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[Gameplay] Reward MVPs with more protection points

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Hello !

I am an old player (started playing in season 2) and recently restarted to play and climbed from low Master to Grand Master I having just one win away reaching Epic but then I started to get bad teammates... Like push-solo, chase-kill-under-turret, focus-enemy-tank etc kind of teammates.

I am a tank main (yeah, to role that EVERYBODY and THEIR MOTHER hates playing)  and an analitical kind of player meaning that I am aware of different aspects of the game that can cause failure that are basically innevitable (like getting 5 man ganked, being hooked from your tower to their fontain, having ADC focused by their assasin etc.) and I try to find a strategy to counteract them (tell teammates to push while being ganked, wiggle my ass off to not get hooked, waiting for their assasin to attack to get him focused etc.). That kind of stuff. SWOT analysis rocks :)

The point is that I am not getting salty easily.  But knowing I am powerless because I have bad teammates and that loss is innevitable it's really fustrating !

What I am proposing? To reward MORE protection points to players that do exceptional in a team that gets steamroll so that their rank won't decay thanks to bad teammates. I am not saying to save a star at every 1 or 2 consecutive MVPs (even tho I would LOVE that) but just help people keep their rightful rank, because I don't want to get my protection star when I will reach Master..

Hopefully some dev will reach out and do something.
Have a nice day !

Team of enemies with big belly's after being fed of my teammates

Team of enemies with big belly's after being fed of my teammates

MVP? Worthless..

MVP? Worthless..
Post time 2019-5-31 04:41 PM | Show all posts
2 MM IN RANK ???? What kind of curse is that. Im just thinking you are having a bad luck mate. Try to cool yourself with classic mode and try again later. But yes I agree about the protection point and if possible, i also would like to suggest Moonton to double the protection point of the MVP of the losing.
Post time 2019-5-31 09:14 PM | Show all posts
Well first thing.. Welcome back to MLBB, How push?? Bad? IKR.

GM,Epic and Legend was maybe a bit harder stage when pushing Rank. most of time you will got trolling, trash team, hardstuck, and yes pushing with teammate like that will take awhile.

I heard this sugestion before, and it looks like good sugestion but no. it just slow your rank star go down by 1 how about you got 3 troll match on rank would that be a help. NO.

this ranked system is stupid from the start, so just hang on there. if you play most of the game using tank, maybe consider search good teammate, or literally just change Main until higher Tier cause SOLO, Tank Main, Low Tier not really a good idea.

well, hope you got a good match along the way.
Post time 2019-6-1 01:09 AM | Show all posts
So sad ranked with useless player.. But okay not bad
Post time 2019-6-1 03:12 PM | Show all posts
Epic is cancer division dont you know that? If you s2 player you must know this.
i prefer to make friend. Just play with the player who plays good in solo q, invite him to play duo or trio.
Hope you will pass the epic as soon as possible.
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