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We understand that the matchmaking system here in Mobile Lengeds: Bang Bang are not balance right?
Then we all blame that problem to the Developers. Many says that they are focus on creating a skins/new heroes rather than focusing on the system.
Many players notice that their opponents are higher than their team mates tier. thats why they prove that match making are not balance right?
and that is the worse scenario because we lose by knowing that our team are no match because of the stars/rank of our enemy right?

the question is.
when do you check the enemy's rank/stars? when you lose? do you even check their rank/stars when you win that match?

because if you check their rank/stars when you win, i believe that there are times that your enemy had a higher rank/stars than your team.
and for me, it proves that rank/stars of the players are not always a reliable source for a balance match making.

So for me, i won't agree that the match making systems are not balance only because of the developers who doesn't fix the system.
because players accidentaly contribute why the match making are not balance. how? i think because of their time, their availability.

let we say, you find a balance match. because let us assume that all of you has the same skill level.
how can we sure that the next game would be the same? if that player with your same level are not the same with your playing time?
does the developer can make a system that you and the player with your same level can have the same time of playing?

then we all know that some of us asking, why i am paired with the low tier team mates and my enemy got high star/tier?
how many times this happen? did we monitor? we rarely examine this kind of scenario when we lose right? then try to monitor
all of our matches, win or lose and see if this is only happen when we lose?

my suggestion is, if you really want a balance matchmaking. try to find some players that you think that they had the same level as you.
then make a lobby and play with them.

again, match making system are not balance. we all know that.
so play at your own risk, if you can't prevent? then be ready to face the consequence.


Post time 2019-6-29 03:30 AM | Show all posts
when do you check the enemy's rank/stars? when you lose? do you even check their rank/stars when you win that match?

Good point

I assume you are not one of those Forumers who think I am a buffon for this forum like @zanboracks says all the time. Eventho I dont know what does it mean. But hey, who cares? nyahahahah


no dude, i even enjoy you two having a conversation on other thread. hahaha because i learned not all players had the same thought and idea. so its up to you on how you receive their feedback.  Post time 2019-6-29 04:38 AM
Post time 2019-6-29 03:43 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2019-6-29 03:53 AM

This problem already happen 1-2 years ago (in this forum) tbh especially end of season. Most mythic rarely play rank end of season and you randomly team up with lower tier player than you.

And sometime, if you play 5 (full team), it take 10 minutes or more to fight with random 5 full team enemy which why it pretty rare to find full legit team without 221 either NA or EU server in rank.


Lol I used to push to Legend S3-S6 at the last week it was easy push because you had lower skilled players  Post time 2019-6-29 01:13 PM
yeah. 1 of the reason why other server match with other tier because of lack of players on the time they queue. and that kind of problem is the problem that developer can't solve  Post time 2019-6-29 04:25 AM
Post time 2019-6-29 04:36 PM | Show all posts
I always suggest to make or play with squad or pre made teams to avoid odds.
The thing is, people won't complain when they are winning. They will only complain when they loose.Yesterday i won against 600+ star player when my team has only 130 star max. But if i loose i might complain. So as long as you win matchmaking is ok.
The matchmaking system is same in all moba and you cant expect it to change instantly.


agree. even if that is not a 100% true, but for me that is the sad reality here in mobile legends. they only feel the unbalance when they lose. that's why they complain?  Post time 2019-7-2 12:36 AM
Post time 2019-6-29 04:40 PM | Show all posts
There's nothing to fix so long as the game is making them millions of dollars.


yeah, i hope that the 50% to 90% of millions are the troll/cancer players.  Post time 2019-7-2 12:33 AM
When the game is about to lose a million, then I guess they gonna fix the game.  Post time 2019-6-30 02:25 PM
Post time 2019-7-3 01:58 PM | Show all posts
the matchmaking system hasn't fixed or balance yet from season 1
but yeah moonton or chinese developer never listen to its community (while they still can made million money every month)

but i believe player base keep decreasing on each season, last year i have 100+ friends online in a same time, and this season only 30left

so i believe when the player base dropping so much they will fix the matchmaking and balancing it (idk maybe based on credit score or rating ratio in each match.)

but yeah moonton never give a shit about matchmaking, they just made shitty skin to earn money


yeah, lets say that moonton focusing on how to earn money, the positive side of that was as long as they earn money, the game will continue. and thanks for the players out there who pay for this game   Post time 2019-7-4 02:05 AM
Post time 2019-8-8 09:46 AM | Show all posts
First.. Dont play solo rank.. Its so hard dude.. Trust me


is this intended to me? hehe just asking.  Post time 2019-8-10 12:42 AM
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