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[Query] Which Fighter is better for me?

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Post time 2019-6-13 12:51 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Hello Guys...
In all role available in this game, I just lack of Fighter heroes. I just have Zilong (Which is free) + Chou.
But now Chou is sometimes get banned & I don't really excited to play him anymore.
Which Fighter above is best for current meta?

- Minshittar - I planning to play it Fighter semi Tank with Endless battle + Corrosive Axe + Thunder belt + Tank item. Focusing to supporting MM  / Mage with securing kills in early game

- Leomord - I planning to play it with Fighter BOD type with Bloodlust axe & some item with CD Reduction. Leomord imo really depend on his Ultimate. But him in ultimate state is really strong with high mobility

- Argus - with his recent buff, His ulti will make him more durable with CC cleanse (Purify) , Skill 1 & passive buffed to give him more mobility to chase & killing enemies. Planning to use him like Zilong, Farm, Farm, with 2 core items he ready for CLASH

Thanks in advance !!

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Post time 2019-6-13 03:57 PM | Show all posts
why forcing yourself into playing meta fighters in 1st place? Wouldn't it give you more fun to find a fighter that you enjoy playing rather than playing a fighter bc one's meta? I play Freya, Hilda and I still can climb with them. And on top of that I have fun


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 Author| Post time 2019-6-13 04:10 PM | Show all posts
OjciecPijus replied at 2019-6-13 03:57 PM
why forcing yourself into playing meta fighters in 1st place? Wouldn't it give you more fun to find  ...

Those 3 heroes made me excited to play than other fighter heroes.
But I wanna focus on 1 hero

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Post time 2019-6-13 04:29 PM | Show all posts
You can always focus on all three of them (if you have enough bp to buy them ofc), though you might be sacrificing your proficiency with other heroes

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Post time 2019-6-13 04:50 PM | Show all posts
terizla can also be a good choice.. ambush a lot.. his skill 2 ending is really hurt.. and since his ulti reach is really short, i like to use sprint to quickly close the gap between me and enemy..

minsi need a good aiming.. and really good at several circumstances and can counter many enemies.. really good when your enemies are lancelot, chou, harith, gusion, harley, claude etc..

leomord is also good.. his ulti is really dangerous.. and he has quite the defense when he is horse riding..

still no comment for argus tho... i nvr interested in him..

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 Author| Post time 2019-6-13 05:49 PM | Show all posts
Vymonchyyy replied at 2019-6-13 04:50 PM
terizla can also be a good choice.. ambush a lot.. his skill 2 ending is really hurt.. and since his ...

Thanks for ur advice. Terizla kinda seems slow that's why I don't excited to play him...
I'm good at Pudge (Dota) from long time ago, Franco too, so maybe hook it's somehow made me excited :D

Leomord at otherside seems so strong, but his greatest weakness is when his ultimate on delay

Anyway, many people vote for argus in this poll LOL

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Post time 2019-6-13 06:01 PM | Show all posts
Using Argus is quite hard though. He will sustain the damage because of it's ultimate. But, all his skill can't lock the enemy (except if you have good aim with the 1st skill). If you miss the 1st skill, enemy can easily run away. For me, Argus can't really carry the team except if you are playing with friends and have good teamwork.


Yes, Aiming the 1st skill will need some mastery. Once you hit it, especially MM/mage, + 2nd skill combo. They will have little chance to esacpe except flicker+dash maybe / sprint  Post time 2019-6-14 09:19 AM

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Post time 2019-6-13 06:03 PM | Show all posts
I'm main Minsitthar and I highly recommend you to use the item build you just mentioned. For me, endless battle+thunder belt+BOD  is really important items for him but I still don't know why top globals always use tank build on him. Minsitthar is the best fighter only if your team have a good assassins because he rely on team kills.


Did, Corrosive Axe works well with his ult? The slow effect from passive will made enemy harder to get out from his ulti right?  Post time 2019-6-14 09:20 AM

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Post time 2019-6-13 08:42 PM | Show all posts
None of the fighters mentioned above, beat Alpha in the fighter class, in my humble opinion... Alpha is a soldier who has everything needed for both 1v1 and TF combat. It has real damage, has CC skill and has excellent sustainability. None of the above has this skill set. but among those mentioned, I would choose the Leomord.


Alpha is good, but I don't like the playstyle. btw, thanks for ur reply  Post time 2019-6-14 09:21 AM

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Post time 2019-6-14 12:15 AM | Show all posts
I've recently been practicing Minsitthar. He's pretty good, but soooo circumstantial. And sadly, not a carry hero. I have gotten so many MVP's as the loser... And even when I'm doing horribly, I am usually at the top gold wise due to his passive, which makes him strong fast.

I build him as a pure fighter though, not semi tank. He's squishy, but he will absolutely rip through any hero in seconds endgame. Take advantage of his passive to gain huge income early and just grab blade of despair early. However, the biggest problems i find with him is that his ulti is so frickin small... I'll pop it on top of someone, shield stun them, AND pull them in with hook and they will STILL be able to run out in time before dying if I don't have at least 3 items up. So keep in mind, you will truly be supporting as you'll seldom get any kills without help, even with all 3 skills being used (unless they are super squishy and slow).

If you do go with him, some advice.
- Poke often before setting off your ult if you want to secure the kill.
- Don't be afraid to use your ult to prevent the enemy from chasing you (or teammates). They'll often run around or if they go through, they get hurt and slowed.
- Use ult right on top of Harith's :D He'll lose all his advantage as he can't teleport around in it (and with no shield, he's quite squishy).
- Only use ult on an unsuspecting fanny. She can still go THROUGH your ult if she has a big enough swing. And it only takes her about 1 second to walk out of it and then she's right back on her shit of spamming you or running away. Have to 3 combo her.
- Hide in the bushes often. His lance grab is so easy to avoid. And even worse, unlike Franco's hook, if you don't get the enemy square in the middle, you won't grab them. Heck, even if you hit them square in the middle, you sometimes won't grab them. It's super frustrating at times.
- Save shield bash for retreats in bad circumstances. It'll save your life as you get 20% increase mobility and a decent shield.
- Be really careful of shield bashing near minions. I can't tell you how many times I think I'm about to stun a hero only to knock them away from me and stun a minion. Then cry as I wasted my ult on that shit only to hit them out myself.
- Don't try to use your lance hook to stun the enemy. Too many times I've attempted to stop them from using a skill and the enemies skill goes off while they are hooked and kills me anyways. Shield bash.

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