normally as he could within his cage as the other celestials told him stories of the world that they learnt to keep him entertained.

Then the day arrive, "The Shattering". Terrarian felt the bindings around him snap away and he rose in his new form with different powers that was somehow familiar to him. He decided to roam the world and hopefully restore his mind from the journey.

There are a lot of scars that needed healing.

Some rough stats at level 1:
Hp: 3990
Movement speed: 190 [Locked]
Physical attack: 100[/0.5s]
Attack speed: 1.10 [Locked]
Magic defense: 28
Physical defense: 35
Mana: 2905

Passive Ability:Ingrained Altar
Terrarian is unable to speed up his attack and movement speed with skills or items.
However when he stays immobile he slowly gains an increase in damage multipliers and hybrid defenses. For every 3s of immobility his damage increases by 3% and his range also increases. For every 2s of immobility he also gains a 2% increase in hybrid defenses.
The damage and range multiplier stacks up to 10times while the defenses can stack up to 30times [Stacks last 1.5s, getting moved or knocked up will start the countdown]

Special effects [Earth of Life]: After 5s of staying immobile Terrarian also gains a continuous health and mana regen of 1.5% max health and max mana per second. Should he remain undamaged, unmoved and has 100%hp he would regen and obtain a permanent increase of 3% Max hp. [The new permanent hp is shown as a white bar in the Hp bar. Maximum is a 50%CurrentMaxhp increase]

Terrarian's basic attacks are in the form of a continous ranged lightning [No pauses,damage occurs every .5 second] that hits up to 2 units at the same time. [second unit receives 70% of original damage]

(Over the course of a few seconds, Terrarian would become a terrifying threat as his defenses and damage makes him almost unkillable. The extra hp from the regen is also a nice bonus.)
Extra notes:He can't fricking move in order to gain the bonuses. Displacement cc effects would ruin him and staying still is a horrible sin to do in "mobile" legends lol.

Tips: After gaining the 3% max hp increases. Move a bit to reset the regen and stay still for another 5s so you gain more and more maxhp. Don't do it if Karrie and claude are next door. If you do, pray that the defense bonus saves you.


Skill 1:Celestial Armour [BUFF]
[No upgrades]Mana cost:40 CD:5s
Terrarian latches onto a nearby ally after pausing for 2s. While doing so his passive bonus CD pauses and the ally's movement speed decreases by 20%. However when damage is received they only receive 10% of the damage while Terrarian receives 90% of the damage.
While attached to ally, Terrarian can still cast basic attacks though the skills are changed.
Press again to detach or auto detach after 15s.
(Low cost Ange ult. A skill that allows you to be slightly more mobile at the expense of your ally's sanity.)
Extra notes: When latching on, allies get temporary invulnurability. Also the passive does not stack when latched on to an ally though since the timer is paused you will keep the bonuses before latching on.


Skill 2: Gripping vines [CC]
Mana cost: 60/70/80 CD:10s
"Where are you going little child?"
Terrarian shoots forth a mass of vines that deal 60(+80%Magic Defense)Physical Damage to all units in the way. If it hits an enemy hero the vines would tighthen and pull them towards Terrarian for a short distance. [They can't flicker while held by vines.]

When attached to an ally, Terrarian creates a small area where a venus fly trap appears and snaps the area. Dealing 60(+80%Magic Defense)Physical Damage to all enemy units. When an enemy hero is in the middle of the area, they would be swallowed. [The Venus fly trap holds on to them, preventing them from running and dealing/receiving damage] The effect lasts 2.5s or earlier if cancelled.
(A small reliable cc skill meant for single targets.)
Extra notes:While running when latched onto an ally use the skill to remove the closest enemy.


Skill 3:Natural Artillery [Damage,CC]
Mana cost: 70/80/90 CD:10s
Terrarian picks up a trunk and throws it to an area, knocking back enemies for a distance when the trunk hits and dealing 90(+100%Armour)Physical Damage. Charging the skill before releasing increases the range and knockback distance.

When attached to an ally, Terrarian picks up boulders [5s to gain a boulder, max amount 3 and all 3 are avaliable when latching skill is just used] and throws them at an enemy, dealing 30(+90%Armour)Physical Damage and knocking back enemies slightly with each boulder.

For both projectiles, when the projectiles hits a wall a small shockwave occurs, stunning enemies by 1s and dealing 100(+80%Magic Defense)Physical Damage. A small "Splinters" area is then created, dealing 20(+50%Magic Defense)Physical Damage every 1s to enemies and slowing them by 30% on the area. The area lasts for 4s.
(A small reliable cc skill meant for both multiple and single targets.)
Extra notes:While running when latched onto an ally use the skill to remove the closest enemy.


Mana cost: 110/150/200 CD:60s
[Unusable when latched]
Terrarian roots himself firmly onto the ground and roars with a mightly burst of power. For the next 6s the entire map would shake and every enemy is revealed. As the 3 seconds occur allies has their movement speed decreased by 20%[after 1.5s]40%[after 3s]60%[after 4.5s] while enemies has theirs decreased by 40%[after 1.5s]70%[after 3s]90%[after 4.5s].
While roaring, Terrarian's passive stacks slowly adds up to 50% of the max stack amount and he wildly shoots at any enemies within range.
After the 6s of roaring, enemy heroes around the map would be trapped within a dome held together by stone and vines. The dome lasts for 2s after which they crumble, dealing 100(+70% Armour)Physical Damage and stunning the enemy for 1.5s.
If the enemy is far away from Terrarian's attack range they receive less damage and cc time, same with allies who are further, less cc effects.
[Up to a 70% decrease in cc effects and damage.]

(A global ult that allows for total control over the enemy heroes.)
Extra notes:Although they enemy is trapped in the dome, allies are unable to hit them within the dome. This skill allows you to ignore the enemies at crucial moments and go straight for the objective.

Warning!: It is possible for allies who are too close to the enemy heroes to be trapped within the walls too, so think twice before using it.


Is there anyone who can calm my mind?
My head hurts..
The thought of humans makes me mad and guilty
I am thankful of all at the Celestial Palace, but i must find my own path.
Perhaps the other ancients ...but they have lost their minds..
Death :


Hero Themed Items [Gonna try making a few item concepts lol]:
1. Laser targeter [Physical attack item]:
+5% Attack speed
+70 Damage
+5% Crit chance and damage
+5% Penetration
Unique passive [Weakness Identify]: Every 6th skill or basic attack on the same target will reduce their defenses and movement speed by 10%. Lasts 5s and stacks 2 times. When triggered twice, CD is 4s before the effect can be triggered again.

2. Mantel of Mana [Magic attack item]:
+70 Magic Damage
+10%CD reduction
Unique passive [Power Conversion]: While not receiving damage for 4s, slowly converts mana points into hp[50 mana for 200hp/s]. When hp is full, a shield would be formed by this conversion. Shield can block up to 1000(+40% Magic power)points of damage. When shield breaks, it would not form again for at least 10s since the last damage.

3. Titan War Helm [Defense item]:
+10% CD reduction
+15 Hybrid defenses
Unique passive [Titan Force]: When hp reaches below 50%, a stack of rage would appear [and another 4 is acheived by each damage received], lasting 5s each, boosting defenses by 5% per stack at the cost of 2% damage. Up to 5 stacks can be achieved.
At below 30% hp,spell vamp is increased by 30% and lasts 8s.

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A marksman/tank huh...very interesting combo i’d love to see it ingame
Post time 2019-8-2 02:57 PM | Show all posts
Tank / Marksman combo is hard to pull off, but I think you did great. I'm still not very sure if staying still is useful to the whole kit or not but it is a hefty addition for tank builds. If he attaches to an ally, will his passive stop charging or not when they move but it technically isn't you moving?
 Author| Post time 2019-8-2 03:23 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-8-2 01:25 AM
A marksman/tank huh...very interesting combo i’d love to see it ingame

Thank you!
 Author| Post time 2019-8-2 03:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-8-2 03:27 PM
Halbikx replied at 2019-8-2 02:57 PM
Tank / Marksman combo is hard to pull off, but I think you did great. I'm still not very sure if sta ...

In a way staying immobile passive is to Nerf him slightly so he doesn't become too op with all the defensive and offensive stacks.
When latched onto an ally the timer basically pauses whether or not they move or stay immobile.  So you would maintain your current stacks [no losing or gaining any] though your movements would be controlled by the ally.
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Darkflamecas replied at 2019-8-2 03:26 PM
In a way staying immobile passive is to Nerf him slightly so he doesn't become too op with a ...

Thanks for explanation. The timer will pause when he is latched on which makes a lot of sense since he can't move. That's some great thought you put in there!
 Author| Post time 2019-8-2 07:06 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-8-2 04:01 PM
Thanks for explanation. The timer will pause when he is latched on which makes a lot of sense sinc ...

Thanks for the compliment xD
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Oke.. But i think not interested for MM
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