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[Share] How to MASTER and DEFEAT HANZO

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I haveplayed Hanzo in more than 500 games. My win rate is pretty high and in most ofthe games I lost I was MVP. If I could choose one hero and stay with himforever, it would be him. I hope they never rework him because that would bethe worst day of my life.

How to playHanzo:

-Get theassassin emblem, 3 point in speed movement. Sprint spell.

-Move tothe bottom lane jungle area while buying the boots. You need to be fast becauseif you are not, the enemy can spot you. Hide in the enemy bush and steal theRIGHT BUFF. Nowadays everybody expects Hanzo to steal the left buff, so if yougo for the right buff nobody protects it. The left buff is easier because youget it with the jungle monster and have more routes to escape. Its harder to bespotted in the left buff, but as I said, most people protect that junglemonster because you have Hanzo. If they gank you, sprint.

-Clear thebottom wave and get the crab.

-Buy speedboots.

-DON NOTTRY TO GET KILLS, you are not strong enough. In early game you are a supportHanzo, not assassin. Use your ultimate just to poke, not to kill. It isimportant to use it fast and save your energy.

-After youdamage the enemies (not even two can stop you because you are level 4 and theyare still level 2), they will recall or run to heal. This is the time to attackturret, not to jungle or steal buff. Turrets are priority because the lessturrets there are, the more you can steal their jungle.

Keep doingthis until you get 3 attack items (I only need 2 because I have lots ofexperience). Once you have your items, you can get the kills easily. But thekills are not important, just get the turrets and steal their jungle. NEVERtouch your own jungle, unless you will help a teammate to get the buff or thecrab. You can help your team get money as well, you don’t need to do the wholegame alone. The more money your teammates have, the easier it will be for youto push somewhere else.

-If yourteam got a kill it means the enemies are distracted somewhere else, so you canpush that turret harder. You wont get ganked, they are fighting over there. Ifsomeone comes to fight you, it wont be more than one. Let him defend his turretand you go steal their jungle.

-Turtle isnot important, it takes time. What you want is to clear their jungle so theycant farm. Less money for them means your team can handle a 4 vs 5 teamfight,even if you are not there. You are helping them by weakening the whole enemyteam; so you are there in spirit. The problem with most Hanzo players is thatthey go for their own buff at 0:30, then clear the wave and get their ownjungle. They do this because they want to be op fast and in a safe way. Theythink they will get the first kill and then go on a kill streak. That is nothow you play Hanzo. As I told you before, you are weak early game; you need atleast 2 items. Those egocentric Hanzo don’t get the kills, but clear your wholejungle. They help the enemy team because even good teammates cant get the moneyfrom the jungle, so they lose any fights. It becomes a snowball and the game isdoomed. Hanzo has no kills, lots of money, his team is weak and the enemy win.

How todefeat Hanzo:

-One playerin each lane, two players protect buffs hiding in the bushes. Hanzo gets thebuff attacking the jungle monster, not the buff. You can see him but he cantsee you. He will get there fast and hide until second 0:30 if he is in a hurry,0:35 if he is an experienced Hanzo. (these times are for your left buff, rightbuff shows up a little later, around 0:40). Request for back up, stun him andattack. Unfortunately you cant kill him because you only have one skill and hehas sprint or flicker.

-Once youspot the Hanzo, throw an exclamation mark so your team is aware. Get both buffsas soon as possible, two players in each buff. The damage from the first andsecond minion waves is almost zero, so don’t worry about the alarm of beingattacked. Your buffs are priority (most people focus on the waves and go forthe buffs at the fourth or fifth wave, lol; they are fighting Hanzo but theyjust don’t care. The Hanzo gets the buffs, the first kill, the kill streak andyou lose).

-Check thetime you got the buff and be ready to get it again as soon as it is available.Let Hanzo get the crabs, its not possible to stop him from stealing something.If possible get the crab, when you spot Hanzo on other lanes.

-Hanzo isonly good when OP. Don’t give him your buffs and you will be just fine; he willbe forced to take his own, making his whole team weak. You need at least 2heroes with stun, like a Johnson, and heroes with strong attacks, like Eudora(she is the best, I can never kill her). Stun the ghost and fight it until itdies (unless you know he can kill you, then you need to sprint out of there).Check the blood of the ghost, it shows how much time the ghost will be there. Ifyou are the tank, get the damage and don’t kill the ghost. When he runs out ofenergy he needs to jungle between 60-120 seconds to be back with full energy.Make him use his energy.

-If youkill the ghost, the real Hanzo gets stunned and loses some blood himself. Hewont target the tank, and the heroes like Eudora who have stopped him alreadymore than once. The other squishy players need to be extra careful. Heroes likeHarry who can escape easily are the best choices to fight Hanzo. Saber can spothim with his swords, stun the ghost with his ultimate and escape. Minotaur orJohnson best choices for tanking against Hanzo because of the stun. Lesly kicksthe ghost and runs fast.

-Oncekilled, Hanzo is going to jungle for a while. This is a safe time to push lanesand even try to steal the enemy jungle. Kill Hanzo and stop his farm. He isreally weak in his true form, fight him and he will sprint or flicker away. Ifyou know he already used his spell, go for the kill. Hanzo is a solo player, hewill be roaming alone (in just a few games, he will be talking with his teamlike me; only in these few cases he will have back up). If Hanzo dies one ortwice from early to mid game, that is usually enough to stop him the wholegame. Hanzo is only good when he is op the whole game and doesn’t die. Hanzo isthe busiest hero, he needs to steal jungle, push turrets and kill; a dead Hanzois practically giving away the whole game (unless there is a great marksman inhis team who is carrying the whole team).

-Never pushlanes alone, unless you can take the damage of the surprise attack. He hidesfar and his ghost jumps from a wall or a bush, when you see him it is alreadylate. He usually gets a slow you down item, and has 2 strong skills to attack.

-His jumpattack is very hard to aim because enemies escape easily from it. The biggestthreat is the basic attacks and the other skill. Once you escape the jump,prepare to escape the other skill after some basic attacks.

-Once Hanzosees you are protecting your buffs from early game, he will play safe and gofor his own jungle. Not many people dare to try to steal the enemy buff afteralmost getting killed. This is why protecting the buff at 0:30 is so important.If you show the Hanzo that two or even three players will attack him in thebuff area, he wont try again (unless there is a teamfight or you are 4 vs 5).

-It is hardto find the real Hanzo, his body can be at the base when the ghost is attackingyours! Don’t try to, just learn fast how to deal with the ghost. If possible,get a Natalia, the best one to find and kill the body. If Hanzo was their lastpick and you already have a squishy team, try to be in pairs or a group of 3 ATALL TIMES. You not only defend each other from the ghost but have the advantagein number in the fights. You might lose some turrets from early to mid game,but in mid game-late game you can easily recover ground after a successful gankor teamfight.

-There isthis thing when the body gets the attacks that the ghost got. It is justannoying. The other day Harry cards killed my ghost, and my Hanzo body got theultimate because the ring takes a while to explode. The same happens with thebullets from the turrets. Hanabi  attackscan follow the body and even damage the turret where you hide, lol.

-The ghostcan travel throw walls and moves faster than any other hero; its like Pharsa inthe bird form but it last longer. The only “safe” places for a Hanzo attack areyour turrets, but not even there because if the ghost energy is full, he cantotally attack you for 3-5 seconds. In late game I can kill in less than 3seconds. The way you fight Hanzo changes according to early game (when he isnot so strong and focuses on jungling), mid game (op already, pushing turretsand some kills) and late game (70% killing, 30 %turrets), so you need tounderstand what he is doing and act accordingly. The worst thing you can do isget surprised all the time, give him your buffs and jungle, and think you areplaying against any of the other 70 heroes. Only Hanzo and Jhonson have theability to be everywhere all the time and kill you in a second. Fighting Hanzois very similar to fighting Jonson (Jonson is worse because it is 2 enemiesattacking you, but his ultimate is 40 seconds when Hanzo is only 20 seconds).Stop his jungle in early game, kill him twice, and he is done. We pro Hanzonever die because we have sprint and fast boots, and we are ahead the enemylevel and money. Hanzo is the safest hero to play, those who die are justgreedy or have no idea how to play him.

-You don’treally need to practice in custom to play Hanzo, the jump attack skill is justusefull in teamfights or when the enemy is distracted; no need to practice thejump. Just play Hanzo in classic, be a SUPPORT HANZO, don’t try to be theKILLER HANZO. You can be the killer after 10-20 games, when you master therespawn times of buffs and crabs, the routes and the how to escape whensurprised in the enemy jungle. Please be a helpful Hanzo, not one of those whoonly get their own jungle and have no idea what to do when being the playerwith most money in the game. Help your team get the buffs and recall to heal.You can get the lord easily, with the lifesteal item and the buff, around level12 you can solo it. Go for it alone, when your team is pushing or teamfighting.

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When I see Hanzo on enemy team, I'm extremely happy to play Nata because of FREE FOOD
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Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.
It is really difficult to play hanzo. And the detailed explanation and guide will help those who wanna master hanzo.
Lately, adding your profile ss or one picture of hanzo would make the post more attractive. Cheers.
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Thanks a lot for the guide, been planning on buying Hanzo but I've never seen a good Hanzo before, but now I've seen your guide, maybe i won't feed when using him :3
Post time 2019-8-8 11:26 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for all
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