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[Hero Concept] [Support/Tank] Zakune - reprisal phantom

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Edited by Crisis at 2019-7-12 12:48 PM

support/tank Hero
Zakune - reprisal phantom

push/Crowd Control
Movement speed: 250         Mana: -      Physical attack: 116        Attack Speed: 0.82

         Armor: 22             HP Regen: 36                HP: 2610
Many years ago, the shadow section and the scarlet section are very known for their talent and the appearance on them in the world, but besides the two there the other section that it was called the phantom sect. the phantom sect was more superior than both shadow sect and scarlet sect also not from the scarlet shadow itself, the phantom sect members may be a ninja too but technically closer to a samurai, their fast reaction, movement, speed, easy to detect and overwhelm their target.

as few years have passed, both the shadow sect and the scarlet sect attack the phantom sect fearing that the phantom sect will attack and rule over them. the battle of a sole sect against 2 sects cause a massacre. in the end, both sects succeed on destroy this call powerful section and kill all the members as that sect becomes a history... or is it?

a sole survivor survives and escapes the massacre. A young girl Zakune escape with her father katana that has passed for generations as that sword entrusts to her include with the wakizashi while both her parents fight and hold them off. run and succeed get away, Zakune accidentally stumbles and falls into the ground. filled with sadness for all she has lost and want to die, but the anger for what they have taken from her. Zakune stood up as she starts her step for revenge. a decade has passed, Zakune trained and grown up into a well-talented samurai, they who want to learn sword skills are impossible to do it alone true. with the past training include some advice from and with her father, she just needs to master it, of course it's not easy.

one day when walking around the land as it night time, Zakune took refuge in a cave and encountered a ninja holding a sword with a mouth on it, knowing who he was, the traitor ninja that wanted all around the world. the two strikes with fierce and slash after slash both went all out against each other.

time pass by, both alive and tired out from the battle. the ninja slowly stands up ready again till one of them falls. Zakune realizes that his power can be useful for her revenge and decides to went 'easy' way, lower her katana but still on guard and ask... request for an ally and partnership. the ninja looks curious and confuses but still on his guard then asks "why", with that her answer "to kill them who... no... all the shadow and the scarlet ninja, in exchange... the fallen ninja and everyone else, their flesh and blood will be yours. making your hunt easier, as I get my revenge".

and set the last and the traitor starts the partnership and set out the world ready to bring terror and destruction to the Ninjas.

she knew that in the very end that this partnership will be over as they will fight each other till one of them fall... but that for another time. she not thinking about breaking this partnership or betray him as they both make a deal, how about himself... sure he will do anything for power...
passive: sight tracker
Zakune enable to predict enemy move to track their skill designation direction knowing where they will land the skill shot, making her easy to detect where they will cast the skill 'only if the enemy doing aim cast' (example: enable to see Franco designation hook where it gonna land, lance triangle skill where it gonna trigger, guin where she gonna jump, gusi where he gonna throw, fanny rope where she gonna...nvm, etc). option where can disable which hero that doesn't want to predict. enemy skill will have different cast color to know who cast it (to not get confused when they together)

skill 1: horizon scale
stack up 5 times, and 3 phase atk. bit dash forward and slash in fan shape, first & second slash deal 120(+150% ex phys) phys atk. for the last strike and stab the locked target deal 100(+120% total phys) + 5% of enemy Max Hp as true dmg & add deadly mark to the target incoming dmg increase by 5~10% for 3 second

skill 2: counterflect   CD: 8 sec~ 3 sec
enter counter state (use wakizashi) for 0.75 second as hit by melee atk/skill or projectile while in this state she will deflect it back toward the dealer. she will deflect in a fan shape back to the dealer without know limit how many, big, far, etc.

melee atk counter, stun the target for 1 second, if atk enhance with stun or any CC > 2 second.
while range atk, deflect it back to the caster. if the projectile has CC effect, deflect cause CC hit the caster themselves stun/freeze/etc with the same amount how long that CC (for enemy: skill deflect can be dodged or blocked by another ally (which enemy for us), but basic can't either dodge or block). the projectile must be on mid-air to be deflected & the core/middle of the projectile must be inside the cast skill range (for big projectile like aurora ult, vexana black hole, etc). (Skill like eudora ult can't be deflect cause the lightning hit the middle of the hero also from above and not in counterflect zone, any other hero like her? Vexanna ult can't too)

can cast this skill while moving, dash where the movement goes also in counter state to the cast direction, counter along with the dash. no skill penetrate can pass, stop in front of the hero if use a pass skill (ex: lance ult, lapu dash, etc).
success counterflect reduce this skill CD by 3 sec & gain a stack for ult (max stack 5). possible to spam the deflect when this skill has been max out
deflect enemy attack inside the enemy tower as it hit the enemy, the tower will not change target

Ulti: Zantei Settetsu   CD: 45/38/32
furious slash in a fan shape deals basic dmg toward enemy for 5 seconds. this skill enhance with counter (skill above) and hero can freely move around but unable to rotate the atk also melee atk deflect instead of stun > knock back the enemy, while range dmg deflect deal 50% more of that atk dmg back in a straight lane hit anyone that on the path. if have a stack, consume all the stack exchange for airwave blast every slashes that deal 1.5% of hero max Hp/stack(not consider basic atk) as phys dmg also slow 5% that can be stacked. Airwave blast about range of outer tower but 20/40/60% more... Bigger or further... CD start when this skill has ended
other hero project:

Edit: add bit more descript on skill 2 and ult blast range

Post time 2019-7-12 07:14 PM | Show all posts
very good and scary hero to be honest.
The skill set is find along with her ultimate.
but what makes her unique is her passive.
Can able to predict enemy's skill when it will be landed is pretty much scary.
but i like it.
Please submit this to in game cs as a suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-14 10:15 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-7-12 07:14 PM
very good and scary hero to be honest.
The skill set is find along with her ultimate.
but what mak ...

uhuhu... it will always and the appreciate of you reply this and other hero concept threat also be the first when no one else reply us in this creative exchange. unlike general dicussion where it took less than 100 view and about +-3 reply...
Post time 2019-7-16 01:21 AM | Show all posts
Crisis replied at 2019-7-14 10:15 PM
uhuhu... it will always and the appreciate of you reply this and other hero concept threat also be ...

no problem bro. i really enjoy and appreciate all those hard work.
plus many heroes in game are taken from concept hero suggestions in forum. cheers.
Post time 2019-7-16 01:06 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice concept!
Though how does the passive work?
Does it show like the range of all enemy heroes attacks and ,when they drag to aim it, shows the aiming image?
 Author| Post time 2019-7-16 09:05 PM | Show all posts
Darkflamecas replied at 2019-7-16 01:06 PM
Nice concept!
Though how does the passive work?
Does it show like the range of all enemy heroes at ...

the passive will show all enemy heroes atk that visible on the screen, but only for skill as basic atk be ignored and not show enemy basic atk range. start become visible to her when they dragging the skill. and show aiming image... can consider yes. it shows their skill image includes follow were they gonna aim and release.

Some hero not worth to predict like example aldous cause his skill 1&2 are close range and ult already have icon. player (we) can switch which hero that don't want to predict, but I doubt that we will use this switch off... so different cast color on enemy skill cast. so when the enemy is together, know who cast it. also not get confused who casting that.
Post time 2019-8-10 12:04 AM | Show all posts
Nice concept bro
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