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Author: froxtrelz
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[Share] Hero Difficulty Tier List

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Post time 2019-7-28 10:00 PM | Show all posts
Well the list is not really accurate, but some of them are.
Post time 2019-7-28 10:17 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Where is sun is he even low tier than beginner imao
Post time 2019-7-29 02:04 AM | Show all posts
Some of the heroes doesn't deserved to be in the beginners tier. To start with, the skillsets they have needs proper understanding especially their passive etc, or somehow needs critical-thinking as well when using.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 06:56 AM | Show all posts
Oh yea forgot to include sun,btw sun have 42 difficulty score..
Post time 2019-7-29 08:03 AM | Show all posts
Franco easily deserves to be in advanced, imho.
Post time 2019-7-29 08:56 AM | Show all posts
Well, Jhonson is hard, but not that hard. After couple of hundred games you are ready to go. Alice isnt hard, she has defense and attack. Ruby is pretty easy, the only hard thing is the ultimate flicker combo. Mino is hard, u cant know how many seconds to your ultimate! so annoying. is it 5? is it ready? oh no! 10 seconds!.
Post time 2019-7-29 04:38 PM | Show all posts

Idk I kinda feel that it's not accurate.

How is Ruby, Gatot, Alpha, Gusion, Kimmy, Harith, Claude, Chang'e, Pharsa, Karrie even placed in advanced lvl? They should be considered upper intermediate and not advanced. Advanced would be Moskov, Hanzo, Kagura, Hayabusa, Selena, Chou etc.

And also why the favouritism surrounding Fanny? Fanny's not that hard to players who love one tricking a hero smh. Kagura, Hayabusa and Selena literally are harder than Fanny by a whole bit considering that these three has multiple mechanisms that are required to be separately mastered, while Fanny only has one which is cabling. I know cablings have different types as well but it's still basically aiming your cables which counts as one mechanism. Kagura, Hayabusa, Selena has a lot of combo varieties, so much so that there can be endless possibility in combos because it's up to the users' discretion to execute specific combos in specific situations. Plus when we one trickers pick these three heroes up, we need to identify segment by segment in regards to their mechanisms so that we can train each of them, one by one.

E.g. Selena has two forms, so basically there's 3 segments to master: Elven Form's Trap and Stun aiming + manipulation, Abyss Form Garrote and Soul Eater + manipulation, and lastly combining these two forms + making yourself faster and faster at executing the combos.

Took me a total of 1,400++ matches' combat experience to get to where I am today. That's an idea about how hard Selena can actually be to master fully. Until today, I'm still learning and discovering new combos.

Thus, I can imagine how the sky is limitless with Hayabusa and Kagura given that they are sandbox like Selena.


totally agree  Post time 2019-8-9 07:20 AM
Post time 2019-7-31 01:00 PM | Show all posts
Umm Clint for Beginner? I don't think so, you can't play him like Layla or Miya. You need to understand his passive to maximize his potential.
Post time 2019-7-31 01:11 PM | Show all posts
I don't really care about that hero tier list. I'm not saying that I'm pro. But mostly heroes from the list, I able to play em in average level. But for difficulties in this case depend on "My Mood". Sometimes I can play heroes for some people are difficult, but for me are super easy, even I can wreck the enemy easily, and sometimes also I can be super nub.


Trust me you're not alone XD  Post time 2019-8-1 09:05 AM
Post time 2019-7-31 01:34 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by maistral at 2019-7-31 01:36 PM
hudaa replied at 2019-7-28 03:01 PM
in my experience, I would put Esme in Advance, Gatot in beginner, Chang'e, Ruby, and Harith in inter ...

Lol Pharsa in beginner? Auto aim tard. Good luck trying to hit something in high elo.

And lol, Esmeralda in advanced? Now I am definitely sure you don't know what difficulty even means.
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