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[Hero Concept] New Fighter/Tank | Medusa | Gorgon Eye

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Gorgon Eye
Name: Medusa
Role : Fighter/Tank
Specialty : Crowd Control

Attack Range : Melee
Attack Speed : 0.8
Physical Damage : 111
Magic Power : 0
Movement Speed : 245
Armor : 18
Magic Resistence : 10
Hit Point(HP) : 2480
Mana Point(MP) : 0
HP regen : 28
MP regen : 0

(Passive)Stone Gaze
.everytime you attacking it will make 1 gorgon in your head to glow its eyes.
.when there is 5 gorgon that glow its eyes then it will send a ray to all enemy in a fan shaped area.
.affected enemy will be marked last for 3 second.
.when they gone to far from you then they will be stunned for 1.25 second.
.when you attack them while being stone then you will deal extra 35+(25% total physical damage)physical damage.

(1st Skill)Slither Venom
.activate to jump and hit nearby enemy to deal 150/190/230/270/310/350+(100% total physical damage)physical damage and put venom on target last for 3 second.
.target with venom will reduce its armor by 6/9/12/15/18/21 point.
Mp Cost : 75
Cooldown : 11 second

(2nd Skill)Snake Grasp
.activate to grasp on nearby enemy with your snake body for 3 second, you will be dragged wherever target's move, but target will be slowed their 75% movement speed for duration.
.your attack toward target will deal extra 25/30/35/40/45/50+(25% total physical damage)physical damage and add 35/40/45/50/55/60% lifesteal to your attack.

.target designated direction activate again to release target by throwing it there and deal 100/125/150/175/200/225+(50% total physical damage)physical damage and stun for 0.75 second.
Mp Cost : 115
Cooldown : 12 second

(Ultimate)Gorgon Curse
.Passive : everytime you getting attacked by enemy hero, you will make gorgon in your head to stare at yourself to get extra 15 armor but slow your 2% movement, can be stacked up to 10 times, last for 3 second.

.activate to make thousand gorgons in your head change all nearby enemy and ally hero in area to become stone last for 3/4/5 second.
.every 5 attack toward stoned enemy will make a crack to deal extra 200/250/300+(125% total physical damage)physical damage and change 1 stoned ally into normal.
Mp Cost : 165
Cooldown : 55 second

Design Refference

Post time 2019-4-15 07:52 PM | Show all posts
I love the concept hero! Being a fond of Greek mythology, this idea is great for me, I really hope devs see and be inspired


thankyou :D yeah i hope dev can see this, because we need some greek myth hero and this is op too hahaha XD  Post time 2019-4-15 11:39 PM
Post time 2019-4-15 09:28 PM | Show all posts
ML need to have heroes inspired from greek mythologies too.


yes it is...something like pandora/hades too XD  Post time 2019-4-15 11:40 PM
Post time 2019-4-15 10:45 PM | Show all posts
It will be auto ban for sure
But still i really want this hero in mlbb.
Asaznur said mlbb does not have greek mythology hero and i think now is the time to make one


yeah its crowd control are too OP i think, but anyway we still need some of greek myth hero XD  Post time 2019-4-15 11:40 PM
Post time 2019-4-16 01:44 AM | Show all posts
never thought medusa would be a tank or a fighter but her skills proves it  the passive skill 1 and skill 2 combo real nice and the ult is really unique since it afffects your allies negatively but also has the same effect on the enemies this is well rounded great hero concept



I don't like the concept........I LOVE THIS CONCEPT xD  Post time 2019-4-16 03:10 AM
yeah there are so many great hero concept out there, sometime i just love it XD  Post time 2019-4-16 03:04 AM
thankyou so much hell yeah i love all her skill set XD like its Ultimate even if ally affected too she can release it 1 by 1 by attacking affected enemy  Post time 2019-4-16 03:03 AM
i swear i say great hero concept way too much but i can't help it they're all well great I could say amazing but that might sound too biased and cringy  Post time 2019-4-16 01:45 AM
Post time 2019-4-16 02:25 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-4-15 11:45 AM
It will be auto ban for sure
But still i really want this hero in mlbb.
Asaznur said mlbb does not  ...

The game has some heroes and skins inspired by mythologies, but there are so many to explore!


and i just notice it that Alucard is Dracula(reversed) XD  Post time 2019-4-16 03:01 AM
Post time 2019-4-16 06:41 AM | Show all posts
Great hero concept let us hope for the best


Thankyou so much :D  Post time 2019-4-16 01:26 PM
Post time 2019-4-17 08:35 PM | Show all posts
Another amazing hero concept. The passive is quite hard to use, but with good practice it could be deadly.
About the ultimate, if you successfully crack a pertified enemy, will the closest ally get turned back to normal or a completely random ally?


i imagine random XD but after you say the closest ally then it would be a nice idea  Post time 2019-4-17 09:58 PM
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