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[Hero Balance] Harith

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Post time 2019-5-15 12:39 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Ever since the final neft to his immobilization. People stopped banning, using, heck even starting to trash talk the Harith users.As a Harith main. I believe he's becoming underrelming compared to Lunox, Kaja, Esmeralda, Gwen, ect.
Do you think this little guy deserve a slap on the wrist?

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Post time 2019-5-15 12:47 PM | Show all posts
I've seen many Harth players in the Mythic rank, Harith is like glass cannon right now. It is not that Harith is OP with that cooldown, damage, shield and mass slow. Most of the player knows how fragile Harith is and they know how to counter or overcome that weakness.

I think Harith is fineee..


As a Harith main with 160+ matches, and 66%, winrate. I agree with this! The reason I made this poll is because many other Mythics/YouTube's were saying Harith isn't good anymore.  Post time 2019-5-16 01:58 AM

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Post time 2019-5-15 02:12 PM | Show all posts
Harith is fine
But if you compare him with lunox, i would go for lunox.


Lunox dropped after the mana neft, but she's op again out of nowhere. This is probably owing to the Harith nefts.  Post time 2019-5-16 01:54 AM

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Post time 2019-5-15 02:36 PM | Show all posts
Harith is balanced. Dont compare him with the METAs you stated, they are highly imbalanced.


Khufra approves with this message!  Post time 2019-5-16 02:00 AM

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Post time 2019-5-15 02:39 PM | Show all posts
Anyone knows when will he be released in Fragment shop?


Oh I found it! " [Harith] available from May 25th."  Post time 2019-5-15 02:48 PM

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Post time 2019-5-15 09:37 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by ryans46 at 2019-5-15 09:54 PM

I'm back from the game but only plays brawl and special modes, and If I categorized him he'll be a Semi-Meta Hero.

*sigh* Players nowadays complain if their OP heroes aren't OP anymore just because Moonton remove 1 skill effect. Honestly, the DAMAGE is still there and now it's even more higher. Not used to heroes that requires skill I see.
Back then when Moonton Devs are still reliable and listens to player, Heroes are nerfed good. For Example,

Players: Balmond can steal Lord so easy!
Moonton: Balmond's Lord-Stealing Ult nerfed
Players: Lance have a ridiculously High Dmg besides Immunity!
Moonton: Ok, nerfed.
and many more

But now, Moonton Devs aren't even properly nerfing Heroes. For Example,

Players: Gussion have a  very very High Dmg!
Moonton: Ok, we will nerf the Slow and release a Skin.
(Gussion's main problem is High Dmg. Look what Devs did, they JUST reduce his Slow like wat-da-fac? A Solution that's ABSOLUTELY NOT RELATED to the PROBLEM.)
Players: Harith have a very very High Dmg whilst having Great Survivability despite being a mage.
Moonton: Well then, nerf the Unique Immobilization Effect and Increase his Dmg, also a Skin is coming.

What's next? It's probably:
Players: Esmeralda have so High Dmg and so High Survivability because of Shields
Moonton: Dear players, we've heard you loud and clear. About Esmeralda, we will nerf her Slow while releasing New Skin.

Ok, guess we'll take a break - Top Players and Many Players and Youtubers (Bye BluePanda), 2019.

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Post time 2019-5-15 10:50 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ryans46 replied at 2019-5-15 09:37 PM
I'm back from the game but only plays brawl and special modes, and If I categorized him he'll be a S ...

I agree with esmeralda. She's the reason i quit ml now , devs has stopped listening to player since they release esmeralda.

But for gusion , no , gusion is balanced.
Devs made the right decision by removing the slow AND not nerfing the damage.
Gusion damage is his bread and butter. Damage damage and damage is the only thing he can do. Slow and skill 1 is his only crowd control.
He also doesn't have immunity and knockup/silence/crowd control that other assasin have. Just try to learn to not receive too much damage from him (especially if you're a tank).
And also , gusion combo put him in a risk of getting gang banged. Unlike the OP claude , gusion cannot run far far away after doing his ultimate combo. His dash is way too short.

He also have many counter. Here are the top 10 hero to counter gusion :
Franco,minsitthar,fanny,helcurt,chou,aurora,eudora, jawhead , lolita, EVEN rafaela .


Take this into consideration though. With Fleeting Time 1 kill will make his ultimate available again He can pretty much decimate a whole team by himself if he's fed enough, and with a proper support  Post time 2019-5-16 01:49 AM
I agree. gussion doesn't have a shield, after the combo, if an enemy with a slow effect still exists, gussion is pretty much an easy kill.  Post time 2019-5-15 11:10 PM

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Post time 2019-5-16 12:19 PM | Show all posts
I think harith is already out of meta. Me also harith main but i stop completely after the nerf. Compare to lunox or harley or even esmarelda harith is really weak now. The sole purpose of this hero to enter team fight and do spam 2nd skill while trying to survive. With no immobolize and less shield he can't even survive 1v1.What is the reason for his passive then?


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