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[Share] New Hero Concept Suggestion - Earthyl

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Mother of Layla and childhood friend of Dr. Rooney. A war veteran embarked on a journey to reunite with her daughter. Hope you'll like it and moonton can notice this. Here it goes!

Name: Earthyl Hestiaryx
Class: Marksman / Fighter
Specialty: Reap / Burst

Born in the Land of Dawn's City of Scholars, Eruditio. Eldest child of the Royal House of Hestiaryx. Next Queen to Eruditio's throne. A childhood friend of Dr. Rooney and a mother to Layla.

At a young age, she possesses extreme talents in almost all aspects. Excels on both academically and athletically. The entire Moniyan Empire sees her as a total beauty and brains, a prodigy. She was enrolled at the prestigious "Eruditio's Institution of Sciences" by her father. Her father dreamed of her to be the greatest Queen someday but... Earthyl wanted something else.

On the academy she met Rooney, a total genius in mechanical science and advance technology but was only academically 2nd on the entire rankings on Earthyl at the time. They were brought together by their sense of inventions and innovations. They become such close friends and admired each others capabilities. There's no hidden frustration
between the two and they then collaborated on projects only they can do.

Her mother was once a professor on the Magic Academy in which her mother kept secret to everybody else since her father doesn't believe that magic can help the Empire. On early age, she discovered the truth about her mother and loved magic too. Later in the academy, while they were studying mechanical science, she taught if "Can we combine technology with magic?". Rooney didn't discarded the idea and just nodded (...and which is also the basis of Kimmy’s ideas in the future).

Right after graduating as an Elite Top 1 Scholar of the institution, she was signed in by her father to Eruditio's elite guardian corps. Stating that it will be the best way for her to learn leadership skills. She can't do anything to what her father has to say and just worked hard on it. With less effort, she became one of the captains in just a year. She was then given the option to continue serving the City or to serve the Empire. If she chooses the latter, she needs to enter The Moniyan Empire's Military University. Which she doesn't like the idea but her father forcefully signed her in anyway.

It wasn't all in vain. She learned that the academy's library has a shelf for studies on magic innovations. What's gotten her interest is the Laser Magic and Artillery Magic Book, a study on how to use magic for super long ranged damage and military purposes. A stumble of chances and she met [Layla's Father], who was interested in heavy artillery and firearm studies that happens to be in the same shelf as Earthyl's books. The reason and the spark of their story.

While on the University, she would sneak out on Sundays to study at the Magic Academy as a technical student. She used her mother's connections to keep everything in secret. She was then introduced to Gord to be her secret instructor and met his apprentice, the young Valir. She wanted to learn the basics of magic for her to further understand and utilize what's in the Magic Book she discovered in the University. Gord assisted her with her technical studies and even agreed to share some basic arcane knowledge to her.

Years passed of hardships, sleepless nights and endeavors, she graduated as the top student of the University with astounding grades and results. Her father right away arranged her contract for the Moniyan Empire Military thru his General Friend (Kimmy’s Father).

Throughout her service, she had many friends and colleagues, including the Knight Captain of the Imperial Capital's Mosennia - Tigreal, Blades of Freedom - Fanny, Church of Light's Proud Assassin - Natalia and the Kung-Fu Master - Chou. Earthyl always believed in
innovations and the idea of combining magic and technology. She befriended some of the greatest minds in the world: The founders of Lab 1718, Dr Gogh (Angela's story) and even Professor Henry of the Dawn Council (Jawhead’s Story). She took part of the Lab 1718's
pioneer experiments on how to strengthen a human's body and even gives insights on how to create a super humanoid for warfare (Saber, Angela, Alpha & Beta). She never thought that all of this will be part of the lab's plans for their future. Professor Henry and Dr. Gogh love Earthyl's eagerness to take part in their projects because of her uniquely sturdy body, her first-hand experience in the battlefield and her passion for innovation. Some of the Lab's and the Doctor’s specimens are Earthyl's spoils of war.

Earthyl retired from the military service at a young age of 20 to give birth. They stayed and lived happily in Eruditio together with their lovely baby girl. Time passes by and [Layla's Father] became the most famous firearms master in the City of Scholars. Little did Earthyl know that her husband has some kind of history with the Magic Academy and spent his time researching the ultimate firearm technology that would be more powerful than anything possessed by the Academy.

Earthyl never hated the idea, but was hesitant because of his overwhelming obsession is devouring him. Even going to the point that he would never eat nor sleep just to finish a project. Then, his husband discovered a piece of stone that can help him in his quest and it can be found in the Southern Abyss. Her eyes widened in shock. She's been there, on a recon mission against the Shadow Lab.

She did everything she could to stop her husband but he still insisted on going. He then embarked on the said journey and later came home successfully with the stone. She's happy, and sad at the same time. She knew of the possibilities that would fall on them... and she wasn't wrong.

The Lord of the Abyss made a sneak attack on them to retrieve the stone. She ran to their underground hideout that they built in case of any emergencies. But [Layla's Father] went mad and sneaked the magic stone in Layla's pocket. The Abyssal creatures detected the stone and attacked them first. In her awe, her husband lost all reasoning and took off.

Through her battlefield instincts, she knew why they were chased before her husband. She grabbed Layla's pockets, found the magic stone and run out to try and save the poor Layla. Earthyl fought hard to drive the enemies away and managed to kill dozens of the Abyssal
minions. Suddenly, one mysterious creature went in front and all other minions backed down. A dark creature that's covered in a dark mist aura. So black that she can't see its face, wears a hood, super sharp blades attached to its arms and a long black tail that smells poison.

An intense clash of speed and agility ignites but after minutes passed, her left leg and right arm were cut-off clean. She can't follow the creature's movements as if it is moving through space and time itself. Though she managed to inflict huge damage to the creature, she knew it was not enough to stop it. Layla saw the scene and used the cannon that her father made. It made a huge explosion in which fortunately, made the creatures turn back after picking the magic stone.

Lolita, Captain of City Guards of Eruditio, saw [Layla's Father] running out of city. She tried to catch up to him but he's gone so fast. Soon after, smoke burst out from Earthyl's house. It was the explosion due to the attack that Layla made to defend using the Malefic Cannon.

Lolita rushed hurriedly to the direction of the smoke. Just in time that night, Saber, who came to Eruditio to ask for help from Earthyl (by Dr.
Rooney's commands) to help and repair Alpha and save Beta, also saw the smoke. He then dashed through the city at full speed to check what happened. He knew that the smoke's direction is where Earthyl's family lives.

Lolita held Earthyl who were drenched in blood on the ground outside and Saber jumped at the burning house to save Layla that was trapped inside. The two were saved successfully and the attackers were never found, not a single trace.

Saber reported what happened right away to Dr. Rooney. The doctor then instructed Saber to bring Earthyl's body to his research lab in Antoinerei as fast as he could after patching her wounds to stop more blood loss. Lolita was then entrusted with Layla to send the poor girl to Moniyan Empire to be healed further.

Earthyl was saved by the doctor and were given Advanced Mechanical Automail leg and arm that's specially infused with high dense materials made from his own invented Special Device (which will later be stolen by The Thief King - Claude). The physical recovery took over a year though because of the poison from Helcurt's stinger mixed with Malefic Infection by the Abyss Magic Stone.

Not long after Earthyl's waking up and recovery. The two teamed up in the lab to try and recover Beta's consciousness in which they were successful. She also invented her own version of Beta's new form for herself to use. A pair of gold and black colored miniature A.I.S.A.s (Artificially Intelligent Satellite Aircraft) she named "Forcius". Her mechanical leg were enhanced by the Dr. Rooney thru her request for mobility and she learned advanced skills from the Protector of Antoinerei - Bruno.

Angela known Earthyl as a skilled veteran in the first Abyssal Attack. She then collected all of this info about Earthyl into a blueprint and sent Dr. Rooney a proposal. With the help of Saber and Alpha, Dr. Rooney finished the product just in time for Earthyl to go out and venture the Land of Dawn to find her daughter.

It is a pair of specialized gloves, colored gold and white, that is continuously linked to Dr. Rooney's Special Device and is Magic Absorbent. Meaning, it has Magic emblem in it that will read the user's magical signature to enhance itself for more power. When asked by
Earthyl what would she call her gift, Angela replied, "The Challenger".

Name: Soldier's Advantage
Description: As a versatile all-rounder veteran, Earthyl can shoot laser at long-range or go melee with her enhanced gloves depending on the enemy's distance. She can also move while shooting in "Golden Rayshots" mode and only enjoys half of the range of a normal
marksman. Every 3rd basic attack hit will leave a Challenging Parallel Mark on the enemy and Forcius will shoot 1st Set of lasers. On 5th basic attack, Forcius will shoot 2nd set of lasers, leaves another mark and Earthyl will heavily concentrate her Laser Magic in her
gloves enhanced with Arcane. Depending on her distance from the enemy, she will do the following: (A) On "Basic Kung-fu" mode, she will do super-fast dual heavy punches to the target enemy hero unit and the second punch will pierce through at the back. (B) On
"Golden Rayshots" mode, she will do a barrage of laser shots that hit 5 times in a fan-shaped area.

*Golden Rayshots (Marksman Mode):
Description: Earthyl will shoot using normal Laser Magic at long range using her gloves thru her index finger. Basic attack dmg can be maximized up to 130% depending on the enemy's distance.

*Basic Kung-fu (Fighter Mode):
Description: Utilizing her Laser Magic Enhanced Gloves, Military combat expertise, and her learnings from Chou, Earthyl can perform a fast close quarter combat and increasing basic ASPD by 5%.

Challenger's Parallel Mark:
The marks can be stack up to 3 times. Within 5secs, if the mark will not be completed into 3
stacks, each mark will only last 2secs each. The completed set of 3 marks will last for
30secs. This works on both Fighter and Marksman mode.

Name: Dance of Ricochets
Mana Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65
Cooldown: 9
Type: Damage / Buff
Range: Circular Area
Description: (Active) For 1.5secs, Earthyl will dance and shoot a barrage of laser bullets from all of her fingertips. The bullets will damage and pierce through enemy hero dealing 200(90% Total physical power) / 300(95% Total magical power) for the first damage and
100(70% Total physical power) / 175(85% Total magical power) for the succeeding damage on the same hero. The bullets will then ricochet 3times on the walls and the 3rd ricocheted bullet will leave a Parallel's Fissure. The enemies that will be hit will be marked with only 1
Challenger's Parallel Mark. Can't use this skill while inside the Mirror Plane.

(Passive) Parallel's Fissure:
Thru continuous connection to Dr. Rooney’s Special Device, Earthyl discovered a hidden ability. Utilizing it will create a dimensional crack on any wall that will last for 45secs. Earthyl can use any of these fissures to go in and out of the "Mirror Plane". Inside this plane, Earthyl can't be seen, targeted or attacked. Vice versa, Earthyl can't target or attack enemies but she can see everything and can go everywhere in the map. If Earthyl stays inside the plane for more than 45secs, she will be trapped inside the Plane. The only exit left is to use recall. Earthyl can stay inside the Plane infinitely but she can only use the fissures 3 times at a time (the count starts with the first exit).

--First Phase--
Name: Stealth Bringdown
Mana Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70
Cooldown: 5.3 / 5.0 / 4.4 / 4.0 / 3.6 / 3.0
Type: Blink / CC
Range: Straight Line
Description: Mastering what bruno taught her how to use her mechanical leg with the added boost of Forcius, Earthyl will do a superdash in straight line. Also, combining with Natalia's teaching, whenever she'll pass through bushes while using this skill, she will become
invisible for 1.5secs. Enemy heroes that will be caught in the path will be pinned down to the ground for 1.5secs and Forcius will shoot lasers dealing x2 95(45% total physical power) / 100(50% total magical power) of True Damage to the stunned enemy. Reduce this skill's cooldown for every Challenger's Parallel mark that the pinned down enemy has: reduced by 1sec for 1mark, 1.5secs for 2marks, and 2secs for 3marks. Removing all the marks afterwards.
(Use Again) Within 3secs after a successful pindown, Clearance can be used.

--Second Phase--
Name: Clearance
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 0
Type: Blink
Range: Straight Line
Description: For 3secs after successfully using the Stealth Bringdown's passive and stunning the enemy, can use the skill again to do another dash. While and after dashing, will be invisible for 0.5secs.

--First Phase--
Name: May it Rain!!!
Cooldown: 41.0 / 36.0 / 31.0
Mana Cost: 130 / 150 / 170
Type: Damage / AoE
Range: Linear
Description: Earthyl will command Forcius to fly above the enemies and hunt down those with the Challenger's Parallel Mark. Forcius will then simultaneously shoot consecutive super-burst laser shots on a single target on all the enemies caught inside the range dealing
90(30% Total physical power) / 90(45% Total magical power) in each shot. The damage can be further enhanced and Slow effect will be applied based on the number of Challenger's Parallel marks on the enemy: 10% increase dmg, 10% movement speed decrease on 1mark, 15% increase dmg and 20% movement speed decrease on 2marks, and 30% increase dmg and 50% movement speed decrease on 3marks. Removing one
mark each successful hit.

--Second Phase--
Name: Veteran's Arcane Wrath
Cooldown: N/A
Gauge: 400
Mana Cost: 400 / 475 / 550
Charge Time: 6secs
Type: Burst / AoE
Range: Universal / Map-wide
Passive: Everytime Forcius damages any target will charge this skill's gauge: by 10 each hit on enemy hero and by 3 on enemy minions/creeps.
Description: Earthyl will use everything she learned from Gord. She will imbue her Laser Magic core with pure arcane within herself. Channeling the charged magic in her palms and empowering Forcius with some. While casting, Forcius will rotate in a super fast pace in
front of Earthyl for momentum. Upon releasing the shot, all heroes that's caught in the blast will take damage 5 times for 2.5secs, Dealing 390(100% Total physical power) / 475(110% Total magical power) each hit for the enemies and 30(10% Total physical power) / 55(15% Total magical power) each hit for the allies. The damage on the enemy can be further enhanced based on the number of marks on the enemy: 10% increase dmg on 1mark, 15% increase dmg on 2marks, and 30% increase dmg on 3marks. Removing all the marks from
the enemies after the skill ends. Within 6secs after the skill ends, Forcius will enter an overheat state and unusable.

Passive: This is like YSS's passive. The mobility while in Golden Rayshots mode is like Granger's mobility in his Ulti mode or Ruby's mobility after every use of her skills. This is applicable to enemy hero unit and creeps only, not applicable to minions. Her 5th basic attacks will turn her Laser Magic from Yellow colored into almost Neon-Green color. On her 5th basic attack on Basic kung-fu mode, the piercing effect is like Moskov's passive. On golden rayshots, she will shoot like Eugene from the anime Yu-Yu Hakusho. On 3rd basic hit, the 1st Set of lasers will deal 100(45% total physical power) / 115(50% total magical power) of True Damage. On 5th basic hit, the 2nd set of lasers will deal 115(45% total
physical power) / 130(50% total magical power) of True Damage. On basic Kung-Fu mode, the punches will deal x2 300(100% Total physical power) / 450(100% Total magical power) and the piercing dmg will deal 200(45% Total physical power) / 300(50% Total magical
power) to any enemy unit at the back. On Golden Rayshots mode, the barrage will deal x5 85(100% Total physical power) / 350(100% Total magical power).

Skill1: The dancing will be like Claude's ulti but not moving. Only 1mark per enemy can be done even if the single enemy is hit twice. The bullets that hasn't ricocheted will not fly infinitely, of course. Just imagine the end point of the circular radius of Lesley's ulti, the
bullets will disappear there. While in Mirror Plane, she will ignore and can walk through walls and obstacles. Inside the Mirror Plane, everything is Blue colored. The fissures on the wall has its own fan-shaped area, you can then use this area to shoot enemies or use Skill2
while inside the Mirror Plane.

Skill2: She can use this skill while inside the Mirror Plane. The trajectory range of this skill is the same as Bruno's 2nd skill. If you're from the inside the Mirror Plane, the Parallel's Fissure crack must be within this skill's trajectory for her to get out. You can right away
pindown enemies this way. Included in this skill's animation is that Forcius will attach themselves at Earthyl's back. Becoming a thrust boosters for her. This skill ignores Minions. Clearance's range is only half of the range of the Stealth Bringdown.

Skill 3:
(Phase1) This skill will prioritize the hero that has more marks. If all heroes within range has the same mark stack, Forcius will prioritize the hero with the least HP. The laser shot's animation will be coming from the sky and the shot are twice per second. This skill's range
and animation will be like Bane's old ulti. You can use this skill while inside the Mirror Plane if there's at least one enemy caught within the Parallels Fissure's fan-shaped damage area.

(Phase 2) Range is same as Moskov's Ulti range. While Earthyl and Forcius is charging for the shot, Challenger will release a small streak of burning trajectory line for which the shot will pass and which everyone can see this (acts like a warning signal) but won't damage any
hero. This is like that split-second line in Layla's Ulti animation right after using the skill and before the damage dealt. The passive of this skill is thru Earthyl's Passive and Ulti's First Phase. The blast is 1 Lane wide. The overheat state affects Earthyl's Passive with Forcius, 2nd skill, and Ulti's First Phase. The first phase will be unusable if Forcius is on the overheat state. The color of the trajectory line is a combination of Black and burning Yellow. The color of the blast is Neon Green and White. While on charging mode, the trajectory can be controlled like Gord's ulti but the blast will be fixed. This skill damages both enemies and allies. There will be a button in the upper part of the 3rd Skill’s button for you to have the freedom to choose when to use the 2nd phase. I imagined the 2nd phase’s animation as
like Goku charging and doing kamehameha, only with the Forcius assisting. LOL.


So, That's it! i know it is very long but i hoped you enjoyed it as much as i enjoy myself doing everything! I am currently working on a Marksman/Tank Hero. Leave your thoughts and thank you!

P.S. i have some visual arts for her but i am not confident about it hehehe. i might edit this if i polished the art.
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wow that's a hell of a background story.
being able to both mm and fighter is huge deal and can adopt various battle strategy in battlefield. her passive is really unique along with two phases 3rd skill. you forgot to add reference image. please submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion (thread link).
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BD007 replied at 2019-7-19 07:46 AM
wow that's a hell of a background story.
being able to both mm and fighter is huge deal and can ado ...

Thank you so much for the comment.

Yeah. It took me some time and modifications to match her skills with her story. Though i feel that the story is kind of still short. haha.

With the visual art. I have the concept and scheme but i am not that of an artist, though i draw but not well.

How can i send this suggestion directly thri them? i tried their customer service email and nothin came out of it.
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excaliburn20 replied at 2019-7-19 08:21 AM
Thank you so much for the comment.

Yeah. It took me some time and modifications to match her skil ...

tap on the blue headset icon on the top left corner besides your profile avatar. go to help>suggestion. post the thread link and some details there and submit.
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BD007 replied at 2019-7-19 12:38 PM
tap on the blue headset icon on the top left corner besides your profile avatar. go to help>sugges ...

I tried just now, but the mlbb auggestion form waant there. i mean it only gives an error whenever i click the link for the suggestion form.

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try to clear your browser's cache and see if thats fix the issue.
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Hey Guys! I really need your support, I want this hero to be approved by the Developers because since I know there are many good Fanny players and are getting bored because they are seeking a new more difficult hero. So I got this one, I made this then went to an ML group page and many players have agreed on this because they said it's a very unique hero, a game changer and a more challenging one since its build can be also challenging. So here is it guys, if you got some suggestions please feel free to reply. This is just a tentative description of the hero and I'm still creating its story and there might be changes in its descriptions and skills.
EDITED: BTW I don't really have a great idea about how many damages, physical attacks or magical attacks shall I put to the hero that's why I'm asking further suggestions. NOTE: THIS IS JUST A TENTATIVE OUTLOOK OR OVERVIEW OF THE HERO (GALAXUS). THIS HERO IS LIKE ALL-IN-ONE IT CAN ALSO COUNTER HEROES WITH HIGH DASHES AND BLINK SKILLS LIKE FANNY CANCELLING HER 2ND SKILL FOR 6 SECONDS.

(The only hero with triple roles)
Galaxus : Galaxy Ruler or Warrior (Mage, Support or Fighter)
Damage/Burst/ Crowd Control/Regen
Durability:         ------------------             (High)
Offense:            ------------------------      
Battle Effects:  -----------------------         
Difficulty:          ---------------------------    (Full/Hardest/Completely Hard)
Health: 3279
Total Energy: 100 pts.
Energy Regen: +1 per 3 seconds

Health Regen: 10
Movement Speed: 275

This hero is the most difficult one surpassing Fanny's difficulty but considered to be the strongest one hence undoubtedly this hero is completely overpowered in the very right hands, the hero Galaxus is very complex and difficult to be controlled it contains 3 role switches Mage, Support and Fighter, in each role switch there are 6 skills or raw powers that can be combined for specific combination or combo in teamfight and enemy targetting. Above those 3 role switches there are another two switches Single-Target and AoE. The single target outputs very high damage that quickly drains enemy hero's health however this single target switch only targets one enemy hero and is more complicated compared to AoE as it requires to do the specific combo in every enemy role in order for its damage to be effective, while the construction of combo is ongoing the hero's damage received is reduced by 60% for 3 seconds and making it invulnerable to all kinds of crowd control in this way the player will be able to do the target combo, when targeting a hero the player must click hero lock mode and lock the hero to be targetted then start the combo to enable damage reduction and immunity to crowd control if the hero-locking is inappropriate the output, for instance if the player is about to target the marksman then the player must lock the marksman and start doing the combo, the combo should be specifically for the marksman if the combo is incorrect the hero will only deal 45+10 magic damage to the enemy hero and if the hero-locking is inappropriate the output will be ineffective resulting to only dealing 25+80% Magic damage and increase the used skills' cooldown from 2 seconds to 7 seconds. When the hero switches to fighter a 450 HP is added and 21 Physical and 24 Magical defense is added.Mage and support switch only have the base HP which is 3279, no physical and magical defense. Galaxus is nexus of all energy hence the hero utilizes energy instead of mana, if the player unable and mistaken to match the combo the energy will be reduced by 25 points, however if the hero successfully matches the combo the hero will have no reduction of energy but an increase of +2 points of energy. Everytime the player clicks the skills the skill button turns red from yellow indicating that the construction of combo has commenced if the player starts doing the combo and he is unable to click next or accompanied skill combo within a particular time of 1.8 seconds, the combo will be cancelled thus allowing the player to restart doing the combo and there will be 5 points of energy reduction.
All skills have only 2 seconds of cooldown.

Note: Everytime the hero switches roles there can be a passive its movement speed is increased to 25% for 1.5 seconds and its health is increased by 20% max HP — Cooldown of the passive is 15 seconds) and every switch roles the hero gains 7 points of energy. For AoE, everytime the player unables to match the combo specifically, there will be only 95+50% physical and 82+60% magical damage be done and with regarding to the support role there will be only 35+15% heal to allies. If the combos of all roles are incorrect all the pressed skills' cooldown will be increased from 2 seconds to 7 seconds.

AoE switch:
(Skill combos : Mage role)
5-1-6-2-3= Wide Dash
1-4-6-3-5-6 = Normal telekinetic attack (manipulates enemies physical form through airborne for 1 second then followed with telekinetic force allowing user to manipulate enemies by placing them to a limited range of area. Dealing 405+180% Magic Damage)
2-6-1-4-6-3 = Chaos wave (Dealing 415+210% Magic Damage. The hero flies upwards and deals damage through outputting strong reddish-dark wave and pushing enemies to a designated area)
6-3-4-2-5-4 = Chaos force (Dealing 688+215% Magic Damage)
4-6-1-3-2-6-1 = Dark Force(Dealing 740+220% Magic Damage)
6-5-1-6-2-4-3 = (Ultimate) Reality warping (Creates illusion causing enemies to see cloned appearances of Galaxus doing continuous damage equal to the 50% damage dealt of real hero which allows enemies to be confused and change their hero-locking patterns for 2.3 seconds.) CD: 25 seconds.

AoE switch:
(Skill Combos: Support)
6-5-2-5-1-3-4 = Team Heal (Heals team and gives 40% of HP to their max HP)
6-4-1-1-3-6 = AS Strengthening (Increases team's movement speed to 25% for 2 seconds and reduces enemy's movement speed by 10%
1-6-5-2-6-3-4 = Grace (Sends a help to teammates who are trying to escape from enemies by healing the hero granting +800HP heal
3-1-6-4-5-6 = Bless of courage (Increases team's Physical & Magical defense by granting +50Physical Defense and +65 Magical defense for 3.2 seconds and gives team immunity to all CC for 5 seconds)
6-1-4-3-4-5-2 = Wrath of Chaos Magic (Immobilizes all enemies inside the range and increases their skills' cooldowns by 4 seconds).
4-2-1-6-3-3-5 = Dark Illusions (Creates clone of all allies that are in range, each clones deal 250+130% basic attacks for 3.5 seconds, the locking patterns of the enemies cause changes and the enemy heroes may able to deal the damage to the clones unknowingly and mistakenly).
6-1-4-5-6-2-3 = (Ultimate) Resurrection (As Galaxus is the embodiment of life and death it resurrects nearby team or an ally and gives +580 HP to the resurrected heroes) - if the player unables to activate this output, this ultimate will have a cooldown of 35 seconds; in contrary, the cooldown of this resurrection ultimate will only be 12 seconds.Able to activate this ultimate or not it will still consume 75% of max energy.

AoE switch:
(Skill combos: Fighter)
5-6-2-4-1-3 = Blade swing (swings blades which deals 456+225% Physical attack)
4-2-4-6-1-5-3 = Teleportation (Teleports to a designated area, when the player clicks the last number or skill, the player must hold the last key or skill needed in a combo to locate the desired area to teleport to)
6-4-5-1-2-3 = Wide blaze (Outputs wide fires and burns enemies dealing continuous damage of 645+220% Physical attack for 3.4 seconds.)
3-2-5-6-1-2-4 = Shockwave (Outputs a huge shockwave dealing 594+115% 2 times Physical attack to all very nearby heroes and 1 time to a bit father heroes.)
4-4-1-5-6-3 = Penetrating Acid  (Produces acids to an area dealing 675+230% Physical attack)
1-6-2-5-3-6 = Multiple Sword slashes (Slashes swords 4time to an area dealing 408+205% Physical attack each to enemies in range)
5-3-6-4-1-1 = Beam strike (Produces destructive beam dealing 38% Max HP of all nearby heroes).
2-6-2-3-1-5 = Rain swords (Rains multiple swords to designated area dealing each 395+160% Physical attack and enhances hero's basic attack, physical penetration to 11%+3% and critical chances to 12%+2% for 6 seconds).
5-1-3-4-1-6-2 = (Ultimate) Ground blasts(The ground explodes which causes airborne to enemies for 0.8 seconds and creates cracks with flames that deals 785+250% Physical attack to all nearby heroes) CD: 30 seconds.

Single Target switch:
Note in this switch: Hero lock mode is necessary the hero must be locked to match with single target combo, for instance if use the fighter role switch you must lock the marksman and use the specific combo, and so on. With this single-target switch the ranges for each roles are vastly amplified.
(Use Fighter role) Targetting marksman = 3-4-1-6-2-6 (dashes to the marksman and deals 575+150% Physical attack to the marksman 2 times)
(Use Fighter role) Target mage = 6-4-1-6-3-2 (Deals 575+150% Physical attack to mage 2 times)
(Use fighter role) Targetting tank = 1-6-4-6-3-1 (Deals 35% physical true damage equal to Tank's max HP)
(Use Mage role) Target fighter = 3-6-3-4-2-1 (Deals 45% Magic Damage to Fighter's max HP)
(Use Mage role) Target support = 4-6-2-1-1 (Reduces healing effect by 55%)
(Use Mage role) Target support = 4-2-1-6-5-3(Removes 75% of support's max health)
(Use support role) Targeting marksman = 5-1-5-4-6-2 (Cancelling marksman skills, immobilizing them and making them defenseless for 2.2 seconds, purify and other skills immune to CC won't work with this output)
(Use support role) Targetting mage = 1-2-4-6-5-3-1 (Cancelling mage skills, immobilizing them and making them defenseless for 2.2 seconds, purify and other skills immune to CC won't work with this output)
(Use support role) Targetting support = 6-4-1-4-3-3-5 (Cancelling support skills, immobilizing them and making them defenseless for 2.2 seconds, purify and other skills immune to CC won't work with this output).
(Use support role) Targetting assassin = 5-1-3-2-6-6-4 (Cancelling assassin skills, immobilizing them and making them defenseless for 2.2 seconds, purify and other skills immune to CC won't work with this output)
(Use support role) Targetting heroes with dashes and ultimate mobilities = 4-4-5-1-3-6 (Cancels dashes and blink skills when hit by this spell for 6 seconds, this will only be activated if the hero has dashed or used blink skills and the delay period of Galaxus casting the skill does not exceed 2.1 seconds, if the hero for instance use dash and blink skills and Galaxus delayed using this skill for 2.1 seconds and so on then this will not be activated; on the other hand, if the enemy used blink skills or dashes but Galaxus casted the spell right after the enemy used its blink skills within the period of time of 2 seconds and no further delays of exceeding greater than 2.1 seconds then the cancel will be activated.
(Use support role) Targetting heroes with stacks of health, magical and physical attack = 5-2-3-2-5-6-4 (Removing 65% of heroes' stacked health, magical and physical attack for 5 seconds).

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