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[Hero Concept] Sphicus - Leaden Vanes [#68]

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The Leaden Vanes, Sphicus

"Can you handle the might of my blades?"

Fighter / Tank

Crowd-control / Burst


In the fearful military of the mighty Asuchian Kingdom, stands the few most powerful men in the world. Bodies built like trucks, hitting hard with every move, no mercy is ever given to their foes. This led to many neighboring nations to fear Asuchia, thus their easy growth as a nation.

They have made a name for themselves for being among the four major powers in the land. Such control over a vast area is not an easy task to handle, hence the nation split themselves into nine regions, with each division governing a part of Asuphia's land, all under the command of the sole emperor of the kingdom.

Sphicus, the leader of the Beumorne region, handles all of his work with care. He ranks among the top few most powerful fighters in the country, securing himself as one of the leaders of a region. Ironically, his region, though tiny compared to other regions, is governed well with little to no political, economical and peace issues. With a majority of its population living in high-class homes, the region of Bermorne has been ranked the top region among the nine.

This has led the eight other regional leaders envious and enraged. "Such a small and weak region shouldn't be called the best region!" "My region is much more prosperous comapred to that trash of a region!" "With so little contribution to the military power, how is Bermorne named the best region among us?!"

Even though Sphicus didn't mind it all, nor did the emperor as well, this caused an uproar in the eight other regions. Their greed for having their region named best is like none other. Without the knowledge of Sphicus, the eight other regional leaders formed a secret guild behind both Sphicus' and the emperor's back, naming themselves as "The Righteous Organisation of Regional Leadership" (R.O.R.L). They hold meetings in all but Sphicus' castle, discussing about their plans to dethrone Sphicus and annex the region of Bermorne. Some even wanted to behead the emperor because of his idiotic choice of 'best leader'!

When their plan went smoothly, many civillians from Bermorne were killed, and Sphicus was dethroned and exiled from the nation. His military didn't fight back as commanded from Sphicus, thinking that it would be wiser to not fight among his comrades. All the other regions claimed parts of Bermorne, causing Asuphia to now contain only eight regions left. They were unsuccessful in beheading the emperor though, because of how diligent and slippery his own men are. Sphicus retreated along with a handful of his men and a portion of his region's civillians, journeying through land and sea in order to find a new place to set up shop.

When they arrived near their neighboring nations reside. Though the guards were hesitant, they let them in because they were no more part of Asuphia. Even though no warm welcomes were given to them, they still received plenty of accomodation to live a peaceful life. Then, they started to train themselves and become stronger to be able to survive themselves.

One day, a war broke out between the nation they were staying at and Asuphia. When one of the regional leaders saw Sphicus, he immediately charged at him. Though, he did not prepare for a whole team of men to fight back for him. They all overpowered the leader, killing him in the process. Without a commander, their troops had to retreat.

Months later, news about Asuphia has arrived. Asuphia has fallen after years of it regining due to the emperor giving no remorse for his now seven reginal leaders, thus he left them in secret. Without a good leader, their nation dropped into a deep hole of despair. All other nations neighboring Asuphia charged head in to claim the enormous land it left behind.

Sphicus was unfazed when he heard this news. All he thought was the other leaders are still hiding somewhere, waiting to strike. He left without a word, along with his fan-blade weapon custom made for him when he used to be the leader of Bermorne, to kill off the remaining leaders, or in his eyes, worthless trash.

Skills & Abilities

Sphicus uses a unique weapon that looks exactly like the three blades of a fan. Made with enchanted bismuth, it can transform to sharp turbines or large blades that can block damage. This makes him perfect to be a front-lining fighter, while also able to sustain himself in battle with his defensive version of his fan blades, or vanes.

Passive: Heavy-duty Strike

After transforming his weapon, his next basic attack will cause him to jump onto his target to deal 120% of its original damage, and at the same time stunning his target for 0.75s.

In light-turbine mode, his damage on the same enemy increases by 10% every time he damages them, up to 40%, lasting 4s. In heavy-blade mode, his basic attacks and skills slow his target by 10%, stacking up to 40%, lasting 2s.

Skills do not reset their cooldown upon transforming, but instead will be cut by 35%. Ultimate is automatically unlocked at level 1.

Skill 1 (Light-turbine mode): Blades Swinging (10.3s cd, 70 mc)

Sphicus shoots out one of his turbines in a straight line, stopping when it hits an enemy hero or reaching its max distance, dealing 150/190/230/270/310/350 (+85% total PD) physical damage on the first hit, staying there and spinning rapidly for the next 4.5s. Then, it will deal 65/90/115/130/155/180 (+20% total PD) physical damage every 0.5s to enemies inside its area.

Sphicus can walk over to pick it up, causing his next basic attack to dash behind his target, dealing 30% more damage and slowing them by 35% for 1s.

Skill 2 (Light-turbine mode): Supersonic Lunge (6.5s cd, 50 mc)

Sphicus dashes to the specified direction, dealing 120/150/180/210/240/270 (+50% total PD) physical damage and leaving behind a vertically-placed turbine. Then, after 1.5s, it will rapidly roll back to Sphicus (like Thamuz's rolling scythe), dealing 200/245/290/335/380/425 (+105% total PD) physical damage to enemies along the way.

Ultimate (Light-turbine mode): Hulking Transformation (5s cd, 0 mc)

Sphicus will stop for a moment to switch his turbines into flat semi-circular blades, in the process charging up a shockwave in a rectangular area in front of him for 1s. Then, he will shoot out a shockwave of wind, dealing 175/215/255/295/335/375 (+90% total PD) physical damage, slowing enemies hit by 50% for 1.8s. He receives 50% damage reduction while charging.

Skill 1 (Heavy-blade mode): Air Boost (8.9s cd, 70 mc)

Sphicus rotates his blades behind him, increasing his movement speed by 35%/37%/39%/41%/43%/45% for 3s. His next basic attack in this state will cause him to deal 40/60/80/100/120/140 (+100% total PD) physical damage to his target, slowing them down by 25% for 0.6s.

Skill 2 (Heavy-blade mode): Resilient Stance (15.6s cd, 95 mc)

Sphicus braces himself for the next 8s, giving himself a shield that can absorb 350/400/450/500/550/600 (+100% extra PD) points of damage, lasts the same amount of time. In this stance, he will absorb the damage, which will carry out into Light-turbine mode as well, meaning it will not stop the resilient stance when he transforms. Then, he can either use this skill early or in the next 2s after the stance ends to shoot out a gust of wind in front of him in a large and long line, dealing 230/260/290/320/350/380 (+25% total damage dealt to him in the last 8s of the stance) physical damage, slowing enemies down by 60% for 1.5s.

Ultimate (Heavy-blade mode): Delicate Coil (5s cd, 0 mc)

Sphicus throws his blade in a boomerang-like trajectory where it will only hit enemies in a curved line, dealing 160/195/230/265/300/335 (+120% extra PD) physical damage when it hits an enemy. When it returns to him, it will be already transformed into a turbine.

Extra Info

Sphicus is a very combo heavy hero, but I'll only be explaining one of his combos. It goes like this (start in heavy-blade mode):

2-3-BA-1-2-Pick up turbine-BA-3-BA-1-2-BA

First, you start off in heavy-blade mode. Using the 2nd skill, Resilient Stance, you'll prepare Sphicus for incoming damage. Next, use the ulti, Delicate Coil to transform and shoot out a turbine to deal damage, then use your basic attack from passive to jump at them, deal extra damage and stun them. After that, use S1 in light-turbine mode towards your enemy, dealing damage and preparing your next combo. Use 2nd skill after that (Supersonic Lunge) to dash towards the turbine that's spinning on the ground. You can walk towards it if you can't dash to it near enough. The 2nd skill has a turbine preparing to shoot back towards you in 1.5s.

Then, pick up the turbine on the ground and use your basic attack to dash behind your target. Now that you're behind them, your turbine from S2 will shoot back towards you, hitting the enemy in the process. After that, use your ulti, Heavy Transformation. Since you have to take 1s to fully charge it up, your target is already slowed by your empowered basic attack from S1, making it harder for them to escape. Basic attack once again to stun your target and deal extra damage.

After transforming into heavy-blade mode, use S1, Air Boost to prepare your next attack. Before using your basic attack, use S2, Resilient Stance at the enemy. Now that you've absorbed some damage while doing your combo, the damage from this skill will increase. After they are slowed, use your empowered basic attack to deal extra damage and slow them even more. Then, finish them up with a few basic attacks and you're done with the combo.

Of course, that is one among the many combos you can make with this hero and his unique skillset. Sphicus is a fun but mechanically challenging hero that has good mobility and damage while being able to tank damage as well, making him the perfect candidate for a perma-ban hero.

Reference Images

Heavy-blade mode weapon.jpg
Light-turbine mode weapon.jpg
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This fighter tank combo is really nice. He has two sides. One has damage and other has damage absorption ability. Which is really cool and unique. Please contact in game cs and submit it as a suggestion, you can just give the link only. Thanks in advance.
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  Very cool
Post time 2019-6-18 09:09 PM | Show all posts
Good to know that the weapon made by bismuth material.  
I thought it was real plastic from the picture.

 Author| Post time 2019-6-18 10:03 PM | Show all posts
irezer replied at 2019-6-18 09:09 PM
Good to know that the weapon made by bismuth material.  
I thought it was real plastic from the pict ...

Well I couldn't find any turbines that looked like they were made with metal so I just used plastic ones as reference.
Also, bismuth metal lights up when heated at high temperatures which becomes rainbow colored, and when Sphicus spins his turbines, heat will be generated and cause the bismuth to light up in iridescent colors
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