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[Hero Balance] Natalia needs buff

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Post time 2019-7-30 04:07 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Natalia needs to be revamped.
Yes she was already reworked but it sounded more like a nerf than a buff. The 1 second silence is crazy. The warning range can completely ruin Natalia.

Because of the 1 second silence, she almost can't assassinate enemies, mostly she rely also on teammates' damage because the silence disappears quite fast.

Plus, any marksman user can easily acticate after 1 second of silence the WIND OF NATURE, providing immunity to PHY damage for 2 seconds. That's even crazier for Natalia. The 1 second silence alone prevents Natalia from assassinating enemies, compared to other assassins, Natalia is on the lowest side of the ranks, that's why she isn't popular among mythic players.

Post time 2019-8-6 04:30 AM | Show all posts
In my opinion, Natalia should get an ultimate rework at least, or more invisibility duration. Her ult rework could be something similar to Karina's ult. because Natalia isn't fine where she's at, She's almost never used when i play, Compared to other assassins like Hayabusa , Gusion or selena
Post time 2019-8-6 05:25 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Gunslinger03 replied at 2019-7-30 11:24 PM
So you cant defeat a marksman using smoke bomb skill? Dont it give 4 sec of basic immunity? I think  ...

Actually, buying wind of nature is a counter build for natalia. Just use the immunity when silenced then spam all your skills or escape after the silence ends. Clever positioning could prevent natalia from killing you with her first skill and you can kill her instead.

As a natalia player, i know that she's a late game monster. However, she's purely item reliant. She's more of a support than an assassin in early game. The common gameplay for her is jump, silence, damage until 1 sec silence is over, then leave. Since her damage early game is not that good, the enemy is usually not dead or assassinated after 1 second.

Being item reliant and not useful in team fights because she's a squishy takes her away from the meta since most games in high elo are 10 mins on average.

While I can defeat a marksman without buffing natalia, i can only do that solo with a 4 item build, or with a team mate, basically ks.

Lesley can escape with 2nd skill after silence. Miya with her 3rd skill. Moskov teleports. Aegis also decrease the damage for Granger and Kimmy. Only Layla is dead. Haha. There's a lot of counters to her to be honest. This is why a buff is needed. To top it off. Her third skill is useless.
Post time 2019-7-30 08:44 PM | Show all posts
I do think that Natalia is absolutely fine, no need further buff or nerf. I mean that's how an assassin should be played, kill the squishies or the low health enemy. Not like Gusion which can quickly kill a full hp tanks or Fanny which can 1 v 5.


nope. Natalia isn't really that compatible to early game. I mean sure that's fine but her damage is really not that good, plus the 1 second silence is another disadvantage. Atleast improve the silence  Post time 2019-8-1 10:49 PM
But fanny can’t 1v5 unless its in epic-legend lel  Post time 2019-7-30 08:57 PM
Post time 2019-7-30 05:24 PM | Show all posts
Agreed. Natalia could use a buff for sure but not a rework. There are still decent Natalia players out there who can dominate any marksman in sight. Compared to other assassins, Natalia is definitely out of the meta. With Gusion, she can easily be wiped out.
Post time 2019-7-30 04:32 PM | Show all posts
I agree with you that her silence quickly disappear. She is more like a late game assasin. Its hard to run away if she's well farmed. She doesn't really need a rework, but a buff in my opinion.
Post time 2019-7-30 06:56 PM | Show all posts
To be honest i also agree with 2 second silence. One second is really low and there are plenty of counters of nata in game. Thanks for your feedback.
Post time 2019-7-30 08:57 PM | Show all posts
I want her buffed ngl, but not like she was before...seriously she was too much at the time thats why she got a nerf as well..but yeah now shes in a very bad spot so lets hope she’ll get buffed
Post time 2019-7-30 09:19 PM | Show all posts
Suggestion, maybe her silence length will increase based on her ultimate level? This would encourage players to level up their ulti instead of leaving it there after lv.4. Something like Layla's ulti would work. 0.75s before ulti, 1.25s at level 1, 1.75s at level 2 and even 2.25s at max level. Sounds too deadly almost.


o dude this is really cool!  Post time 2019-8-1 10:49 PM
Post time 2019-7-30 10:51 PM | Show all posts
But dont you think Hanzo and Saber is worst? I think we should prioritize them first.


for saber,i think he needs buff. He's just like a support srsly  Post time 2019-8-1 10:51 PM
As for Hanzo, I don't know if he still needs a buff. He can still dominate the game and he can farm pretty fast. And he is really very effective for teamfights.  Post time 2019-8-1 10:51 PM
Post time 2019-7-30 10:52 PM | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-7-30 09:19 PM
Suggestion, maybe her silence length will increase based on her ultimate level? This would encourage ...

Basically a really good idea.

But for this post, the suggestions you guys are really good. She was really good before her rework and we always have thought that the new rework made her op but sadly it was actually a nerf, bigger circle, less silence and a sneaky attack that can ruin your ambush.
Post time 2019-7-30 11:24 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Gunslinger03 at 2019-7-31 01:21 AM

So you cant defeat a marksman using smoke bomb skill? Dont it give 4 sec of basic immunity? I think your not good with this character. To be honest there no way a physical type mm can beat this character and you guys want a buff? Im very irritated about this character basic immunity and you guys want buff for her other skills? daamnn...... Seriously.

According to the comments, flicker and wind of nature is 99% useless in late game if this character enters the match. What, you guys want this character to be super meta?

If you guys want some buff first nerf her basic immuniy. 4 second basic immunity and still want buff for other skill zzzzz Noop.

What? You cant beat MM using this character? Im 3000+ marksman user, ive played custom match 1vs1 against Natalia atleast 3 times using MM and none i win. Or are you planning to take down fighter and tank easily like killing mm? Asking a buff for this character seriously noop.

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