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[Hero Concept] Askad - Verglas Warrior [#76]

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Edited by Halbikx at 2019-8-3 02:15 PM

The Verglas Warrior

Role: Fighter
Specialty: Burst / Reap
Difficulty: 8.8/10

From the cold lands of Nost Gal, Askad had fought many vikings in his days of prime. Now, at the old age of almost 60, he rests alone in a cottage far from civilization. Though, when the Lord of the Seven Seas - Bane - arrived, he pillaged the only standing building in the cold winter blizzard while Askad was away, giving him no home to live anymore. Askad, as the calm and logical man he is, settled down elsewhere where it was easier to live by himself, leaving his old things behind. But, after multiple other mishaps happen, it has caused him to finally awaken again in order to find the culprit of the one whose behind all of these inconvieniences he was presented.

Askad relies a lot on his passive where most of his damage sources from. Other than that, he is very capable of singling out enemies, and shines the brightest when in one-versus-one duels. Due to his high single target damage from most of his skills and his ultimate that does not allow his enemies to escape his wrath, he will be a big obstacle to pass while laning against.

Skills & Abilities

Passive: Strike of Coldness
Each time Askad's basic attacks or skills damage an enemy hero or jungle monster, it will apply a mark of Rime on them. If Askad successfully applies four stacks of Rime on his target, he can use a basic attack to activate the Rime, activating his sword for the next 7s on that enemy.

When activated, his basic attacks will deal guaranteed critical strikes, which only applies on that target. Surrounding enemies receive damage normally, unless they too have activated stacks. After the 7s passed, the same enemy cannot be applied stacks of Rime again for another 35s. The cooldown can be reduced with cooldown reduction items, but it can only reduce up to 10s.

Skill 1: Thunder And Ice (6.7s cd, 55 mc)
Askad swings his sword down onto his target, rupturing the ground in a straight line behind his targeted enemy and dealing 270/320/370/420 (+50% total P.D) physical damage. Askad can reuse this skill in the next 4s to perform another quick strike, dealing the same damage, but this time it also slows his target by 40% for 1s. Applies one stack of Rime for each time this skill hits a unit.

Skill 2: Puncturing Stab (10.1s cd, 75 mc)
Askad performs a very short dash in the specified direction, cutting through all enemies in the area (almost like Argus' S2), dealing 345/385/425/465 (+110% total P.D) physical damage, slowing enemies hit by 50% for 1.2s, but the first enemy that was hit by this skill will instead be slowed by 80% for 1.6s. Then, the first enemy he stabs will bleed, causing them to become brittle for 3s.

Brittle is a new debuff where upon receiving crowd-control that is not a slow effect from any source, the length of it will increase by 50%, consuming the brittle effect.

Skill 3: Corsair Movements (10.5s cd, 80 mc)
Passive: Askad gains 5/10/15/20 points of hybrid resistances whenever he walks close to an enemy hero. Lasts 3s upon leaving the hero.

Active: Askad strongly headbutts his target in a very close range, dealing 260/300/340/380 (+110% total P.D) physical damage, stunning his target for 1.5s and slowing them for 1s more. He then briefly gains a movement speed buff of 40% that decays quickly in the span of 1.2s.

Headbutting a brittle target will increase its length to 2.25s and the slow length is increased to 3s.

Ultimate: Flawless Reconciliation (46.4s cd, 115 mc)
Targeting an enemy, Askad rushes towards them, becoming immune to all crowd-control. Upon reaching his target, he will slam down on them using his sword, dealing 460/585/710 (+140% total P.D) physical damage, and summoning a cage around them for a traditional viking duel. The targeted enemy absolutely cannot escape from the cage, even if they use blink skills, purify, or whatever the likes. All enemies that are around Askad's target will be pushed away, but they can re-enter the area if they wish to.

In the next 7s where the cage will last, all damage dealt on that target will be increased by 30%. Each time they receive damage from him will also reduce their armor by 5/7/9 points, up to 25/35/45 points. Askad's passive will be immediately activated on them as well. Allies can pass through the cage, but when Askad leaves the cage or when he dies, it will immediately collapse, making this skill go on cooldown.

Extra Information

Askad is an incredibly high-damaging fighter, with a lot of single target damage. Thus, it is best to leave him alone when in laning phase. Although Askad isn't the best in team fights, his ultimate does bring a lot of use, especially for singling out targets and separating the enemy front lines and rear. Not to mention that scary passive where all his basic attacks can critically strike. So, be sure to buy Berserker's Fury when using him!

Askad isn't a combo-oriented hero, but he can still perform some amazing ones. This combo can be used when Askad's ultimate is on cooldown.


Although Askad is more of a basic attack hero, he does have a surprisingly long lasting stun thanks to his S2 and S3 combo.
First, use S2 to make your target brittle, and use S3 to stun them for 2.25s. If you're using Endless Battle, you should add basic attacks between each skill cast to maximise your damage.

In my case, I will use S1 twice in quick succession for the damage, and stacking the final Rime to activate his passive. Use a basic attack to activate it, causing all his attacks to crit. Then, continue using basic attacks to finish off your enemy with the immensely high critical damage.


A blizzard hits hard on the harsh icy lands of Nost Gal once again. This will make it the 99th consecutive blizzard in the winter season. Despite this, Askad is still willing to live in one of the northernmost parts of Nost Gal where temperatures can hit the deep negatives. To Askad, this is nothing compared to the amount of suffering he endured during his past as a renowned viking. Through the hundreds of wars Askad had fought in, only two were considered defeats.

One was when Askad was fighting another viking village east to his own when he was still young. This counted as his first defeat after his village was completely under control by the eastern vikings. Luckily, Askad was able to flee with his family to another village far from his old one. From then on, Askad never lost another war, not even a duel. Though, that is not until he meets the worst enemy of his life.

Towards the north of Nost Gal lied Queen's Peak, where Queen Aurora's castle lied. She was a lonely queen with a large castle made of ice. The crystals would shine beautifully when the sun is out, but alas, it is very rare for the sun to hang in the sky at that area. Askad was wandering around the area when he saw a ship coming from the distance. It was maybe half a dozen of ships, with the biggest one sailing in front of the others.

Askad went back after seeing this to inform his villagers about the pirates. He urgently evacuated the whole village away from Queen's Peak. Askad however did not want to stay and do nothing, so he went to Queen's Peak to see what's going to happen. From a tall glacier, Askad could peak at the happenings from a safe distance without being noticed.

Once the ships reached land, a large plank was lowered down to the ground. There, multiple pirates rushed towards the tall mountain that Aurora's castle was on. Aurora had forseen this coming, and she set up traps around her castle, with tall icy walls covering the perimeter of the mountain's feet. However, it did not last long as the cannonballs from the ship shot down the walls, paving way for the pirates to storm Aurora's castle.

Now, i'ts Aurora's turn to push the pirates back. She summoned ice spikes, blew strong gusts of winds, summoning blizzards, turning and twisting the stairs to her castle, and anything you could think of. But, one thing Aurora didn't do was abandon her castle.

Everything turned for the worse for Aurora when Bane came from behind the castle and struck her down. He sliced her left arm away, blood spilling over the shiny ice on the ground. Pirates surrounded Aurora, leaving no escape path for her. As a last resort, Aurora summoned a powerful blizzard that froze literally the whole of Nost Gal. This caused Bane, his pirates, Askad and even the settlers of Nost Gal to be completely frozen in ice. Everyone except Aurora turned to ice.

Coincidentally, since Askad was on a glacier, he slid down the glacier and the ice surrounding him shattered, releasing him from the prison. He was the only person other than Aurora to live in the next few years in Nost Gal after that incident. Deciding not to get his hands dirty, Askad rushed to his village, only to see his family and other villagers were frozen as well. Askad wanted to break the ice, but it was way too risky since it might also break the body parts of the villagers. After all, they had already stayed frozen for hours, and their body parts might as well have stuck to the ice already.

That may not have seem like a lost, but to Askad, it was the biggest loss for him. As punishment to himself, he traveled deep into the northern parts of Nost Gal, on a remote island in the east of Nost Gal where blizzards commonly take place in and where darkness looms for most days of the year. But, that made sunny days look much more rewarding and soothing to Askad.

One day, while fishing, a sudden earthquake took place, followed by a loud explosion with blue energy flying through the sky. It was so powerful in fact that it destroyed his cottage. Askad had no time to be worrying about his house though, because he suspects the explosion might have cracked open the frozen people in Nost Gal. He wanted to rush back to his village, but the blizzards were too harsh for him to sail back to the mainland.

When spring came, the sun rose for a few days. The sky didn't look gloomy for once and Askad thought it would be the perfect chance for him to return to his village and see the condition of his family members. He left the unused things in his rebuilt cottage and sailed to mainland. He trekked through steep mountains and slippery grounds to finally reach a deserted village with no one in sight.

Askad was saddened over the fact that his village has been abandoned. It was no use trying to search for them as well since he did not have enough equipment for the journey. He stayed the night in his now abandoned village, returning to his settlement the next day. When he reached the island, he could only see ashes on the ground, with rubble piled up around the vicinity of his cottage.

What he saw devastated him. His cottage, which has been rebuilt by him, is destroyed again. This was the last straw for Askad and he decided to leave that place once and for all. He decided to search for the culprit of this act, and no matter how far or vast the world he has to search, he is determined to find the person to destroyed his cottage. At the same time, he went to Queen's Peak to see the aftermath of the war. Queen Aurora vanished, and Bane's army had retreated long ago.

He also set the goal for himself to kill Bane, the root cause of all of the terrible mishaps that have happened to him. If it were not for that invasion, Aurora wouldn't have to freeze the whole of Nost Gal, and Askad wouldn't have his family and cottage taken away from him.

Reference Images

Post time 2019-7-29 06:41 PM | Show all posts
very balanced passive i must say. he has guaranteed critical on his marked target but cant target same opponent for 35 seconds. he has 4 skill set and 2 dash skill. i must admit it is well balanced and really good fighter hero concept. please submit this thread link to in game customer support as a suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 07:31 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-7-29 06:41 PM
very balanced passive i must say. he has guaranteed critical on his marked target but cant target sa ...

I wasn't really happy about his 3rd skill to be honest. He's this buff man and for some reason he can dash so much times. Plus he's a fighter, not an assassin. Might change it later
Post time 2019-7-29 08:05 PM | Show all posts
Another fighter wew haha, i am gonna guess that you main fighters xD anyway great concept
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 08:11 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-7-29 08:05 PM
Another fighter wew haha, i am gonna guess that you main fighters xD anyway great concept

Actually no, I main mages. I'm just moving away from making mages cuz I've made like 28 too many LOL
Also from all the heroes I made, only 9 are considered tanks, which is the least, even compared to support with 14 of them. I'm just trying to increase that number slowly. After I fix this guy's 3rd skill, the nex hero will be mm :)
Post time 2019-7-29 10:36 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hmm, so if he was to trap chou for instance, would chou's ult cause the cage to crumble as Askad is kicked out of the arena?
 Author| Post time 2019-7-30 08:49 AM | Show all posts
Darkflamecas replied at 2019-7-29 10:36 PM
Hmm, so if he was to trap chou for instance, would chou's ult cause the cage to crumble as Askad is  ...

Yup. It will crumble. So you'll have to be careful when using it.
Post time 2019-7-30 11:22 AM | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-7-29 07:31 PM
I wasn't really happy about his 3rd skill to be honest. He's this buff man and for some reason he  ...

ok but 2 dash skill is cool to be honest. specially for fighter.
 Author| Post time 2019-8-3 02:16 PM | Show all posts
Updated Skill 2 and Skill 3.
Post time 2019-10-30 11:32 AM | Show all posts
Was scanning through the Creative Exchange until I found this. Moonton newest hero, Silvanna, Ultimate skill is exactly like Askad Ultimate. Did you request this hero to Moonton for inspiration? Or has Moonton directly read your character suggestion off the forum?

Anyhow. It's good to see Moonton implementing our tedious work. Even if its just a skill reference and not the hero itself
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