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Author: AnnaStrasza
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[Query] Ban option in ranked why???

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Post time 2019-5-13 09:06 AM | Show all posts
AnnaStrasza replied at 2019-5-13 07:49 AM
In fair play there should be no ban, no?
Pick any hero of your choice and let the best team win.

Fair play has little to do with ban.
I can say that it is more fair to allow ban. So that players that cannot buy the op hero can have the option of denying it for the enemy.
Post time 2019-5-13 10:05 AM | Show all posts
No wonder people call epic as cancer division.
I understand esmarelda, lunox, guinevere. but how come harith and granger?
Harith is now balanced but i think is weak. and granger might has some punch with first skill but thats it.
he is really weak in late game and if you miss 1st skill then he is useless. almost played 60 matches with granger and i can say after the update he is really weak now.
Post time 2019-5-13 11:19 AM | Show all posts
Same like @izaidi said

If you want like that.. Just play classic.

When you reached Epic or above.. You no longer can use any hero you want. Team composition is really important in this.

If you want to use certain hero which is you expert in it, it also apply for the enemy as well.

In GM division or below, both of team can use same heroes. Let say you want to use Gwen, and maybe the enemy can use Gwen as well.

But in Epic-above, your team & enemy team can't use same hero, that's why draft pick existed.

When you reached high division, the game will be more competitive. And for some people, certain heroes are threatening, in this current meta, Gwen considered as one of op heroes, let say you want to use it in ranked and she's free ban, but the enemy pick Gwen first, it's same, right? You can't pick her either. But the enemy team gets more advantage when getting her.

So that's why there's a thing like "pick & counter-pick" in draft.

But when you got no hero to counter op heroes that you can't counter. To prevent that heroes is to ban them from earlier. If you can't pick the hero that you want, so don't let the enemy pick it. That's the purpose.


Well explained :)  Post time 2019-5-14 10:07 AM
Post time 2019-5-14 01:16 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Well... From Moonton perspective it's probably so that "people will have more fun planning strategy, and so that you can give even more performance from your heroes by banning your counters! So fun fun fun!" meh, let's be honest here, we all ban heroes that's op(Kimmy, Khufra, Diggie, Esmeralda, etc) sometimes we ban the heroes we're scared of.
It just works.
Post time 2019-5-15 09:40 AM | Show all posts
It benefits pre-made teams ranks. It's like you're playing chess with the other 5.

You ban the counters of the hero your team plans to pick. Then the enemy team can predict who you're picking based on who you banned. The enemy team then ruins your planned team composition by picking some of the heroes your team planned to pick based on prediction. etc etc.

But in solo queue, the "banned" heroes are generally banned in every game. Cause you and your teammates doesn't know each other, who each other's main heroes/roles, what playstyle your team's going to use in the game.

Sorry for the grammar lapses. I hope I explained it well enough.
Post time 2019-5-17 12:49 PM | Show all posts
to put it shortly, op heroes exist, and since op heroes can solo carry, banning makes it more fair for each team. because honestly have u ever seen a team with 3+ op heroes lose? no! (unless they are terrible and noob). but in epic+ case, anyone who uses an op hero probably knows how to use them. that's why banning is a thing. i kinda wish we were allowed to ban at least 6 heroes now.
Post time 2019-8-21 07:41 PM | Show all posts
Because you are trying to cover ur weaknesses, dont jsut cover 'op' heros
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