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[Gameplay] Terrible Match Making Issues

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Edited by mhoz000 at 2019-5-13 08:25 AM

I have been playing since a year ago never been to Top Global 1 and Top 1 Philippines in original server due to Toxic, awesome and Feeding Teamates and worst of all every time I win like two wins next game will be lost two games even in Classic please Moonton do something many Filipino players are about to quit due to terrible Match Making and it is getting worst. Everyday I see players they are selling their Mobile Legends account due to worst match making and they are about to play other games. Yes I always wanted to quit since last year these terrible match making and joining squads or inviting friends is not a good choice what about solo players like me? I have 6100+ matches with my Ruby in original server and 500+ in advanced server, I am current Top 1 Philippines Ruby in advanced server but in original server I am a having worst rank ever. I already grandmastered Ruby but I don't deserve low and worst match making. Please do something I hope you can do like what Gun Bound online game they separate from low, medium to high division by level and there is rare cancerous players there. And DO NOT ALLOW player who are using their heroes for practice in Rankings especially smurf accounts. Please restrict it more! Restriction against low matches players and need some requirements how to able access to any higher rank. I want to be Top Global 1 Ruby, I did my best but I never been become one. Here is my game name mhoz and ID number 72972252 (3010).
Post time 2019-5-14 02:22 AM | Show all posts
I am more likely go to other game in the future if Moonton does not make any move for this match making.

dude, you know what reality hurts? because even if you buy luxury skin
you can't demand or threat moonton that if he can't do this you will go.

as long as there are players specially rich kid that is satisfied in this game
mobile legends will be mobile legends. btw im at philippines too, and i can say
mobile legend in our area became more popular now a days and many players
came back after trying some new games.
Post time 2019-5-13 08:59 AM | Show all posts
I can understand your word since i also saw many players reached mythic rank with 40-50 matches and i also think there should be a restriction on higher rank vs your account age or something like that. Moving this to suggestion sub section so that we can submit this.
Thanks for your feedback.
Post time 2019-5-13 08:32 AM | Show all posts
Advanced Server has only numerous of players that means that there's much less competition there and the toxicity there is probably low because only players who know how to read or got the intellect can join the Advanced Server because they can follow instructions. Now for your concern in the original server, I apologize for the toxicity of the matches but it's part of achieving a place in the rankings. Are you aware that most of the players or probably 100% of the players in the rankings are players whom has a team of 3-5, making them have a solid rotation and teamwork which makes winning easy to them. I'm suggesting that you should probably have someone go with you or you should form a team or join a team/squad as this will eliminate or lower the chances of losing.
 Author| Post time 2019-5-13 08:40 AM | Show all posts
The problem is, some squad have some requirements before become one of them I am main Ruby but other heroes have below 50% winrate made by random cancerous team which is not my fault and it is not recommended for every solo players who are new or not or else they might end up to other games like PC games, mobile game, etc. And it is still not good way to find team mate due to schedule problem, lacking of skills, attitudes, etc.
Post time 2019-5-13 08:46 AM | Show all posts
mhoz000 replied at 2019-5-13 08:40 AM
The problem is, some squad have some requirements before become one of them I am main Ruby but other ...

What you need probably is a comfort friend, wherein you can play with them casually like during night time or somehow. There are squads like that. I, personally, has a hectic schedule as well but I'm still able to play with them even though they also have work. We usually play at night or during free time when all our schedules meet.
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 Author| Post time 2019-5-13 05:52 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-12-31 03:02 AM

I have some friends and with two squad still nothing and no signs of improvement and I am more likely go to other game in the future if Moonton does not make any move for this match making.
BD007 replied at 2019-5-13 08:59 AM
I can understand your word since i also saw many players reached mythic rank with 40-50 matches and  ...

Thanks that's big help to us!
Post time 2019-5-14 09:12 AM | Show all posts
Indeed it's stressful and sooner or later you'll get used to it.
 Author| Post time 2019-5-15 06:09 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-12-31 03:05 AM
n4n4 replied at 2019-5-14 02:22 AM
I am more likely go to other game in the future if Moonton does not make any move for this match mak ...

You can call it luxury thing,  her Epic skin has been prepared to buy from last year. If you compare to other games you would not say Moonton is the only Money Maker, if you go to other games there are lot of things are need and some are not needed to buy or charge up for a game $100-$200 ( I don't really confirm if it is) per month or else you cannot play until you pay or buy equipment items would cost $10-$30 per set in total of 5 or more per hero for bonus attributes. I cannot explain what are those you can research it since I am not able to play those games only Mobile Legends is the only cheapest game I have ever played compared to Ragnarok Online game the highest grade equipment would cost $500 or more per set.

I don't think Mobile Legends will be always popular if they don't make a move for the biggest problem of every player is Match Making yes it is Match Making I already mentioned I played this game for years this current season is the worst unlike last year. Ragnarok and Dota 1 are used to be number 1 in games and why they are not number 1? Because people nowadays preferred to play in Mobile rather than PC which we can play everywhere without bringing the whole set of PC. Mobile Legends is the easiest game to play compared to Dota if you are familiar with it but even Mobile Legends is an easy game there are lot of issues here number 1 THE PEOPLE HOW TREATING BAD TO OTHER PEOPLE especially Fiipinos but other nations are not that so toxic as Filipinos that's the truth example one of your team mate will scold you and will include your personal life and threaten your family that's one of the bad image of Filipino players if your team mates are foreigners will not scold you even 2 times you accidentally died in the game unless you really intentional feeding that is one of my experiences ever have that destroys the whole community game and number 1 is also Match Making I think I don't need to explain why.
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