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[Share] How I win 2/3 matches in rank

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How I win 2/3 matches in rank

I play with2 friends. Im always Jhonson or Minotaur, Zig is any marksman, and Joey ismage. We start epic, end up Mythic or Legend.

We rarelyget fighters, its usually an Angela (which none of us can use), anothermarksman or mage. The 3 of us go mid, get our buff, then we split up, go forcrab and HELP wherever its needed. Thanks to our group call, we always knowwhen to push, help or retreat. As Jhonson I give them rides to wherever itsneeded, they jump out to clear the wave and I crash somewhere else to clearwaves (its hard to get a multi kill crash).

Soon wehave a couple of towers and at least one more item than the enemy. We push justa little, get towers eventually and that’s game.

When welose its because the other 2 solo players are terrible, get first killed, weneed to go save their lane, lose ours…

Im prettysure when those 2 are playing together, we face a whole squad or a better 3-2team.

That’s myadvice for everyone: DO NOT play 5, you might fight against a squad of 5 whoare talking while playing. Its better to play with one friend, maximum 2. Ifyou are only 2, but you know each other and play your heros well, u will belikely to win.

Im anexperienced Jhonson (1500 games jhonson, 5000 in total), but when I solo rankas Jhonson I lose more than 50% of the time. Now I don’t play rank soloanymore,  I rather wait for my friends.

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Good advice. I've been playing with my squadmates who are real life friends a lot this season, and pushed to Legend I in four days after not playing for about 3 weeks. Currently practising Esmeralda, but she always gets banned so I have to adjust to another hero. We usually go for 3 man teams or full squad. It's not that hard with 5 man since we can also communicate, but we usually don't voice call and we still win most of the matches. We just have to be lucky with the ban-pick phase and laning phase. After getting an early advantage, the game is set as long as no mistakes are made.
Post time 2019-7-22 09:50 AM | Show all posts
@HoaHoa Yup. That's a good advice.

Generally if ever you wanna 5 man party, you must make sure that all 5 of you knows each other's playstyle and also able to form a good synergy. Because, most likely, 5 man queues are filled with squads who already know each other well.

Trio generally is easier to win, provided that you employ 2 lane domination tactics (2 mid 1 top/bot), duo is slightly harder but still easy, while solo q can be hard but also easy if you pick split pushers like Claude/Hayabusa or good offlaners like damage build Chou.

Also, 5 man, trio and duo meta picks and bans are all different. For example: Lunox is broken op in solo q/trio/duo but loses effectiveness when it comes to 5 man, Kaja is broken op in 5 man but loses effectiveness in solo q/duo, Damage Chou is insanely broken op in solo q but performs average in 5 man.
Post time 2019-7-22 03:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I don't know, but playing trio most of the time made me lost.
either because of the enemies are just too godly for us, or the 2 teammate are just clinically insane.

But sometimes in trio i got 2 good teammate and sometimes me, my friends, and the 2 player just go make a 5 man party, and usually it works well.

2 of the solo players I've found are now always go on ranked together, and now they also have reached Mythic.
Post time 2019-7-22 06:08 PM | Show all posts
My tip is just fill...let your teammates pick whatever they like since they will most likely pick what they are comfortable on
Post time 2019-7-23 03:16 AM | Show all posts
Its only good when you play in squads. Solo queue players don't have that kind of co ordination. But anyway good advice for the players who play in squads and have trouble winning the game.
Post time 2019-7-23 07:33 AM | Show all posts
I do agree. Only play 5 with squad or those with whom you are playing for long time.
Normally i do trio or duo most of the time. And it is better than 5 man team.
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