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[Hero Balance] Belerick, Freya, and Zilong balancing

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Hey there~

So, I found some unbalanced heroes. Well, maybe Layla and Saber would be in my list too, but I realized that they can fight very well if supported by good teammates. Here is my top 3 unbalanced heroes

1. Belerick
As a Tank, Belerick doesn't have any disable abilities other than a small duration of root. and the root is hard to aim. Maybe It's ult is a bit useful, it reduces allies taken damage by 40%, but just that? And then Its 2nd skill, is that... um... just a waste? U sacrifierce some health to deal a bit more hurt damage, but you don't get extra health regen except with oracle? Like... C'mon... At least make Belerick's ult heals all allies in the ult zone as much as it does to Belerick (10% of Its max health, well, half of it is still good enough too), and make the regen from 2nd skill bigger too, or it recovers allies in some radius heals as much as it does to Belerick (or half amount is still good too...), And with many regens, I think It's unfair if It has a good disable, so just let the 1st skill. But, if not, make the 1st skill root for longer time, or make the projectile move faster, or the range longer.

2. Freya and Zilong
Well, I can't complain much about Zilong, cause It's still good, but with these two, aren't they just a hero with 1 buff skill, 1 CC skill, and 1 dash skill, with no damage on their skills? (oh, nice couple, let's ship them)  It make them very slow in laning, creeps cleaning, or farming. For Zilong, He still can fight as an assassin knowing his mov speed is superb and he can move toward enemies quickly. But, sadly, for freya, what is her good? If we use her as an assassin, she is too slow to dash toward enemies and kill them. If we use her as a fighter, she can't really sustain her life in the battlefield. Different from other fighters, such as Bane, Lapu2, Ruby, Alucard, or Guinevere which has a lot of lifesteals and spellvamps (well, dodging skill and a lot of CCs for Guinevere), Freya don't have them. even if we use a lot of physical items, she is still so weak, Just look at her skills, her physical attack is not really making a difference for her skills, so It won't be efficient for her. But, if we put another item, she has no damage lol.
Maybe, It would be better if Freya give debuffs from her skills, like her passive balls reduces armor by 1-5 (increased with the Hero's level) and will stun for 1s if 3 of them is hit to the same enemy, or her 1st skill slows the enemy, or her ult give a buffs that empowers her allies for It's duration, or something like that la...

That's my opinion in the shortest way I can explain, what do you think? thx

Post time 2019-6-8 10:38 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
No , freya is not quite underrated. Freya is one of the few fighter that specializes at backline . She is underrated if she go front line , but match her with 1 mage/fighter and 1 tank and 1 marksman and 1 assasin , it is almost impossible for enemy assasin to reach your marksman ( except fanny ) , helcurt will even suffer if freya is in the backline protecting the marksman.

As for other hero i don't know for sure i'll just let it to moonton .


Wow this is new for me, thanks for the tips  Post time 2019-6-11 09:07 AM
Post time 2019-6-7 08:28 PM | Show all posts
Belerick imo is quite balanced, sure his 2nd skill can get a bit of a buff but overall he is a good tank. Zilong makes sense since he is a starter hero, but Freya definitely needs a buff.
Freya, as a recharge-only exclusive hero, is weak. Yes, this discourages pay-to-win advantages, but it isn't worth it to waste diamonds getting Freya. Heck, even Hanabi is a better choice. Your suggestion sounds balanced, and I would really like to see Freya on the battlefield again. Though, your statement about Freya's sustainability isn't very accurate imo. She is a tanky beast in late game, with insane lifesteal, high attack speed and damage (plus a moderately large attack range too). She's definitely not fallen down to the unusableness of Argus in very high elo, but she's close to dropping there.
Post time 2019-6-7 08:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-6-7 08:28 PM
Belerick imo is quite balanced, sure his 2nd skill can get a bit of a buff but overall he is a good  ...

I agree with you
Post time 2019-6-7 10:57 PM | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-6-7 08:28 PM
Belerick imo is quite balanced, sure his 2nd skill can get a bit of a buff but overall he is a good  ...

Belerick isn't that bad but he still not worthy enough to be use in rank so I agree  that Belerick should at least get a small buff. As for Zilong and Freya, reduce his skills CD  is enough.
Post time 2019-6-8 08:53 AM | Show all posts
I think bring back old Freya 2nd skill to not having skill delay after we use skill will make her shine again.
Of course, she still kinda weak in early game since the only CC she have is in her 2nd skill.
Ah, I will try to use her again and then tell my opinion here.
Post time 2019-6-8 11:44 AM | Show all posts
IMO, Belerick is still one of the tankiest tank rn behind Uranus and Gatot, even before his rework. I'd rather end the game fast than facing a late-game Belerick.

About Frenzy (Freya 'n Zylong), not sure tho, I'm not really into Fighter. But recently, I met a well fed Freya and she got savage, I've been like..
Post time 2019-6-9 03:40 AM | Show all posts
To be honest previous belerick was much better i mean 1st and 2nd skill.
With revamped belerick it is really hard to aim and stun enemy.
Other suggestion are also good and agreed.
Thanks for making this valuable suggestion.
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