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Author: Dumbn00b
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[Gameplay] fix the *ing matchmaking system you useless piece of *(devs)

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Post time 2019-5-14 01:53 PM | Show all posts
Edited by hudaa at 2019-5-14 03:19 PM
zanboracks replied at 2019-5-14 09:56 AM
Matchmaking system is %100 random.
There is no balance.
Matchmaking system of moonton is based on "  ...

Look who is here...

Listen, Roger. I got 2 not support points doesnt mean forum hates me. I dont even really care what it means. trying to ban me from forum? good luck
I am sorry for breaking your happines there. this season is my 4th season in a row on archiving mythic. and I got it by solo q. do you think you are better than me? ofcourse not. because matchmaking system hates you

let me ask you and the author @Dumbn00b a simple question, where were you when matchmaking system paired you with an easy enemy team?  oh and you are saying you two never faced that kind of enemy? poor you then.

nvm the author, he is not coming back

Post time 2019-5-15 06:20 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-5-15 06:54 AM | Show all posts
Edited by hudaa at 2019-5-15 07:34 AM
Can someone tell him that i became GLOBAL 5 roger and mythic 67 star last season as a solo q player.But i dont boast myself or i dont declare to forum as you " wooooo i become mythic as solo q wooooooo guys look at mee woooooo i am mythic woooooo "

Yeah please someone tell me, please. Come on. I am waiting
Do you know that many forumer are mythic and solo q player here ? Thats why we laught at your post.You are like a villager who enter a city first time in life.But many forumer are mythic and solo q here but i never see a topic like yours.Nobody says " guys look at me i become mythic as solo q " .Only you did Little hudaa

How many person exactly that your "we" stands for? Tell me. Dont use any we if you are alone
you missed the point about my thread. I wasnt telling the forum that I finally reached mythic. But I was telling the forum, I can reach mythic without blaming mtachmaking system, without crying and asking dev to nerf chou and kimmy, without asking dev to buff your roger, without accusing devs with money things, without ...nevermind
am not mod . I just told you dont write to me under topics.Dont harass me.Dont answer meBecause i dont do.If you do , i will report you to a mod.Because you harass me in every post.For example i wrote my opinion here and you harass me without reason.I just comment.There is nothing about you and you harass.What is your problem ?

I am not afraid of you, dude. You think you the only one knows the rules here? Report me as much as you can. what makes you think I care about it?
If you think you are better , then come to 1v1 . I defeat many forumer.Forum know some of them.If you boast with yourself , then come 1v1 Mr.Mythic ( he is first time mythic lol ) . We will see what kind player are you.

You were assuming me as a kid and now you challege me 1v1? who is kid, now?
Either I win or lose, it would change a thing, wouldnt it? so what do you expect on 1v1?
Oh I see, you chal me on forum so user or even mods see your power. hmmm Interesting. and you were accusing me as the one who seeking for attention?
Is that how you defeat forumers? by challeging them 1v1?
I never lost 1v1 in my life.I never opened a topic about my successes as you . I am waiting your answer.Come.I am waiting for your answer.I think forum miss action.Lets do action for forum.Waiting to add you defeat list.

wooo, this one is scaring me to death. I might a kid, but I am not stupid.

by the way, you havent asnwer my question above. You cant? oh dont bother
you mentioned as a solo q, but you complained about matchmaking, it's so funny
You mentioned as a mythic with 67 stars global 5 Roger (Last time I recall, he denied when I said roger is his main), but you dont know how to deal with kImmy? asking dev to nerf Chou? Complain about Harith Apperance? What kind of mythic are you, @zanboracks


I like to teach kid 1v1  Post time 2019-5-15 08:54 AM
Post time 2019-5-15 08:52 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-5-15 01:41 PM | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-5-15 08:52 AM
UUuuuuuu i am mythicccc uuuuuuu i am mythiccc uuuuuuu

Guys look at me i am mythic uuuuuuu guyssss ...

Yeah. Ignore the question
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