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Hello there

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Well, hello there guys, GX99212 here only because of one general thing....

It's because I have a custom hero that I wanted to make, but I don't know where I could make the post of it?

What is Custom Hero? Is a hero/charACTER that someone make it by himself based on the system at that game. Originally made by that person or in this case, is me. I just love making any custom things in the game serials that I played in a long time, even once I make them too OP.

Would be he/she too OP? Yeah, unfortunately... I will think a way or two to not make him too OP(Like decreasing his HP and DEF stats since that will be a Fighter/Marksman)...

Will be the second and third or more will be too OP? Well, only one who will became "OP", but the rest are just some balanced units that could survive the META in mid-high tier, even with nerfs. That only will be happen once I get the idea...

Will be the most OP get nerfs? If it's possible, yes... Nerfs are important and I realise that... But not that hard until he/she became forgoten unit.

Will you do the unit art? Nope, absolutely not.... Because I can't draw, as simple as that... I'm only did the written design

Can you do the programming and animation? Nope, absolutely not.... Those things are not my majority...

Will you make a custom item? Well, if I have an idea only.... Maybe this item will make Zilong great again...

You said Zilong before, is there ideas how Zilong will be OP again? IMO, yes there is, bring back the Attack Speed Buff to "30/40/50" or "30/45/60" instead of "30/30/30" (If I not forget, one of those will not get risen even the levels of Zilong's Ult is risen), make him immune to the CCs for his ultimate in the first 5s, Change his skill 2 to a Blink/AoE base while not forgeting the Chase thing in his skill 2 and increase the slow debuff... About Skill 1, leave it be or make it a combo that has an AoE + CC... AoEs and CCs are the most important in any META... For Zilong's Case, slow will do...

How about Layla? Well change her skill which only used to attack to have some blink + AoE effect, she needs it that much... By the consequence, nerf her range a bit... But, I care less for Layla since she only has.... one thing, yeah... one thing only.... You know what I mean, those are the same as Karina and Selena...... Ooops, I hope I don't get any extra s
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do you confide?
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welcome to the forum you can post you idea on the creative exchange and your suggestions on the suggestion section to get to the section click on forum and make sure you use the reply button
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Hello welcome to the forum
Please follow rules and regulations and enjoy your stay
Join our official discord server for pre mate team mates for rank/classic here

Also check our portal for tons of game resources like guides, tutorial, troubleshooting guide, fan arts, new hero suggestions and many more here
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Welcome to the Mobile Legends forum.
Such a lovely forum.
Such a lovely forum.
Plenty of post at the Mobile Legends forum.
Anything you want to know about MLBB you can find it here.
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hello dude welcome
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Edited by GX99212 at 2019-9-9 02:17 AM

Q: Is there any Love Triangle/Harem thing here? (Beat Universe's Lore)
A: Nope, I don't like it....
Q: Is Lucielle has romantic feelings to Beat?
A: Hold your horses, she has not yet have that feeling.... Yet I mean... Not that impossible, but for now, she only wants to have some adventure with him as a friend, like Goblin Slayer with the Archer Elf :v
Q: Is Beat romantically/sexually interested on Lucielle?
A: Hold your horses, perverts.... He isn't you daily type of "Kirito" protagonist, he didn't care about her and only cares for his own adventure and freedom. He only wants to smack Lunox's face because she brings him to Land of Dawn, he loves adventure but he hates going to the otherworld(Land of Dawn in this context). Even Lucielle is T H I C C, he won't succumb that easily to T H I C C girls, even that part of the story of his is true.
Q: Who is the corrupted father of hers and the bastard prince that you mentioned earlier? (See Lucielle Story)
A: Hmmm, later, I will tell you as the time goes on... Spoilers: I would pick Tate no Yuusha's Aultcray's seiyuu for the Corrupted King, and I would take Naofumi's seiyuu for this bastard prince if they are accepted...
Q: Is the story has connection to one of the other characters that already exist in the canon?
A: Nope...
Q: Why her(Lucielle's) bust size and hips size is that big?
A: My own habit to create a busty/buxom female characters, I just happened like T H I C C girls, but not fat ones... SJWs, you have no right nor power on my character!
Q: Why you don't let Moonton take the VA and you put who do you think the seiyuu is fit for the heroine?
A: Hmmm.... Moonton's way of picking seiyuu is... Not that good IMO... Ideally, you would want different VA for different characters, except for some cases.... But, Moonton doing this too much, relying on 2-3 seiyuu for dosens of charaters. I won't let Moonton did this to my character, IF they are recieved as a character, I want someone who is famous enough to pick on my characters, and I make them as the seiyuu because of the characterization, not for money cash grabbing like Moonton do... (I'll Update Beat's VA Info after this... Spoiler: The seiyuu is either "The One who became the seiyuu of dozens of MC(Two of them are "Giant-Slaying Maniac" and "Hundred Year Old Demon that Looks Like a Child")" or "The one who makes the voice of a certain King of Heroes(You know what I mean...)" both of them fitting to his character but I still thinking who is the one who fits the most).About Lucielle, I pick Saori Hayami due to her soft voice and I choose Laura Post because of her track record to voice act as League of Legends' Ahri and One Punch Man's Fubuki. Well initially, I want to use Miyuki Shiba's English and Japanese voice actor, but Mahouka Rettousei hasn't done english dubbing yet till now...
Q: How many males and females that you will create? Are the females are all T H I C C ?
A: 4 Males and 3 Females, one role got one each. As the "Fighter" is taken by Beat and "Mage" is taken by Lucielle, the rest is "Pure Marksman", "Tank", "Assassin", and "Support". About the T H I C C characters, only one that I planned to make it as the T H I C C character. The rest could be a pure flat or loli as your tastes said so.

Extra Fun Fact: Beat is some of the Male Heroes that can not be seduced by Alice. He says, "Comparing to that "spoiled"(In his PoV) princess, you are much smaller than hers.", and his Armor that both physically and spiritually attached to him makes him kinda "resistant" against Vexana's spell(But, this not implemented on the gameplay and will not implemented)

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