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[Share] Improve your game and go from GM to Mythic

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I was a steady grandmaster, so sad. I just wanted to be epic like my friend. I only used rafaella vexana or alice. We usually had one or two more mages. I never went back to master but I just couldnt get to epic, so frustrating. My friend showed me his emblems, all level 60! And  he could be a mage, marksman, support or balmond.
I stopped buying and trying new heroes and put all my battle points to my mage emblem. I only played Alice. I got stucked in epic until my friend asked me to learn jhonson so we didnt have to fight against a jhonson, his worst nigthmare. I learned Jhonson in 200-300 classic and rank matches and we did our Jhonson eudora combo or Jhonson aurora. I kept playing rank without him and got to legend before he did. He was shocked and jealous because he started playing 2 years before me and he has spent so much money on the game. I had been playing only for 6 months and never spent any money on the game.
I wanted to be mythic but there was something missing: the most important secret to improve your game.
I started to rewatch the games I lost. I started to understand why we lost. Their Franco helped their Gusion get the jungle and the buff, they hid together mid and waited for our mm, who was alone from the begining. They split up after that first kill, killed our mm again, then someone else bottom, got more experience and money with the turtle and that was it. Our team freaked out with 3 deaths and a turtle. Gusion kept killing people, the enemy destroyed our towers and we lost before 10 min.
I then rewatched the game only as Gusion, he was awesome.
I rewatched most of my lost games, I learned a lot. I saw where they were hiding when i passed next to the tower and try to pass thru there in my next games. I got many kills in the jungle. I learned the time for jungle, for push, for defend, for gank. I used some rides only to take them to the buff. Other rides they jumped out to clear minions and I rode alone to help north, got a kill and a double kill. We got north tower and we won.
Rewatching my games as the best player of the enemy team helped me get to mythic.
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I love how you managed to get into Mythic and at the same time the things you did were some of the actual essential things you need ingame. Good job for rewatching the replays! that's a wise decision, like what everyone says, you have to learn from your mistakes and at the same time watch videos that can help you. Mobile Legends is a 5v5 game, and you're not a tank/support or any role for just no reason, in order to win, you have to work as a team and of course have a strategy. Just like that Gusion and Franco, one of the first objectives of the game is to actually get Lv4 as early as possible as this will give you the advantage. Same goes with getting the objectives such as Towers, Crabs, and Turtles. Good luck in your journey and thanks for sharing your story! c:
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Great experience and thank you for sharing. It sure give some hope to some people who's keep thinking about stop playing ML.
Post time 2019-7-29 10:44 AM | Show all posts
many player i think 90% of us don't watch our lost video or check it.
to be honest i don't do either. but recently we are playing tournament and we watch each and every one of our match. and to be honest you are completely right. rewatching your lost game will teach you more than watching someone's live. you will learn about your mistakes and many more.
Post time 2019-7-29 11:11 AM | Show all posts
The most important part of winning a game is the rotation, you can try a 3 man rotation and gank the marksman and focus on objectives (Turtle,Crab and Turrets)
Post time 2019-7-29 12:26 PM | Show all posts
Rotation is crucial for ranks Legend and above. I must say, rewatching old videos of your gameplays truly will help you out a lot to figure out mistakes and correct them. For me, key to victory is being able to keep up with the current meta. Not only you'd have a slight advantage with your hero pick but you'll also notice how team compositions really affects your gameplay.

I'm a player who's always in the Mythic area and things has been repetitive unless I get to be matched up with trios or even a squad. Rotation and hero picking/counters is very crucial in this stage. Though, I agree that you should always improve your game and the way you play.
Post time 2019-7-29 02:07 PM | Show all posts
Great advice. Watching past gameplays of yourself and realising your mistakes is essential to being a good player. As a low tier Mythic, i confess I don't watch my replays, simply because I play with my friends in rank a lot and rarely lose rank. Ofc, it's time consuming to wait for them to go online.
The one time I actually watched my replay and analyzed the battlefield is from a classic match my friends and I played against the top 1 Laos Harith and top 2 Laos Lapu-Lapu. We won, but it was a close call. The moment we made a mistake, they took every bit of advantage they had and turned the tides around. That caused my team to almost lose against them, but we pushed hard and won anyway. I was proud of that game to say the least. I rewatched them at first to see the incredible outplays they made, then I analysed how they turned the battlefield almost to their favor. I learned a lot from that experience.
Post time 2019-7-29 02:50 PM | Show all posts
while i smurfed, i noticed gms struggle really badly vs fanny. other heroes can carry but fanny can almost do it 1 handed xD
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Nice story and thanks for sharing. And I just wanna add, the epic comeback. It is real. It happens to me many many times. When we're on losing position, we try to play defensive as much as we can. We play safe and very very careful and waiting for enemies make a mistake. A simple mistake could change everything.

For example, we prepared for warfight at our base. Nobody, our team and enemy, wanted to initiate. But suddenly, enemy Martis initiated the war and enemy Minotaur joined in but failed to lock us. Lucky us, only one died and we managed to kill 4 enemies and thus making one enemy left retreat. Also we lucky lord has respawn and we have him on our side and we finally won.

Another example, also in losing position, we prepared for war, we have Layla as mm. Nobody wanted to initiate war but suddenly, Layla got stunned by Selena, Selena attacked Layla and followed by war, but thanks to Akai who use his ult to protect Layla from Selena. We won the war and managed to wipe enemies out. We went straight to mid without lord and finally won. Selena was actually MVP, but that simple mistake she made was very critical and lead to their lost.
Post time 2019-7-30 08:37 AM | Show all posts

Tbh the best "hack" to help you win easily when you're either super noob/new/bad at MOBA is to one trick a hero or a role, invest all your BPs into magic dust chests and focus on upgrading your main role's emblem.

You could be Epic at account level 20 or so but your emblems can be lvl 50++.

As for one tricking a hero or role, the reason why I discourage MOBA newbies from being an all rounder is because of the fact that you have yet to grasp the basic or gist of MOBA. Like Bruce Lee once said, I fear a man who has kicked the same kick 10,000 rather than a man who could kick 10,000 different kicks but only kick each of them once. I can share my testimony that this quote right here cannot be more true than itself. Because I was super new and bad at MOBA (I fed to bots in PC MOBA), I knew that in order to be any where near decency, I had to focus and allocate all my time to learn and master a role/hero at a time. I cannot afford to bite more than I can chew. Fast forward to today, I'm successfully a MM main and now a Selena main. All I can say is, being an all rounder comes naturally after ample experiences because you also picked up attainment and proficiency in other heroes simply by fighting against them as well as your enemy. You would naturally be able to pick up another hero easily because you had already seen how this hero should be played like when you fought against them.

Also, I commend your courage to rewatch losing matches; because this is seriously easier said than done especially if you're a type of person that blames themselves a lot for throwing the game. It's seriously damaging to our dignity and pride when we force ourselves to rewatch those replays because we have to relive those bad moments again and again and seeing ourselves fail again and again. But immediately after watching these replays, our mindset and thoughts would be better organised as it would be ingrained in our minds to not make the same mistake again since they are painful experiences, and also that you would be able to copy and pick up enemies' strategies and better improve your match sense (such as map awareness). I've reached the point where I know 85% of the time which bush at which moment of the game the enemies will hide at, to the point that I got called out for being a map hacker. I'm at the point where I no longer need ward visions of Selena to know exactly where my enemies would be at, thus I save up a lot of mana and time because I don't need to place traps around as much.

All in all, MOBA is a psychologically heavy game, much more than other genres like FPS or Battle Royale. It's basically the modern version of chess but in real time. Being able to guess what your opponents are thinking would ensure a swift and decisive victory, while guarding deductions that your opponents try to make against you. MOBA is one of the best examples of utilising the Art of War.

Victory loves Preparation
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