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[Gameplay] MatchMaking - Suggestion - Anti AFK Player

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Post time 2019-4-27 01:52 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by ag273n at 2019-4-27 03:56 AM

In addition to other co-forum members suggestions, i have a few to add:

1.) Add a metric in each players profile that counts the number of times the player has been AFK (total) from all matches - Ranked, Classic, Brawl (All Matches - Except Custom)
           1.a.) set a separate Queue for players that AFK a lot in a set period of time - like example - Player XXXXXXX has been AFK 350 times in 6 months, he will be added to the separated AFK queue
           1.b.) this system is only supposed to change behaviour so people would take the game a bit more serious. This Queue should look normal, so no player would feel bad. And their profile should not indicate that they are part of the Queue, it should only count the instances of AFK. it only means if someone AFK's a lot, they will have to play with players that has the same behaviour.
           1.c.) This would have a cleansing period of 3 months. So if someone has just been added to this queue, he'll need to wait for 180 days before he goes back to the normal queue.
           1.d.) The AFK counter in the profile should not reset back to zero, this will serve as a reminder that this player has had a tendency in the past to be AFK in games
           1.e.) This system, should not be a replacement to the current AFK recognition and credit reduction but should simply be taken as an addition
Post time 2019-4-27 09:37 PM | Show all posts
I know it's harsh but i kinda Support this suggestion.
There are many reason a player can go afk like sudden blackout, or internet problem along with call, intentional afk or many more. But whatever the reason, it is still affect the whole team. So we will consider this suggestion seriously. Need your opinion guys.


well it has 6 supports and counting  Post time 2019-4-28 12:52 AM
Post time 2019-4-27 02:26 AM | Show all posts
question how does 1.c.) link up with them being afk too much


I support this fully lets see if moonton responds  Post time 2019-4-27 03:57 AM
right :) the punishment isn't instant, but it lasts long - until they change behavior. And, isolating them from good players would improve the game experience  Post time 2019-4-27 03:52 AM
I see kinda like afk prison xD  Post time 2019-4-27 02:52 AM
I don't suppose we'd fully condemn them into that AFK queue Forever. like whats stated in 1.b. this should only be a mechanism to help change behavior, so everyone has a chance to change  Post time 2019-4-27 02:49 AM
Post time 2019-4-27 07:45 AM | Show all posts
As long it is an idea about improving ML, I will give you my support.
Post time 2019-4-27 08:21 AM | Show all posts
Post time 2019-4-27 10:29 AM | Show all posts
Definitely support this, but I can't imagine all the teammates being AFK
Post time 2019-4-29 08:50 AM | Show all posts
Agree bro! :)
 Author| Post time 2019-4-30 01:28 AM | Show all posts
thank you everyone :)
I hope this gets implemented
Post time 2019-4-30 11:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2019-4-30 11:22 PM

I DO support this suggestion , i really do....

BUT , in my opinion moonton will not implement such system (Warning : 100% opinion).
Why??? Eassyyyy answer, have u ever realize moonton only give u like 10% star protection when the game end and there is afk player in your team ?
which you need to fill the rest 90% to use it ?
And only protect 1 star upon used ?
(Which it didn't give benefit since you lost 1 star when your teammate afk)

Moonton can RE-PROGRAM their game in few typing and processing to give you 100% or 80% or 50% star protection point . OR separate player that afk from good player so they change their afk behavior.
But instead they give you only 10% star protection point and let the afk player rejoin ranked match and afk again after some versus ai/classic matches.

BUT why would they do that ?????? (Warning again: 100% opinion)
EAZZZYY answer again.
Moonton want more player . ( Proven by massive advertising they've done ).
They TRY to force you to call your teammate to download and install and play ranked match with you.
So there will be less afk chance if you play with 5 player squad , or simply carry the whole team with 1 afk player together with your teammate if you play with 2-3 player squad.
More player = MAY/CAN result in more download = higher game ranking
( If one of you here trying to solo rank to mythic , stop , forget your dream , you'll stuck in legend rank if you solo, you have been warned. )
And even if you squad with random person that doesn't increase player and game download count....
It still does affect average game play time .
They can/may use the data to gain more advertiser.
And also....
More player = faster match making = less boring from waiting
More player = faster teammate search for squad trough public chat
More player = more popularity = MAY/CAN increase diamond purchase .

Edit : removed some word that might be offensive


@ag273n yeah not 50% but like 40% of population . I met at least 1 afk around 2-3 match with situation where our team is losing , and their afk behaviour guaranteed the lose .  Post time 2019-6-7 09:43 PM
Plus, its takes so many times to be part of the AFK queue, players who don't intentionally go AFK should be safe from this. This would filter those that are Habitually AFK'ers  Post time 2019-4-30 11:24 PM
I get what you mean, but, I don't think AFK'ers have reached 50% the population for them to be a significant loss if isolated, its probably only 10%. its very small but still ruins the game experience  Post time 2019-4-30 11:22 PM
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