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[Hero Concept] The Newest Threat of the World "Chaos" (Fighter/Tank)

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Edited by mhoz000 at 2019-4-28 01:41 PM

The Evil Leader of the World "Chaos" (Fighter/Tank)

Shorter range than any Marksman (minus 35% range when comparing to all marksman)
Secondary hero vehicle
Only ranged fighter and tank with small radius damage area
the only fighter does not have splash damage when targetting one enemy when melee mode

No Mana

A former head of Special Force Vehicle Division of Peace Keeper Faction has turned into evil due to influence of his former enemy and gone destroying everything using his Super Tank he has stolen which is no one in the world can destroy his vehicle.

Passive: Dante's chaotic invicibility Schematic

Every cannon fired to any enemy target or rolls with deadly spiky grinder mode, the armor and magic resistance bonus increased
by 150 temporarily (increased by level of maximum 350)
attacks double barrage (range) and grinder (melee) mode
does not increase its attack speed it is only constant but its life steal is very large as 150% per attack.
The Hp regeneration when attacking (like wearing armor regens 22 hp per sec will become 110 hp per sec,
the total 6 armors will be 1320 regen per sec)
will increase by 5 times hp regen if not attaking only 3 times when stand by
and running mode and also basic physical damage only increase when there is
armor wearning 1 armor is to 1.7 physical attack. If damage items are being used 1 physical attack will increase both physical and magic defence

1st Skill:

Rain of Chaos (When Ranged Mode)  Cool down 15 secs
Fires shells with burning damage (Burning Effect) of 15% damage (Up to 50% at max level) damage over all his enemies by the tank damage per sec for 5 secs around his area

2nd Skill: (Two Skills) Dante's Evil Schematic version 1.2 (Part 1 and Part 2)

Evil Scheme 1 (Range Attack Mode)
Basic movement is slower than any heroes by 10%, when this upgraded will be faster in running 25%. Boot or any increase movement items will
not increase
Will gain attack move it depends by level increase:
level 1 will gain attack move but will randomly attacking any target nearby him
Maxed level will gain to choose to any enemy hero and automatically fires enemy lowest hp and armor

Evil Scheme 2 (Grinder Mode or Melee Mode)
This vehicle hero unlocks/activates its spiky machine from front of the tank and changes into melee mode however it does not have splash damage radius like
any melee heroes.
Its movement speed will add another 75% if Evil Scheme Part 2 chosen.
The physical damage will triple its all total damage and its attack speed will increase by 200%
However the Rain of Chaos is DISABLED when choosing this.

Ultimate Chaotic Schematic Curtain and Rage (two phases)

First Phase
Increases temporarily both armor and magic defence by 50% up to 100% when maxed level for only 8 secs and also increases crowd control resistance by 80%

Last Phase
After deactivation of Curtain, the shell of Rage will be activated only one shot to one target with damage of 600 physical damage,
however this second phase ultimate will not gone until the Rage Ammo shell has been fired and cool down will be started.

Cool down 70 secs


His real name is Booker-G but his name changed into Chaos after he betrayed and destroyed his own birth country and his former General of
World Peace Defense initiative. He was once a head of special forces vehicles 15th Division, who destroyed many evil armies who are the threat
to the world and save from them for many time and he was offered to be the next leader of World Peace Defense Initiative, however he declined
for one reason, until one day Booker-G was received an information from the best engineers who made the truly warfare vehicles for peace
but they made one the prototype which is the perfect, indestructible, most powerful tank that can even destroy an entire country in a minute and for the
man who deserves this super tank. While Booker-G attacks and annihilate enemies from other countries who dares attempt to invade the poor countries
Booker-G confronts the leader of the terrorist country who is about to kill named Adolf. Adolf is about to surrender and tries to persuade, shares propaganda to join
him and he will give him the riches, power, military and political.. and gave the idea what is global domination about what life would be if he is
with Adolf to control everything in the world. And Booker-G is thinking about Adolf's idea and later he secretly joined him while working
under General Hammer. Next day General Hammer made an event to receive the Super Tank for the most courageous soldier Booker-G as Booker-G received
it, many people applauded him and he gets in the Super Tank. Suddenly Booker-G fires all the soldiers and allies around him and Adolf came to
celebrate for betraying General Hammer and his soldiers and Adolf tells him he will be his right hand and the Super Tank is now for him
But Booker-G said he does not like manipulating him and it is time to be a global leader and he does not like to tell him what he is going to do
so he also killed Adolf, on the next day he tries to dominate from the western part to eastern part of the world, he pursuaded to be their his
government leader or they will be destroyed. After few days he was surprised his fomer leader General Hammer is still alive and he came
to destroy Booker-G with the secondary vehicle was invented before the country's fall he thought the vehicle against the super tank is hope
but he lost for many times. From this day Booker-G called himself Chaos who he will destroy who is not
following or serving him and named his own faction Chaotic Felfire. Later there was a teenage girl who is born with psychic Power from the eastern country where they can see sun rises
named Sayako who vows to avenge her parents destroy Chaos and the Super Tank, she destroyed entire half headquarters of Chaos all by herself.
Chaos is planning to assault her one day, as they confront each other to face to face, Chaos less injured and half destroyed the tank and
Sayako is half severely injured and bleeding. Both of them decided to retreat if not both of them will be killed so they went to their own places
to power up and get stronger for their final fight.

Evil Voice Quotes:

Serve me or I will end you (Introduction)
Chaotic Felfire is here (When he respawn 1)
Someone needs to get punished (When he respawn 2)
One world leader is now moving (Walking 1)
The instrument of chaos has begun (Walking 2)
That place will turn soon into wasteland (attacking 1)
This will be your last moments (attacking 2)
Your end draws near (skill attack 1)
I cannot be interrupted (skill attack 2)
Muahahahaha! (using ultimate phase 1)
Hahahahaha! (using ultimate phase 2)
I hate scrap metal (near death)
You gonna pay for this! (Tank exploded sound) (Death)


Offense ******
Defense *****
Skill Damage ***

Here is the link of youtube that you might have an idea how to change into new one it since it is from Command and Conquer strategy games

Sample of voice quotes

This is how it change from range attack to melee attack or melee attack to range attack however the vehicle hero must be the one who will approach to its target.

This is how the grinder melee attacks looks like

It is up to you how will you change the design, the attributes, skills or anything as I have suggested..

I do not know if this villain vehicle hero is bad suggestion or not. I want to know what your words here.

PS: If you will make this comic of this hero, it is better is like Marvel Style to make every hero's story unique not all same.

images (2).jpeg
Post time 2019-4-20 10:14 AM | Show all posts
Very cool concept.
Passive is really good specially suitable for such tank.
He will be like grock. A great initiator. Other skill set are nice too with dual mode. Please submit this to in game cs well.
 Author| Post time 2019-4-28 01:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Here is the another picture of Chaos who controls the super tank and rules the world with terror and destroys enemies without any hesitation.
Post time 2019-4-28 01:51 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
mhoz000 replied at 2019-4-28 01:45 PM
Here is the another picture of Chaos who controls the super tank and rules the world with terror and ...

actually i not interest with hero vehicle . i just love hero who can live like human , monster, robot, alien , zombie , creature. not hero like Vehicle
 Author| Post time 2019-4-28 01:57 PM | Show all posts
Edited by mhoz000 at 2019-4-28 02:01 PM
lennysayur replied at 2019-4-28 01:51 PM
actually i not interest with hero vehicle . i just love hero who can live like human , monster, ro ...

I already fed up with heroes walking in the battle field since I played Dota 1, Dota 2 and Mobile Legends and I want to make it something different with gaming balance. I always seeing heroes who always running to their feet and no difference to any game like this. And aren't you fed up with every almost same hero figures since the heroes were released and another walking human figure walking again in the battlefield? Human, cats, monkeys and dogs, walking, flying or floating in the battle field?
Post time 2019-5-7 08:00 AM | Show all posts
Like this jonson
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