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[Hero Concept] [Tank/Fighter]Groaga, The Tormented

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Role: Tank/Fighter
Name: Groaga
Intro Appearance: Nothing happens for a while. Then the tiles of the hero selection floor cracks and magma spouts from it. Four hands begans the claw their way out. Roars of anger and pain can be heard. When the creature finally climbs out the entire hero selection screen is on fire and desolate looking. And the creature stands up and roars even louder.

Skin Ideas:
The Tormented
Dammed Abomination
Last of ancients: The Flame


While Grock had slept, the ancients were hunted by the world.
Upon the death of the ancient beings, [my own lore stuff] their remaining numbers had been weaken severly. Reduced to their pure forms, mainly of elemental powers, those that remain enjoyed their lives in peace. However the humans who were once enslaved by the ancient beings were now free and angry. Without anyone stopping them from learning, they harness and experimented with tools of power and soon  developed magic from what they discovered.
Some ancients had even left these items out for humans to scavenge as a tribute for peace but the humans never realized it, thinking that it was just their dumb luck to stumble upon them. The ancients were never prepared for the first of the human mages that emerged.
One by one, the ancients were imprisoned with binding magic that the humans had conjured. Some fought, others tried to retreat and negotiate with the humans but the thirst for revenge was too strong within them.
The ancients were all killed and imprisoned with their own magic. Fire against fire, shadow against shadow. Wards that make them suffer and wilt away. Grock survived this while asleep as the person who found him, saw the gentleness within the giant and hid him as best as he could, casting a spell that increased the duration of his slumber and created a landscape over him.
Throughout the years the gentle giants crumbled and died, while the rest were tortured by their prison and they gathered up their hate for the humans.
By the time the Moniyan empire and the Abyss waged their war, less than a hundred of the once tens of thousands of ancients were left, cruelity dominated their minds, hatred fueled their powers and they had completely transformed into horrendous disfigured creatures.
Then Dekka Demora reawakened.[A another lore of mine/hero concept]
His 'shrine' created a burst of power throughout the earth, shattering the remnants of all old magic and its effects.
Groaga was the first to leave his cell, incinerating the towns and farms around him with his mere presence.
The years of the gentle ancient's torment were over.
First that comes is the Fires of Chaos.
Soon others will follow.
They shall roam the earth again.

Some rough stats at level 1:
Hp: 3890
Movement speed: 260 [Locked]
Physical attack: 195
Attack speed: 1.02
Magic defense: 30
Physical defense: 30

Passive Ability:Presence of the Scorch
There is a somewhat large field around Groaga that is constantly burning. Dealing 10(+60%Magic Defenses)Points of physical damage every second.
Staying within the field for 5s would begin "Meltdown", slowing stripping away the enemy's armour up to a max of 30% over the course of 5s.
The effect dissapers if away from the field for 3s.
While dealing basic attacks, the fire concentrates as a small magma AOE attack on the target that slows them by 5%, stacks 3 times. Building attack speed would make the armour stripping effect act faster and longer while building damage increases the area size.
There is a heat bar [2000] that increases when skills are used. At max bar Groaga's skills activate faster and further. Though he cools down when skills aren't used [5/s].
DEFECT: Movement speed does not increase even with battle spells, only with skills. When movement speed increases through items or battle spells it is converted completely into cc reduction.

(Basic attacks are easier to clear minions due to the AOE and "Meltdown" stripes away enemy armour.)
Extra notes:All "Corrupted ancients" would have defects to their skill sets. Groaga would be unable to run or enter teamfights easily due to this defect.


Skill 1: Molten Chains [CC]
Heat Generated: 30units per use CD:10s
Groaga smashes onto the ground. Chains shoots out from the area onto nearby enemies and holds them there, dealing 80(+20%Armour)Physical Damage. Upon reaching the end of the chain, enemies would be tug back slightly and the chain would snap. Dealing 50(+60%Physical Power)Physical Damage and slowing them by 50% for 3s.

Defects: If no enemies are chained Groaga is slowed by 5% for 3s
(A simple cc skill with moderate damage.)
Extra notes: When casting Groaga stops momentarily, delaying the skill cast Also its annoying if you miss a chain and the slow appears.


Skill 2: Raging Fires [Buff,Burst]
Heat Generated: 100units per use CD:5s
Groaga's passive field extends by 10% and his movement speed increases by 20%. For the next 5s, he leaves a trail of magma that deals 60(+80% Physical Power)Physical damage every 2s. Once 5s passed the skill can be used again immediately. If its used within 7s of the initial usage[counting the 5s], Groaga gains 150units of heat and repeats the previous effects [Movement speed+ another 5%] though the magma would be in a wider area and coat his body, dealing damage to his attackers. The CD increases to 10s.
The 3rd cast within the span of 10s [counting the 7s] would generate 200units of heat and cause him to explode repeatedly every 2s for 8s. Dealing 90(+100%Armour)Physical Damage per explosion.
The CD increases to 15s.[Movement speed+ another 5%]

Each skill use increases the skill CD. When the skill's 3rd effect triggers, each explosion removes 10% of his armour for 5s.

(A movement speed increasing skill with various effects per cast.)
Extra notes:A significant amount of armour is lost temporarily after the 3rd state,  making you vulnurable to marksmans.


Ult skill:TITAN OF FLAMES [Flicker,CC]

After locking onto an enemy, Groaga burrows into the ground and charges towards the enemy. Upon reaching them he knocks them up from the ground dealing 100(+80% Physical Power)Physical Damage on the target and forming a large circular wall/barrier around them. For the next 5s Groaga loses 30% of his defenses but moves 25% faster. His body lobs 5 fireballs at all enemies within range, [1 per 2s] with each fireball dealing 80(+50% Magic Defenses)Physical Damage for the next 15s.
The walls crumble after 3s.

(A painful Damaging skill that ccs enemies and creates a huge wall.)

Extra notes: the wall may block your teammates from entering/exiting. Also the skill can't be cancelled while travelling and Groaga loses his defenses.


Death :

Authors notes:
Just thought of something to spin off from my few concepts and linking them together xD. This is going to connect the "Dekka Demora" squad and "Infested group" squad that i had made so far. Maybe I'll even try to link the "Xtimeline" squad too lol.

Post time 2019-7-25 01:12 AM | Show all posts
I like the beast form concept hero.
The passive is really interesting. In order to increase the overall damage output, this hero needs to equip magic resistance item. So more magic resistance item, more damage from his passive. Which is cool btw.
The skill 1 and skill 2 are useful. And ultimate is good for cc and damage.
Please submit this thread link to in game customer support as a suggestion.
Post time 2019-7-25 03:49 AM | Show all posts
Wow! This is very specific and well organised. Kuddos to you
Post time 2019-7-25 04:22 AM | Show all posts
I really am a fan of this hero...he seems like a complete tank so i have nothing to complain about
Post time 2019-7-25 06:00 AM | Show all posts
A trade of movement speed for damage. Interesting concept. When lobbing fireballs, is it the same as Cyclops' S2 where he can independently move or is he stuck there like Pharsa?
 Author| Post time 2019-7-25 06:02 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-7-25 01:12 AM
I like the beast form concept hero.
The passive is really interesting. In order to increase the ove ...

Will do thx xD
 Author| Post time 2019-7-25 06:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-7-25 04:22 AM
I really am a fan of this hero...he seems like a complete tank so i have nothing to complain about

Thanks for da compliment!
Yeah, besides the damage I tried to construct him to be more of a tank than a fighter. We need more tanks and supports lol
 Author| Post time 2019-7-25 06:05 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
aminelach replied at 2019-7-25 03:49 AM
Wow! This is very specific and well organised. Kuddos to you

Thank you! XD
I had to experiment with a few concept writing styles before this. Nice to see that it's OK then
 Author| Post time 2019-7-25 06:07 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-7-25 06:00 AM
A trade of movement speed for damage. Interesting concept. When lobbing fireballs, is it the same as ...

Yep, he can still move while firing. The fireballs are automatic and AOE like [they target enemies if within area] Basically his body glows for 2s and he throws the fireball towards them while moving.
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