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[Query] Additional Mechanics

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So here's a question for you guys, is there any additional mechanics you've learned after using the same hero many times?

Let me explain the meaning of this query:
It is founded that there are some players who played a lot of matches in both ranked and normal matches yet still can't seem to provide a lot of 'skill' based on gameplay. "Additional Mechanics can be either pointless or not, depending on how the player will use it and how 'good' he/she uses it'' and it's not even the skills, even builds are doable.
For example, my favourite tank, Tigreal.
1. You can push minions in and out of both you and your opponent's turret range. That way ranged heroes will have a safer distance to kill them, or to prevent catapults from hitting your turrets.
2. His unchanging passive can still tank against turrets, aside from getting hit, spam skills to charge it faster. So turret diving can be a possibility.

Or, Chou
1. Shunpo thrice is possible, use it only when you want to walk around. The pattern goes 1-2-[Walk and Wait]-1-2-1-2. Just time it right
2. Walk around while hitting turrets, your passive charges as you hit it. That way the extra damage from your passive won't be wasted by standing still.

Or, Ruby
1. Dashing based on where she's facing is crucial, she'll dash further if you skill and move forward. But dashes shorter when skill and move backwards.
2. You can legit pull minions away from turrets, don't worry about cooldown or skill wastage, as long as your turrets are safe.
3. The worst-case scenario you can put when slowing down enemies is giving Ruby an Ice Queen Wand.

Post time 2019-7-30 08:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
For me is Argus :
1.Use skill 1 to enemies,do a basic attack.
2.After basic attack,use skill 2 in case the enemies try to escape and you can chase them.
3.When our hp is low use ult and spam hit button like you dont care to death.
this is my gameplay for argus,iam playing argus as assasins,hide in the bush and kill their mm or mage and also argus can be tank with his ult when teamfight,lmao.
Post time 2019-7-30 08:41 AM | Show all posts
i do same with tigreal when clearing minion.
i can stop Odette ultimate with balmond dash, yes he can.
i always try to keep jungle monsters in range of karrie's first skill, to jungle faster.i can steal turtle or buff with Granger's ultimate.
and many more can't think  of right now.
this are some unusual stuff normally players don't do until they are expert of those heroes.


Okay Balmond cancelling Odette is new to me XD  Post time 2019-7-30 08:43 AM
Post time 2019-7-30 09:12 AM | Show all posts
I have some with Selena.
1. Normally, you put the trap down then shoot the arrow, but in my case, I use arrow first then immediately put down the trap in front of where the trap is going. This is much faster compared to doing 1-2 because the animation is shorter and enemies cannot see you putting your trap down while you aim. Moreover, it will help you aim better since it's so fast paced.
2. When killing the buff at lvl 1 (in my case bottom buff), put down 3 traps, 1 trap right on top of where the buff is going to spawn, one a bit off to it so it won't immediately get activated, and another one beside the second trap. Then, switch to abyssal form and use S1 as frequently as possible for the shield, and kite towards the traps as you are killing the buff. Remember to not lure it to the trap all at once, since there will be less explosions. The traps should also be put to the side of the lane, so you won't have to run as far back to your outer turret to kill minions.
3. USE. THE. TRAPS. Keep using your traps in bushes around the mid lane, enemy buffs, around your lane, and even the lord and turtle's arena. This gives very good vision for you and your team, since it can help set up ganks, reveal enemy positions and keep you safe since you can see which enemies are coming to your lane to gank you.
4. Selena's abyssal form 1st skill has a shield. Use it to your advantage when in low HP, because it can help you tank some damage. This is especially useful against Fanny. Don't be afraid to hit back when you're being chased! Also, this skill CAN crit because it is considered a basic attack. Buying Berserker's Fury is very recommended because you can deal up to 2500 to 3000 crit damage when full build. Almost one hitting a marksman.


Woah the jungling part is very helpful for Selena players  Post time 2019-7-30 10:12 AM
Post time 2019-7-30 02:47 PM | Show all posts
i have 4000 fanny games with about 3500 of them in ranked, and what i can say is a fanny with 2K games is diffrent from a fanny that has 4k+ there are no new mechanics to learn BUT you get heavily used to the mechanics which allows you to do hard things with the basic mechanics of a hero without really thinking about it if you know what i mean xd
Post time 2019-7-30 06:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I dont know much about the unique mechanics or anything like that, but here's some that I've seldom seen.

1. Gusion
You can run away with skill 1,i know it's quite common but hear me out, sometimes when you run away the enemy will follow you, when they do this go to a bush and burst them down with either your second skill(if you have it) or if your enemy is also low on health, just basic attack them (if you have your passive fully stacked by using skill 1 to run)

Some people used combos that are pretty common and easy to use like skill 1-1-2-basic attack-2-3-2-1-2 to burst down enemy or just something that is more simple like 2-3-2-1-2  but I've found a really bursty way to utilize his skills, it's just like his usual combo, but when his knife goes back to him, quickly use ult to redirect the knife to the enemy, its quite hard to explain though '-'

2. Alucard
If you want to solo Lord(if your mm is either physically dead, or mentally dead) , you can increase your sustainability by using your ult to a nearby creep because Alucard cannot lock his ult against Lord, i don't know why  though he used to be able to lock to Lord with his ult.

Don't just spam your skills with Alucard, use it so that whenever you're using skills you used basic attack twice, don't just use all your skills and then use your passive, that's not quite efficient to burst down your enemy
Post time 2019-7-30 07:58 PM | Show all posts
MobiusSeven replied at 2019-7-30 06:31 PM
I dont know much about the unique mechanics or anything like that, but here's some that I've seldom  ...

Mentally dead hahahaha xD
Post time 2019-7-31 10:14 AM | Show all posts
Edited by FatalXBullet at 2019-7-31 10:15 AM

Jawhead ~>
1. If you keep spamming Jawhead skill 2 without using his throwing skill (2nd phase skill), your shield will unlimited.

Reason: CD skill will continue if you not use his throwing skill 2 (2nd phase skill). If you use it. CD skill 2 will restart back. He has his own secret durability shield.

2. Use skill 2 throwing to jungle monster away when enemy try to take buff. (Don't do this to your teammate)

Reason: Prevent enemy kill secure buff and delay their gold lead.


I just played Jawhead, apparently here's an extra. If your minion is too slow to reach the turret, throw the catapult in so it's faster to push  Post time 2019-8-1 08:34 AM
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