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[Hero Balance] Changes needed to make argus viable in this current meta

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Edited by talcime at 2019-7-29 08:27 AM

Kk. Argus got revamped but it felt like more of a quality of life buff for argus players. Argus still missing something. What I’m suggesting is a buff that will make argus a viable pick. Ok lemme elaborate.

PASSIVE: everything is the same except argus gains extra attack range like alucards passive and teleports towards selected target and slows target movement speed by 40% (max level 60%) and the effects last up to 3 seconds.

1ST SKILL: remains the same except he doesn’t have to hit a target to use the second phase

2ND SKILL: when casting argus calls upon his angels wings to be immune to cc, and able to move around while casting it. Everything after casting it remains the same. He still gets bonus movement speed and deals dmg to enemy. ~side note- wings will disappear after casting it. When in ulti casting it will Have cool skill affects to show he’s immune

ULTIMATE SKILL: becomes immortal for 5s. Gains 10% movements speed. Removes all debuffs upon casting and reduces time controlled 25%. Recharges passive.~~~when fully upgraded his movement speed increases to 30%. And his reduced  time controlled is 75%.

Now let’s talk about cooldowns. First skill cool down remains the same. Second skill cool down remains the same. Ultimate cooldown remains the same late game but early game I think it should be shorten a bit to be 60 seconds. His stats remain the same. But alittle bit more attack speed growth, hp growth and dmg growth and defense growth

If y’all like this and want this to be a reality please link this forum post to everyone

Post time 2019-7-29 01:36 PM | Show all posts
Argus Epic Skin is coming soon (Cataclysm).
Believe me Moonton gonna buff him before that.
Maybe reducing his ulti cd by 5 sec at all level should be great.


I think his argus epic skin will possible come out September or October. Because it’s in lucky box each lucky box event take up a month. So far Ik that balmond and argus epic skin upcoming event  Post time 2019-7-30 07:11 PM
According to leaks. Argus epic skin is time limited. Uranus is getting August's time limited skin. So I believe Lance is getting the next buyable epic skin. RIP Argus buff anytime soon.  Post time 2019-7-30 04:20 AM
Post time 2019-7-29 08:34 AM | Show all posts
if argus teleport just like alucard than whats the point. two hero cant have same type of skill. teleport is alucard unique passive.
i appreciate your suggestion and i totally agree with it.
my personal opinion is decrease cd of his Ultimate and give him 100% cc immunity on his ultimate. we will be recording this suggestion. thanks for your valuable feedback.
Post time 2019-7-29 07:52 AM | Show all posts
ok so the first thing ima say is immunity to cc is op and no hero should ever get that bc look at chou ezly dodges kaja's or akai's ult and tbh hes pretty op not lying. imagine giving argus cc immunity (meaning the dude is going to hv no counters except maybe franco/kaja) and stack that w his claws and extra spd from skill 2. the man is gonna be so fast and practically unkillable with his ult. i still think my idea is the best. base stats increase r the thing im mainly going for bc hes weak without ult or any skills when theyr on cd. early game for a fighter he cant rly do much maybe poke a lil. so yea i think that base stat increase is def a good thing

for ur s1 idea, i think thats a bit much tho. aiming's everything so  that should play a part in his difficulty...if he can still use phase 2 when not hitting an enemy thatd prob give him too much mobility and he can gank too well. if he misses his 1 and is still able to dash i honestly think thats too mobile not gon lie

skill 2 i feel like following enemies around is a pain and they tend to try and dash thru walls and obsatcles to avoid attacks and other stuff. i suggested a movement spd + atk spd boost for every enemy/jungle monster it hits which i think its good enough bc he can still chase without hving to following directly behind the enemies (that bloodtrail is a self trap i swear). anyway like i said any cc immunity is kinda op. i like how u incoorporated that sorta use-while-moving mechanism (tho idk howd the animation look prob rly guufy af). also the cd for this should be reduced a bit bc itll help him farm faster if he can use it more often and itll also help him deal more dmg from time to time

and for the ult i honestly got np w movemnet spd but the slows r the real issue. 10% isnt gona do anything if ur slowed or stunned. but i like how u added the whole increased resilience when upgraded. nothing else but i feel that the extra movement spd bonus isnt gonna do much even w 30%. so yea id rather u replace this w slow immunity. honestly the reason i love sprint is only bc of the slow immunity (extra spd is nice and all but nothing without the resistance) so then i can chase enemies easier. another reason it was good was bc i wasnt rly on point w hitting my skills so i relied on hit a lot to chase enemies when i miss. back to the topic i think extra movement spd from ult isnt gonna do anything helpful thats all
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 08:16 AM | Show all posts
FALTERWANG replied at 2019-7-29 07:52 AM
ok so the first thing ima say is immunity to cc is op and no hero should ever get that bc look at ch ...

Glad to see you agree with some of my suggestions. I think making argus first skill like Guinevere would be a great addition. It’s like a extra way to get closer to enemy to use passive to get even closer to slow enemy and to cast 2nd skill.
And also the second skill idea is great because casting it is almost like a stun in it of itself. And getting stunned while casting it cancels it and u have to cast it again and have to go through the struggle all over again. Getting immunity for casting the skill would be great because u will be able to cast it without the worry of getting canceled. And die because u can’t walk on the trail to reach enemy fast enough to kill them. And the extra movement speed on ulti. Is like argus get out of jail free card. If he messes up he can ulti to run away or get closer to enemy to use passive again. I hope you can see the greatness of this suggestion. I hope the devs agree with my suggestions as well.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 08:17 AM | Show all posts
FALTERWANG replied at 2019-7-29 07:52 AM
ok so the first thing ima say is immunity to cc is op and no hero should ever get that bc look at ch ...

I like your ideas to. I hope devs could gather these suggestions and make them a reality
Post time 2019-7-29 08:48 AM | Show all posts
nice suggestions!! Im not sure, we would need to try it!! Have him op one season and then nerfed the next season; just like bane now, he is op in brawl and great in classic. I love the idea of buff for old heros.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 10:34 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-7-29 08:34 AM
if argus teleport just like alucard than whats the point. two hero cant have same type of skill. tel ...

My thought process when I thought of changing the passive to that well because Guinevere and lapu lapu sort of have the same thing as alucard, and basicly argus has it as well it’s just the range of it should be slightly bigger. I hope that can clear up what I am trying to say lol. Any buff is better than 0 buff you get what I’m saying lol
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 10:36 AM | Show all posts
HoaHoa replied at 2019-7-29 08:48 AM
nice suggestions!! Im not sure, we would need to try it!! Have him op one season and then nerfed the ...

Something like that but still keep him in meta sorta like Chou. And tweak things from him
Post time 2019-7-29 01:58 PM | Show all posts
Argus' main attraction is the fact that his ultimate has complete immortality for 5s. Back in S1, Zilong (used to be Yun Zhao) had a similar passive to your suggestion. Upon casting his ultimate, he gains movement speed, attack speed AND COMPLETE CC IMMUNITY. It was so OP they had to nerf him so hard that he became a starter hero. Now, hs ultimate is only immune to slows. Something like resilience would work on Argus, but I doubt Mobile Legends wants a hero to be such a jack-in-the-box type.
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