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[Complaint] Smurfing

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Maybe this issue has been going on for a long time but i still want to bring it up again and perhaps propose a solution by the end of this complaint.
Picture this, Player A downloads mlbb and has no experience whatsoever. After the first few games using free heroes and winning repeatedly, Player A finds the game fun and enjoyable. However, as soon as Player A reaches Master rank, things start to take a turn for the worst and Player A starts meeting smurf accounts and finds himself losing games repeatedly. Even though he does not lose his stars, he begins to dislike the game because he finds it hard to progress without being actually useful for the team. Often he finds himself carried by his smurf team mates and is unable to grasp the basics of the game such as roaming, etc as the smurfs usually bully him or the enemy team. He faces a decision to quit the game, as he feels like he is going know where.

The scenario above is actually what happened to my cousin. I may be widely exaggerating about the likelyhood of meeting a smurf account but still this issue prevails. The problem with this is basically the with the "pro accounts" trying to farm winrate or try heroes in a smurf account without risking to lose anything in their mains. Other than the intention being kind of selfish, it also creates a harsher environment for those who genuinely want to enjoy and learn mlbb from the beginning. Personally i do not thing win rate matters, as I do know a lot of 50-60% wr accounts who play like global players. Win rate simply isnt a good gauge of skill but rather its a function that shows you your progress. If you happen to have a win rate above 70%, good for you. There are some people i know who grind win rate by playing classic and pairing with a warrior smurf. If you are one of these, shame on you.

How this can be avoided is firstly, use the same matching format for rank and classic (eg.epic can only play with legend and gm).I do understand that by doing so it makes matching more difficult to a certain extent because if you end up with an all mythic match up, thats gonna be a serious game. However, do consider it as an option to make matchmaking better.

Secondly, in order to avoid matching smurfs with newbies, you could either match players according to their statistics (smurfs tend to have all rounded stats) or increase tutorial training and bot match ups in classic to allow new players to become better at the game more effectively.

Thanks for your attention, I may have missed out a couple of things but i hope the point brought across is clear. And in case you are wondering, my cousin is doing fine and is currently in legend 2 now.

Post time 2019-6-6 11:52 PM | Show all posts
I understand and I think it's even harder for Moonton itself to solve this problem because no one can differentiate an original and a Smurf account. Even me myself don't have any idea how to solve this problem. But so far, I can only give advice to new players to never give up , learn from pros and be adaptive.
Post time 2019-6-7 12:59 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
There is nothing that can solve that
Post time 2019-6-7 03:02 PM | Show all posts
I do sometimes play with my sister and little cousin whose accounts are in Elite rank. I usually play with them in classic (ofc) but they only get excited to play when there is an event gamemode (such as Mirror and Mayhem). While playing with them, I will use heroes that I don't play / heroes that I'm practising with as:
1. My wr will drop if I can't carry a team full of GM/Epics
2. It's a good environment to learn new heroes and not have to face criticism (i don't play VS. A.I since the A.I is way too easy and feels unnatural)
3. A way to relieve stress after a losing streak in rank

Though they've already quit the game, I never did once thought using them as an advantage to get a higher winrate before.
Smurfing isn't something bad imo, but it doesn't mean it's good either. One way I could think of fixing this is to implement multiple servers in one region where players can choose which to join. This way, players can smurf in older servers where players have matured their skills in, while newer players can play in the new server without being disrupted by smurfs.


People would abuse it by playing on new servers for street rank , leaderboards etc. We already have people abusing it by using VPN to fake location on street ranking  Post time 2019-6-7 04:10 PM
Post time 2019-6-7 04:59 PM | Show all posts
Edited by RRQ_Jengkol at 2019-6-7 05:00 PM

Just my two cents; if you don't have fun playing a game, quit playing. If you can't quit (maybe the game is a source of income),be a professional, face the hardships and conquer them.

What's the cousin phone like? If it's among the recent midranger (price at least USD 150, less than 24 months old) try playing newer games, maybe that Marvel heroes MOBA. So they meet similarly new players instead of veterans from the golden yesteryears.
Post time 2019-6-7 07:35 PM | Show all posts
This is very hard issue to fix by mlbb official.
There is no possible way to find out smurf and main id.
Post time 2019-6-8 03:53 AM | Show all posts
actually, matchmaking does pair you up by your stats. i have a smurf account i play on once every couple centuries and after a bit, matchmaking pairs me up against legends when my smurf accoount is a elite
Post time 2019-6-8 04:42 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ChrisSummers replied at 2019-6-8 03:53 AM
actually, matchmaking does pair you up by your stats. i have a smurf account i play on once every co ...

Unless it’s ranked, all other modes can be yolo, no?

Ranked games is serious is just practice and fun.

Don’t get too serious or hung up about it.

Moonton did a big mistake of including non ranked stats in WR.

So dumb.
Post time 2019-6-10 12:44 PM | Show all posts
How to know if it's main account or smurf account. If the player is really good, with rounded stats will he get banned? Unfair lol
Post time 2019-6-10 06:10 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-6-7 07:35 PM
This is very hard issue to fix by mlbb official.
There is no possible way to find out smurf and mai ...

Preventing of making smurf account is unsolveable. But, i have a suggestion.  What if accessing to the next tier is paying. I mean from Grandmaster to Epic, it needs hundreds diamonds or fragments or more than fifty thousand BP to pay. From Epic to Legends the price will be slightly double, and so Legends to Mythic can be more expensive. What about the losing star? If you are already in epic for example, you cant be down back to GM. The star will be stop in Epic V star 0. Only seasonal reset can decrease the tier. Also if you win more than Epic 1 star 5, you will stop there unless you can pay for accessing Legend tier. Every seasonal reset, there will be diamond discount voucher to come back to the last tier achieved or many BP bonuses. So, accessing to every tier will need to pay with abundant diamonds or BP or fragments. IMO, smurfer will rethink to create another new account because of those spending money and hardworks. It sounds silly and impossible, but i dont know it is just my suggestion.
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