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[Share] Food for thought, nothing more.

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Time and time again, I've heard ppl frown upon a team that consists of too many mms (marksman). Arguing that such teams have little to no opportunity for success. But time and time again, I've been part of teams that consisted of three or more mms and not only win, but win big.

There are two things that highly matter in this game, they are:

A) Having a team of individuals that understands just how important it is to work as a team, not as solo players. I've seen far too often, battles lost as a result of the lacking of teamwork. Soloing (especially under the conditions of being up against a strong team of players that "are" all working "together"), too often compromises their team's ability to win. Soloing behaviour puts the entire team at risk. If he/she dies, especially within the last quarter or so of the battle against a strong team, makes their entire team vulnerable.

B) Patience. If going up against a team that is much stronger than yours, there is still a hope of winning. I've seen it happen time and time again, a weaker team beating our own simply because they were patient and capitalized on an opportunity that was presented to them. As well as experienced such first hand, being on the side of the weaker team and still managing to win. Both scenarios I've seen or experienced time and time again. When up against a team that is much stronger than yours, how patient you and your teammates are will ultimately determine the outcome of that battle.

When I'm within a team that's experiencing such conditions (up against a team that is much stronger than ours within the last quarter of the battle), my first advice to them is this. Defend as a team and wait for us to have a two to three man advantage and then capitalize on that opportunity. More often than what most might expect, as long as everyone is working as one unit, we end up prevailing over them. Teamwork and patience, are two highly important elements towards improving a team's chances for success.

I wrote this article for my fb friends,,, but I decided to share it on here. No negativity please... Merely sharing a little "food for thought"...

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Well said, not many people out there know how important patience is either ingame or IRL.
But yeah, in video games, like Mobile Legends, patience is pretty important.
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"Patience is the key to a good gamer's success." xD
Beautiful post. Loved the wealth of information!
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very nice thought.
and i agree, if only all
players out there are willing
to cooperate rather than to
blame team mates.


yeah, as long as we enjoy the game. continue to play it. but if it gave us so much stress. we should stop and breath.  Post time 2019-7-10 04:59 AM
I always try my best to walk away from each battle, regardless of whether our team won or loss,,, to have this kind of healthy attitude... The game would be far less toxic if only everyone tried this.  Post time 2019-7-10 03:20 AM
I wish more than anything that instead of everyone being quick to blame others for why their team failed to win. Everyone simply walked away from it asking themselves "what could I have done better".   Post time 2019-7-10 03:18 AM
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I bet @zanboracks would never understand this

May I add an C? Blame matchmaking for lose would be great
Nice share anyway


hahahahhaha. no comment.  Post time 2019-7-9 07:52 PM
What you talking about? hahahahaha no wonder dev ignore your suggestion, fool XD  Post time 2019-7-9 06:20 PM
Now i understand why your girls dont look your face and they like european men..  Post time 2019-7-9 05:27 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-7-9 02:52 PM | Show all posts
Edited by EnigmaLynx at 2019-7-9 03:01 PM
hudaa replied at 2019-7-9 12:58 PM
I bet @zanboracks would never understand this

May I add an C? Blame matchmaking for lose would be g ...

Ever sence I became a player of this game and realized the unfairness of the current matching system,,, I have felt strong negativity towards how the current matching system works... To take a team that consists entirely of randomly matched players and match them up against a team that consists of 3 to 5 players that went into the matching system together,,, holds a tremendously high unfair advantage towards the team that consists entirely of randomly matched players...

Those 3 to 5 players that went into the matching process *together*, chose to do so simply because they have good chemistry together that will help them towards increasing their chances of winning against the opposing team... When it comes to being on a team that consists entirely of randomly matched players,,, there's a high chance that there won't be good chemistry amongst a team of entirely randomly matched players... Thus,,, their chances of winning against a team that consists of 3 to 5 players that went into the matching system together as an organized team,,, is most definitely not in their favour...

That's why,,, within one of my posts somewhere on the forum,,, I suggested that in order for this game to be more fair... There should be a selectable option that can be configured before going into the matching process... An option for players like me, a lone wolf, to select if one wishes to be within a team that consists entirely of randomly matched players, and matched gainst a team that consists of the same (entirely randomly matched players)... Only then,,, will the atmospheric quality become more fair towards those of us that choose to play the game as a lone wolf...
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this is true.
but not everyone has that patience and understanding of the game.
first you need to believe in yourself.


I figured it was a nice change from being my usual complaining self... But you can be sure of one thing,,, I'm by far from finished complaining about the issues that I have with this game... ;)  Post time 2019-7-9 11:16 PM
"but not everyone has that patience and understanding of the game." Hence the reason behind why I posted this particular post.To help educate those that are unaware but wishing to improve themselves.   Post time 2019-7-9 11:12 PM
Post time 2019-7-10 08:07 AM | Show all posts
Im main tank. when i see 3 marksmane in the draft, all with retribution spell, means they will all go for the jungle. We have 3 mm  one mage and me tank. We always lose. 2 mm is ok, but 3 mm makes no sense. I am willing to tank for 2 mm, 1 mage one fighter, or even 2 mm one mage one assassin. But 3 mm makes no sense. At least change one of the 3 for a different role, come on.


That will determine in whether or not that team will be successful on average...  Post time 2019-7-10 01:08 PM
It pretty much all comes down to playing styles of those that's using mms and how well their styles compliment the rest of the team...  Post time 2019-7-10 01:06 PM
As I mentioned in my initial post, I've seen and experienced first hand how 3 or more mm teams not only win, but totally annihilate the opposing team..  Post time 2019-7-10 01:05 PM
If you always lose with three 3mm, then it's not the 3mms, it's the playing styles that that's clashing while using them...  Post time 2019-7-10 01:01 PM
Post time 2019-8-10 12:15 AM | Show all posts
True story bro
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