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[Gameplay] Itemization

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Hi there,

I would like to talk about few things in this thread:
1. Endless Battle being abused by every non-magic role.
2. Lack of support items.
3. Lack of fighters-only items (Demon Hunter Sword, Corrosion Scythe, Endless Battle being used by ADCs).

Let's kick things off with the 1st point of this thread, "Endless Battle being abused by every non-magic role".

As we all know, this item gives you 65 AD, 25 Mana regen, 250 HP, 10% CDR, 5% Movement Speed, 15% Life Steal. True Damage that equals to 85% of your Physical Attack, and another passive that increases your movement speed by 10% everytime true dmg is proc'ed. Item itself costs 2470 gold which is hella cheap for item that gives you about anything and everything, isn't it? As far as I know it is supposed to be brusier item that helps dpsing ADCs during the teamfight. "How is that bruiser item?" you might ask. Basically it gives you Survivability along with dps which adds up over the time which is something that Fighters are looking for and movement speed that helps you stick to ADCs. BUT. Currently it gives so much that it's viable on every non magic class and it became burst item. Reduce True Damage from 85% to 70% like one guy was suggesting it in one of his threads, but also reduce base stats. Mainly AD it gives. From 65 to maybe like 40, so every AD class will think twice before buying this item.

"Lack of Support items"
Pretty straight forward. How do you want to make supports more viable when there are no support items to begin with? Moonton to make supports viable is buffing their damage which is just stupid, whereas adding new support items would help them alot. Something that helps with healing, shielding, vision on the map, movement out of combat, last hitting minions and so on and so forth. Currently supports are going either full mage (due to their stupid dmg buffed by Moonton to make them more "viable"), or Full tank (so it's like having meatshield who does nothing but acts as 2ndary pseudo-peeling tank), or mix between tank and mage. 0 utility at all and that's what supports are aiming for - UTILITY NOT DMG.

"Lack of Fighters only items"
Like I said before, Endless Battle is meant to be bruiser item, and so Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword are meant to be Bruiser only items. But again, those items are so over stated that ADCs see the opportunity to use them and guess what - they do so. Imo main problem with those is AD values that those items give so some slight nerfs would solve that problem (as for Demon Hunter Sword, reducing/removing Attack speed could help).
Also, the itemization for bruisers at the moment doesn't allow them to do their job properly which is diving enemy backline and being a threat to ADCs/Mages. Add items that give small amounts of AD with some resitances/hp, along with passives that helps you getting into enemy backlines. For example, whenever you use movement speed buff (from your character only!) you are getting CC immunity for 0.5s. Or after landing 1st basic attack on enemy champion you get "shield" that reduces dmg based on the number of enemies that are nearby for let's say 2 seconds (The reduction couldn't be too much because other classes would abuse it also). Just get creative Moonton, you have such a great community with awesome ideas that I've seen on the forum. You say you get feedback from players in your Youtube videos, yet you don't really.

Maybe you're gonna agree with me, maybe you're not - either is good as long as it's not comment like "YOU PIECE OF SH*T, GO LEARN THE GAME".

Have a nice day.
Post time 2019-4-15 10:36 PM | Show all posts
Superb suggestion with in depth explanation.
What you said everything is right and i cant agree more.
We will record this suggestion.


thanks!  Post time 2019-4-16 05:30 AM
Post time 2019-4-16 12:54 AM | Show all posts
"YOU PIECE OF SH*T, GO LEARN THE GAME".don't worry I don't mean it, I agree with your suggestions but isn't endless battle meant for non-magic heroes that have mana or is your point that its being abused by heroes like leomard that don't have mana


thanks for the clearer explanation so I think endless battle should have half its effects if its used my a hero with no mana or rage or energy  Post time 2019-4-16 06:09 PM
And my point is that going vs 3 endless battle team is unfun to play and its unhealthy imo for the game. Since theres no counterplay to true dmg  Post time 2019-4-16 05:29 AM
By non-magic I mean all physical roles pretty much. That includes leo, martis and alike  Post time 2019-4-16 05:27 AM
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