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[Query] About MLBB's Spin-Off Title

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Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2019-7-22 01:28 PM

Hello and what's up MLBBers? It's been a while that I haven't post a thread other than the Advanced Server Patch Notes due to the fact that I had been very busy since I had expanded my game coverage into PC and other Android games as well as doing my college assignments, which rendering me having little time to concerntrate in MLBB.

As the title suggests, I believe everyone knows that MLBB had spawned a spin-off title which is called Mobile Legends: Adventures, right?

According to the advertisements itself, it is an Idle RPG like the most trending ones of the said genre and it's still yet to be released (at least) in my country. Though one thing that MLA set themselves apart from them is MLA's ad, despite its cheesiness (at least for an ad of the game I got), it does actually advertises the gameplay itself as opposed to other games of the same genre.

So can anybody write a review about this new game made by Moonton? Thank you!

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well it would depend...if you are a fan of its genre and like ML at the same time than it should be a great game honestly
Post time 2019-7-20 06:25 PM | Show all posts
There is already a Fan made subreddit & Discord server for it .. Lots of guides too there
Post time 2019-7-20 09:57 PM | Show all posts
Mobile Legends is putting in a lot of money towards the game. Instagram, Youtube, and Youtube are flooded with ads of the game.. It's not as complex as Mobile Legends per say, but the heroes and skills are the same I believe.
Post time 2019-7-20 10:35 PM | Show all posts
this is entirely different genre game.
kinda like magic rush or idle heroes type.
good for killing time. most of the things are in auto mode.
i do like the character design, Ultimate and overall ui.
Post time 2019-7-21 05:21 AM | Show all posts
There's also auto battler (aka auto chess) released by moonton, which in my opinion is not worth it. They should focus on their moba instead of going after trends.


They went for survival mode when Battle Royales were popular. It didn't really take off and the hype of the genre died down pretty quickly as well. I'm not hoping much for Magic Chess.  Post time 2019-7-21 10:20 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-7-21 11:59 PM | Show all posts
Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2019-7-22 12:04 AM
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-7-20 05:51 PM
well it would depend...if you are a fan of its genre and like ML at the same time than it should be  ...

@IZxCOLD Well, tbh I like MLBB but I'm more interested in traditional RPGs such as the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series than Idle RPGs.

@LynkByte there any links to the MLA Subreddit and Discord?

@aminelach But at least the MLA ads do advertise the gameplay despite its cheesiness, unlike some other Idle RPGs. And yes, it is just ML heroes with different kind of gameplay.

@BD007 Same here, but tbh I'm not a big fan of Idle RPGs, even though I found out that MLA had a great character design overall.

@OjciecPijus Yes, I saw the MLBB version of Auto Chess (Magic Chess: Bang Bang) at Google Play but I don't think the game is fun though. And tbh they shouldn't follow the trends since it will die down pretty quickly like what @Halbikx said.

@Halbikx Speaking of MLBB's Survival Mode, the mode was already dead since it had been made permanent by the devs. Most probably due to the players being more interested in actual Survival Battle Royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite than the game's Survival Mode (well, I play Fortnite whenever I'm not playing MLBB during my free time). And I personally think that Magic Chess might die down pretty quickly too.


Yes . Me and my friends run it. Welcome Link for discord in that reddit too.  Post time 2019-7-22 03:43 PM
Post time 2019-7-22 12:17 PM | Show all posts
TheEpicJobber replied at 2019-7-21 11:59 PM
@IZxCOLD Well, tbh I like MLBB but I'm more interested in traditional RPGs such as the Final Fantas ...

I think, MLBB's Survival mode was dead since they put rank system on it. At first, I like it, I play maybe once or twice a day. And then the rank system introduced, people were hype about it. Even me, I never touch Brawl since then (Brawl was my favourite mode). And then I reach the max rank, I also maxed the achievement. So now I don't know what to do. Good thing Deathbattle comes up. And also good news that they will open a different arcade mode on every weekend, phew.

About the spin-off, I haven't tried it since it ain't available in my country. But I think I'm gonna like it because I'm just a bit bored with MLBB already
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