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[Share] How many game it takes to Mythic?

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This is statistically my worst season since I start playing this game.
It tooks me 116 rank match (60.3% wr) to get from epic II all the way to mythic. All the matches was solo q. It had never took this long to make my way into mythic. Even last season, I start from grandmaster (because of hiatus for 1 whole season) only took me only around 80 matches. Many of the matches I played because I was me getting used to the game meta etc. It has never took me 100+ match to get to mythic.

Sooooo..what is happening here? It comes down to 2 major reason (other than me playing worse than my enemy).

1. I met with afk on a regular basis. I'm not just saying this randomly. I have tested it myself. On average, I will get 1 afk in 5 rank matches.. either on my side or enemies. Though, it is a lot less after I get to legend III and above. It was a disaster trying to claw my way into legend. Even in legend IV and V, I still get match up with many epic players (who turns out to be afk).
Sure, reporting them will get them ban for a while and lower their credit score..but it doesn't reduce the amount of afk I met. What's worst is that some of the afk is playing with their squadmates. WTF?? How is this kind of toxic/afk/cancer players a squadmate? Why would people play with them? How are these kind of players even being considered as a teammate since they only drag you down for nonsense reason?
You know what grinds me even more..they reconnecting after 1-2 minutes of afk. Thus denying me of invalid match.

2. Nonsense draft pick. Talking about these I have to go on many subject.

First and foremost. You know the player that got to top local/global..they usually use the same hero continously in order to boost their mmr. Then I wonder, "how are they getting around to play the same hero over and over again without disrupting their team line up..hmmm." Then it came to me. "Ohh..they play with premade team so that their teammates know exactly what role/hero to pick to complement their line up."
So know what happen when they solo q? They still fcking pick the same hero without considering their line up. What's worst is that, they want their teammates to play around them. Forcing players that are not use to play tank. Forcing mm or mage. Making teammates pick cc hero. Then they brag about playing 1000+ game, their rank in top global, and etc. with that hero..making them seems like they are 'super pro' that can single handedly carry the whole team.
I'm fine with these since I can play multiple role/hero (sometimes not as good as the other, but I can certainly help the draft). If I'm the last pick, I can easily fill up my team line up. It becomes a problem when I'm in the early pick. Not everyone req what they want to pick during drafting. Many will stay silent in drafting (whlie this game requires comunication in order to excel). How am I suppose to help the draft when non or few of my teammates tell me what they want to play?

This also comes to my second point. Not enough comunication during drafting. When non of your teammates request anything, I usually ban the most common one like harith, lunox, esme, kufra, kaja and etc. Especially if we are 2nd pick. I don't want to play around some of this meta hero. If we are 1st pick, I make sure to let my team know that I can play harith/kaja/guin so that we can ban the other meta hero. It was also to provide an opportunity for us to ban the meta hero that we don't have.
And then it happen..something that still triggers me to this day. My team ban the meta hero that I can play and then not picking the other meta hero thus letting the enemy pick them. At first, I'm being optimistic that my teammate know how to play around for example esmeralda. Maybe they can play helcurt to silence esme, or that they can play chou very well to prevent esme from constantly spamming skills.
So I wait..and I wait..and I wait for my team to req the hero that they think can stop esme. Fcking not a single request. The S4 or S5 that did not ban esme, simply did not request anything. So we all just pick whichever we think are good. I'm still hopefull that maybe my teammates can play aggresively to prevent enemy from getting usefull and maybe snowballing our way to victory or some other strat that I'm not familiar. But fcking no..they play pasively, farming lane and jungle. Sometimes fight here and there. You know, the usuall gameplay. Thus allowing enemy to fully utilize the meta hero that they got.

You know that sometime you can feel that you are going to lose as early as in the drafting phase. Well, usually that was because of your team drafting badly. Drafting is very important aspect of most MOBA game. This is why all professionals have a drafter in their squad (usually the captain) to suggest the best line up. Professional also take drafting seriously because they understand that sometimes the winner can be decided based on the draft.
I admit that I am not a pro. But I know well enough that a team without cc..will become food for fanny (or other assassins). A team without tank will makes your mm into a feeder. A team without fighter will get destroy in a long teamfight. A team without a mage will become a heaven for enemy tank. Sometimes, you can play around these like some of the pros do in their matches. Buuuuttt....don't kid yourself. You are no pro and neither are your teammates. Not everyone have the common sense of playing without some of these roles especially in solo q.
Listing some of the bad drafting I get triggered me too much nowadays. Ranting it here (and maybe not playing the game for a while) somehow released some of tension.

Writing about it here makes me realise that I sure got a lot of free time this past few weeks. Never have i ever played this much MLBB in a week just to get me to mythic.
Playing with team on discord is not an option for me. Using discord while playing the game cause lagging which I think because of my minimum speed internet. I even considered finding nearby players so that I can play with them locally. Unfortunately, we cannot sync our playing schedule and the ones I can play with are way lower in rank. So I have to stay true to my nature..solo q all the time.

Maybe I share some of the tips I discovered in order to have better solo q matches if I ever bothered to write another long post. Thanks for reading my nonsense ranting.
Post time 2019-7-8 09:23 PM | Show all posts
i think there should be new rule.
less than 110 credit can't play rank anymore.
either need to increase the punishment for afk or limit the rank only for 110 credit holders. because maintaining 110 credit is not that easy specially if you are a toxic or afk player. thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Post time 2019-7-8 01:40 AM | Show all posts
seems like you are reallly good in solo q. After I read your story. ifeels like it was mine
Post time 2019-7-8 02:00 AM | Show all posts
with this cancer players pool  millions of games lol
Post time 2019-7-8 09:15 AM | Show all posts
Exactly the same as you especially on drafting. Even I met Lesley as first pick and he said "I don't care what hero you would pick. I only wanna boost MMR"
Post time 2019-7-8 11:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ah yes,a new season where the premades are either
A) Get lucky and become top players
B) Get unlucky and beaten to a pulp by real top players.

And also solo Q, which either
A) Get lucky and have good teammate(and hopefully not better enemies.)
B) Get unlucky and have teammate that are either sleeping, confused, real epics, or just plain ol' dumbasses.
Post time 2019-7-8 05:38 PM | Show all posts
For me, i dont find any problem with playing rank matches. Yes AFK and Feeders exist a lot recently but, hey its new season and everyone know getting back to epic is a nightmare.
Post time 2019-7-8 07:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I climbed to LegendII using Johnson 10 win in a row.I will continue today all the way to mythic.U cant trust people these days all selfish gamers no one likes to tank.But for me john is funniest hero to play with and I dont get tired easily like when i play karrie or gusion my fingers get numb and my eyes hurt exp when match last 30-40 min.
Post time 2019-7-9 03:48 AM | Show all posts
just had 9 turks and the most stupid of them was in my team hanabi 20min game 15k gold and played with 5 items and basic jungle item ... i wrote 10 times buy item look item  you play with 5 items ... no we lost and he ended with 5 items


Only your server, not SEA server. Hahahahaha  Post time 2019-7-9 06:22 AM
Post time 2019-8-7 10:01 AM | Show all posts
Just keep strongest & never give up if you solo player
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