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[Share] do you use mic when playing? why or why not?

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Why people hate talking(group calls) when playing?

Question:Do you use mic when playing? Why yes or why not?

Im alwaystrying to make calls on the game or using a different app like LINE WHATSAPP(to reduce possible lagging). I always always do this with my 2 friends and weusually win.

BUTstrangers don’t want to to this. I understand its weird to talk to someone you don’tknow, but who cares! I mean, if it makes you win, why not?

Thisweekend my and my friend had a great game with a fighter, we invited him foranother rank, he accepted, we won again. I asked for his number, I called him,he joined the group call and we won 5/5 ranks that night. Guess what, next dayhe doesn’t join my invites for game, doesn’t text me or message me on the game…Me and my friend won more stars than we lost that day, but our dear strangerlost a lot, he went back to epic (he was legend the previous day).

Ive beentrying to find more players in Japan willing to join group calls while playingbut its too hard. Most of my friends don’t accept my invites for rank, so I endup ereasing them and try to find new ones.

Its easierto win while talking, its more fun, and there are so many options to do it. Whydon’t people want to?

And howabout playing with those strangers from your friend list, why do they wannahave a million friends but not join the rank? If you are friends its becauseyou had a couple of good matches right?

My statsare great, so I know its not because of that:

5000 games, 1500 games as Jhonson 52% win rate, top 10 Japan

Post time 2019-7-22 09:30 AM | Show all posts
Edited by CloudDevelic at 2019-7-22 09:32 AM


Well, tbh... I actually dislike Voice Chat (VC) a whole lot... But for a good reason; I honestly feel that VC can make oneself complacent and cultivate the over-dependence on VC in order to win. I'm actually ticked off by the fact that back then when I tried to find people to rank with, 80% of them asked if I do VC.

Why do I say this? It's because I feel that firstly, before one actually does consider using VC, we should be sure that our skills like map awareness, teamworking skills, rotation skills, switching in and out of battle etc are already adept/decent. There's no excuse for using VC to spoonfeed the above mentioned skills to us because VC should be used to further sync and communicate key information such as "xxx hero is building abc item, please counter build", "xxx hero is the biggest threat to us, please buy armor/mage res immediately", "I suspect enemy is dragging the match, please end game asap".  But instead, I saw that literally none of these people actually communicate such stuff over VC, but mediocre or stuff that all of us should already know about.

This is why my squad is one of the unique squad out there who deliberately refuses to use VC unless going for MCL/tourney. All of us agreed that building natural team synergy and telepathy skills are much more better than overly relying on VC to do these things for us. The result? All of us can handle on our own, know what each of us is thinking, able to coordinate objectives without even needing to speak a word, make good decisions individually during high stress situations, able to sync up our combos' timings, able to switch in and out smoothly; and last but not least, able to perform optimally and as per normal despite our VC being buggy during our first ever attempt at VC in all three MCL matches just a few days ago.

Thus, this is my argument as to why I feel that VC shouldn't be a necessity all the time. I mean, VC is good communication tool that's for sure, but we shouldn't take VC for granted and instead make us handicapped, when we all could be achieving near-perfection without VC.

VC is just the icing on the cake. But we need to bake the main cake base well first.

Just my opinion. Don't mind me though.
Post time 2019-7-22 10:14 AM | Show all posts
I rarely used VC.

I just don't like it.. I prefer play with intuition.. You know what I mean.. Playing without talking.. If people want to play with me, they should initialize strategy and tactic without any command, they should know each other role specialization, and know what capable they do next. I like to play with that player.. Brain-used player.

And also due to delay sounds and sometime language barrier and TROLL.. That's why I don't like to use VC.
Post time 2019-7-22 10:24 AM | Show all posts
I like voice chat. But yeah it's kinda weird to talk to strangers although sometimes I use it. And btw, why not Discord? It's easier to use instead of a conference call. You just need to create a group, and then activate the voice feature. I use it when playing with my friends though now I rarely play with them because they move on to other games.
Post time 2019-7-22 10:54 AM | Show all posts
2 reason.
1. its not so comfortable to talk to strangers even in game.
2. language boundaries. some people can't talk English, some can but lack of confidence, and some just don't.
this language barrier can be overcome with in game ping and experience but still not enough. we have translate system in hame which come handy in some situation but still not good enough. its not mlbb's fault btw. but mlbb always thinking of better way of communication between players in game.
Post time 2019-7-22 10:55 AM | Show all posts
i was using voice call on discord.. but i usually distracted because my squad just talks about random things.. thats why im not doing it anymore.. hahaha xD
Post time 2019-7-22 10:58 AM | Show all posts
It was even optimized for everyone not to lag when using it. One of the many reasons why players don't use it because it causes significant ping problems because Mobile Legends is a 5v5 game which really requires a good connection because every movement is live. However, there's more underlying reasons, one could be because players are not used to vc or just don't want because they're not comfortable with their voices or speaking while playing.
Post time 2019-7-22 11:38 AM | Show all posts
titan666 replied at 2019-7-22 10:14 AM
I rarely used VC.

I just don't like it.. I prefer play with intuition.. You know what I mean.. Play ...

You just same as me....
Post time 2019-7-22 02:45 PM | Show all posts
I don't use voice chat since I don't speak their languages and neither do they speak mine.
Post time 2019-7-22 03:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I just used Discord, my phone is stuck on headphone mode and whenever i turned on mic in game like PUBG or Mobile Legends, all the sound will come out of the speaker.
But Discord is working fine with headphones. So naturally i used Discord.
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