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Edited by AZNUR at 2019-7-7 04:04 PM

Yesterday, i read an article about " The Death of Rules of Survival (ROS)". If you guys can remember, the game took over the whole mobile platform gaming like storm. During that time, there is still no battle royale games for mobile devices so ROS quickly dominate the 1st place and becoming game of the year of 2017. But, the company is so egoistic and dont really pay much attention about players complaint and suggestion. Players keep complaining about there is too many hackers in game, too many bugs that players took advantage on, skins prices are becoming unreasonably high and toxicity wildfire in there but the developers keep their eyes closed and sealed their ears tight. They keep releasing expensive skins and stuff and ignore people complaint as for them, they think they know the game better than the players.

Sharp on March 2018, PUBG Mobile was released globally on mobile platforms. The game servers was flooded with players all over the world. The reason PUBG is a big hit during that time is because PUBG is a well known Battle Royale on PC platform so everyone with high expectation for the game moved from ROS to PUBG Mobile. Later that time, ROS base players started to decreasing bit by bit while PUBG Mobile players keep multiplying nonstop. PUBG Mobile got a very positive feedbacks from players due to its reasonable skin prices and fair matchmakings. And all what we know know now, ROS has fallen among the ashes.

The moral value from the story is, PLAYERS OPINIONS MATTER ( of course troll opinions not counted). Any game without any player can no longer can be called a game so thats why it is super important for any game companies to stay connected to their players.

I hope Moonton will not make the same mistake as ROS did and keep in touch your players, ask their opinions on how to make the game better and dont make your own decision without asking players opinions about it. Thanx for reading this.
Post time 2019-7-9 08:45 AM | Show all posts
Everyone waiting for lol mobile.
We will kick moknton's as,sss as soon as possible


I will kick your ugly asian ass.It is not your fault to be an asian  Post time 2019-7-9 05:24 PM
Yeah, go kick some asses, fool  Post time 2019-7-9 04:31 PM
Post time 2019-7-8 11:25 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I guess the reason ROS has fallen is because it is too unoptimized, why would you play an unoptimized game, if you can play a better optimized game that have a famous player base?

That thing could happen to MLBB, although i don't really know about any competitor, the only one that is better than MLBB(no offense) is Vainglory, but it's only popular in west,soooo....??


LOL Mobile is otw btw.  Post time 2019-7-8 05:16 PM
The word IMPOSSIBLE will not cease to exist.  Post time 2019-7-8 11:38 AM
Post time 2019-7-7 06:42 PM | Show all posts
this is the reason we mod exist.
not only in forum but in discord, reddit and fb too.
our job is to submit your feedback to mlbb official weekly.
you will find dev's feedback every week based on your past, there are many "thank you" post in this forum
because mods and mlbb official did listen to forum users.
this just forum. other social channel has same feedback.
this is the reason mlbb is still so popular and will be in future.
thanks for your concern.


Yeah we need more mod like you. If possible, we would like you to become ML developer.  Post time 2019-7-8 05:25 PM
Yeah you are my favourite mod so far :)  Post time 2019-7-8 09:57 AM
Post time 2019-7-7 04:15 PM | Show all posts
Tbh maybe a lack of good competition has made them lazy. Don't mistake me i love this game but releasing op & nerfing after skin sale quota is just plain Bs even for a hardcore fan like me.

Instead they could make a hero and add him with accessories like rpg elements. For example they could add different sword models to lancelot & different cape , hair design etc etc. This will ensure even if hero is old he will still have a sales and they don't need to nerf him to continue sales on other hero skins.

Post time 2019-7-7 05:12 PM | Show all posts
And you think that Moonton will react this post ?
Dont hope too much..


Its not for Moonton, its for u guys :) Just telling my wish for Moonton.  Post time 2019-7-7 05:20 PM
Post time 2019-7-8 11:25 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Lucc at 2019-7-8 12:30 AM

Sometimes I think the number of staff's to run a high demand for suggestions and request's is very small. I'm convinced that our moderators are doing their best to pass on our most elaborate and descriptive suggestions.

In fact, the prices of skins are high, especially for my country, Brazil which suffers a tremendous inflation / economic crisis and the prices of diamonds in the MLBB are high. I was thinking of sending a suggestion about diamond prices here in Brazil, but I have not yet been able to elaborate a text that is descriptive and has a good foundation. Talking about prices is a delicate subject that must be treated with cohesion and explanations...

Recently I sent a suggestion about a forum organization. Sometimes I have a feeling of a bad organization and this gives me the impression that it is just a forum created by impulse. "We need a forum, that's all." But as in any other game I've played in and participated in the forums, suggestions are things that are not very commented by the forum moderators. Sometimes, only passed the responsible staff. Hardly you get returns on what the staff team found of your suggestion, if they liked it or not, points that could improve, you know.

I think that direct communication between the "seller" and the "customer" nowadays has become somewhat more difficult due to several factors.
Post time 2019-7-8 01:04 PM | Show all posts
MLBB first enter the market in 2016. Soon, MLBB become the most popular mobile game in the world. No kidding here, you can hear the sound of MLBB in every single corner on the Earth. Every times you watch ads to claim or double the rewards, it must be advertise about MLBB. I still remember what it said: "Play with unknown players from other countries. Wait for 10 seconds, play for 10 minutes."

MLBB is raising too fast, so it will falling too hard too. First pro players base left after the MSC tournament held in 2017; continue with the lawsuit problem and strike of AOV into the market. The popularity of MLBB sharply fall after these continuous crisis. The community split into two group. First group is those who tell developer take advise from old players (which is minor group on that time) to maintain its glorious; while another group tell developer not to pay attention on others factor and just need to focus in majority opinion (mostly new players on that time) as other attack MLBB because it is too popular.

To be honest, I belong into first group. I knew that age of electronic art is difference from human age. We human will have more experience and more mature as we live longer, but application, especially games, the longer it stay in market, the more likely dying out it will. But majority players said MLBB will stay hot for 2 years, other games has no match with MLBB.

Developer take no serious for both sides community. The proof is first released Lancelot stay in his OP state for 1 season, and slight nerf on next season. During this period, countless of "Nerf Lancelot Thread" flood in this forum. Which mean Lancelot is must ban hero for 2 and half season, he free form ban because another must ban hero is released. Also, developer seem did not care about strike of AOV and VoG during this critical period. The number of players dramatically reduce, this even noticeable in this forum.

With the continuous launched of newer MOBA games, the number of players is clearly not high as in first year. The number of players in Season 4 exceed 10000000, the players almost reach 15000000 in Season 5. (Please correct me if I wrong in the data. One thing I sure is Season 5 has the highest players.) It is normal if MLBB lose to other MOBA games. What make us surprise is MLBB lose to PUBG and ?(I can't remember the name here), which not even MOBA games. Only then developer started pay attention in this forum. Any suggestion, complaint, other games comparison will reach to developer.

Well, Survival mode visit the game. I could said this is very successful change make by developer. Some players came back because of this mode. Some players even suggest make this mode to permanent as this mode only available 2 weeks per season. But than they seem ignore this suggestion. Again, the players gain not enough to cover the players lost.

I can see developer try hard to maintain their players in these 2 season, by rotating the fun mode and adding new element like celestial level. Whatever they do, MLBB already launch 4 years. If they want MLBB continue survive, stay contact with players is the key. Do the survey to see the players lie the change or not, doing the change blindly will only lost even more players. This is because there are at least 5 other MOBA games in the market which is more popular than MLBB, means there is comparison from the players view. Simply follow others game will only make players think MLBB is ripping off from other game.


I agree!  Post time 2019-7-8 07:38 PM
Highly agree...PLAYERS is the main component of every games, without any players, the game will soon die.  Post time 2019-7-8 05:22 PM
Post time 2019-7-8 04:02 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
This discussion reminds me the best days playing Vainglory. OMG, that game....
Post time 2019-7-9 09:17 PM | Show all posts
Probably the game will not die particularly in SEA region. Btw, ROS communities are still present in the Philippines, especially for the PC version.
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