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[Hero Balance] Nerf suggestions on meta heroes

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Hello everyone, I'm writing this post to share opinions and comments on how can ml nerf meta heroes.

NB: I'm not writing this to complain, I'm mythic rank so I know how to play/counter heroes and so on, so please abstain if you have to trash talk.


Kimmy: the problem of this mm is the high mobility imo, she can convert atk speed bonus in movement speed, so maybe a good nerf could be to convert half of atk speed bonus instead of all atk speed bonus, and maybe give her some base hp back

Claude: claude can benefit from 2 builds: GoldenStaff/DemonHunter build or crit build. The problem is that the first one is too much gold efficient, because even if claude is behind farm with these 2 items he can carry a game. Removing this would be too much, so what about if the ulti fires less bullets with increased crit damage ? this way the GS would be optional when there are many tanks, and gives more space to the crit build.


Chou: even if chou is strong, I don't think his kit should get a nerf. Some Hp/Armor nerf should be enough

Guinevere: her combo is insane, even if it can be avoided by using purify. What if the second skill jump would be a little bit slower ? I think this can affect skilled players who have good reaction, and Guinevere can still be very good in low elo where players are less capable to dodge skills. Give some base movement speed to compensate should be ok.


Lunox:  I don't think nerfing the damage is a good solution, I think the problem of lunox is her survaviability in teamfights and her high mobility, because she can switch very fast between immunity and insane burst. What if ml removes the blink of the chaos ulti ? She is still a threat, but without a dash it's harder to chase enemies and people have to think more about positioning. Maybe give some increased slow duration on her second skill to compensate.

Esmeralda: Access to both physical and magic damage, Accesso to both physical and magic items, insane amount of shield, and very tanky too. I think nerfing the early sustain should be a solution to give enemies a window to abuse esmeralda. The problem is the conversion of shield to HP, which is the core of her kit. What if the conversion of the shield is 75% instead of 100% ? She can still steal a lot of shield, generate a lot of shield but the sustain in early game would be less effective.

Tell me your opinion, if you agree or not, if you thout about other nerfs, let's keep this conversation active.

Post time 2019-5-8 10:37 PM | Show all posts
Staufferboy replied at 2019-5-8 09:42 PM
Claude is fine for me. But the Guinevere the only nerf i want for is that her ultimate can be stop b ...

I don't think so. when Guinevere was released, players barely use her cause her ulti was NOT immune to cc effects, in that time she WAS useless until Moonton BUFF her. The very best solution is make the CD of 2nd and Ult a little longer


Shows how Low the Quality of Players now. Just want EZ Win. Look what happened to Granger, Badang, and Khufra now.BTW, I'm a living proof that Post Buff Guin is OP.  Post time 2019-5-9 08:01 PM
Nope, players just don't want to learn as most New Heroes that needs Skills to be Connected/Set aren't much popular either until someone knows the trick.  Post time 2019-5-9 07:57 PM
this one I agree better. with fleeting time, her ult becomes much more spammable.  Post time 2019-5-8 10:51 PM
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2019-5-8 09:42 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-12-30 03:25 PM

Claude is fine for me. But the Guinevere the only nerf i want for is that her ultimate can be stop by knock up effects. Because there are only 7-8 heros that have knock up effects. If her ult was not immune to any cc she wouldn't be that good anymore

Also for Esmeralda they should make it where her shield should not pass 50% of her hp
Post time 2019-5-9 02:14 AM | Show all posts
Tbh Kimmy is borderline balance. Yes her burst/poke is annoying early on. But pick up a charger like Harith/Gussion, and she's ez food.

Now Esmeralda's a different story all together. She's undoubtedly the best hero in the game currently.
Post time 2019-5-9 07:28 AM | Show all posts
Please let me play her first haha
Post time 2019-5-9 07:44 AM | Show all posts
I support this! But I'm surprised you didn't put kaja on there. He is one of the most banned heroes, and is super annoying. I agree that kimmy should get a huge nerf! She's a mm, and has high movement speed AND damage. MM aren't supposed to be that fast. I also think esmeralda is RIDICULOUS OP, although sometimes it's hard for her to finish. I support this but doubt moonton will even look at this cuz they moneyton
Post time 2019-5-9 09:17 AM | Show all posts
I support it all

I switched my main from Cyclops to Lunox but I still think this is a great nerf suggestion for her since she really needs to be nerfed.

I really hope they don't reduce her damage. A damage nerf on Lunox will kill her.
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