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[Hero Concept] New Assassin | Gregory | Shadow Seer

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Edited by luciva at 2019-4-19 11:02 PM

Shadow Seer
Name: Gregory
Role : Assassin
Specialty : Burst/Crowd Control

Attack Range : Melee
Attack Speed : 0.8
Physical Damage : 115
Magic Power : 0
Movement Speed : 255
Armor : 15
Magic Resistence : 10
Hit Point(HP) : 2250
Mana Point(MP) : 0
HP regen : 25
MP regen : 0

(Passive)Dark Infest
.your skill toward enemy will also contain "Dark Infest" on target last for 3 second.
.enemy with "Dark Infest" will absorb 50 hp of target's nearby ally every second while heal target the half amount.
.after duration end, dark orb will create from inside target's body, this dark orb will take away 2x of the absorbed hp.
.dark orb also take away regen and healing effect that target receive while duration.
.you can pick the dark orb to grant 1 stack of dark orb which give you 25 extra physical damage on your skill, max up to 20 stack, lose all stack when die.

(1st Skill)Shadow Reap
.activate to swing your reaper to nearby enemy in area with shadow, deal 220/260/300/340/380/420+(75% total physical damage)physical damage and slow 50% movement for 2 second.
.this skill can hit the enemy that drowned with your "Drowning Deeper" skill, but it will gonna end its drowning effect immediatedly.
Mp Cost : 0
Cooldown : 8 second

(2nd Skill)Drowing Deeper
.put a shadow pit on designated area, make enemy hero who approach it to be drowned into it last for 2.5 second, deals 200/225/250/275/300/325+(125% total physical damage)physical damage.
.drowned enemy can't go anywhere and become imun.
Mp Cost : 0
Cooldown : 12 second

(Ultimate)Creepling Shadow
.select 1 enemy hero to become shadow underneath target last for 5 second, while become shadow you will follow and reveal target everywhere.
.while being a shadow you still can cast ability but can't attack.

.targeting on designated direction to stop being shadow and drag target with you toward direction, deal 300/375/450+(150% total physical damage)physical damage, when target hit the wall then deal another 200/225/250+(150% total physical damage)physical damage and stun for 1.75 second.
Mp Cost : 0
Cooldown : 35 second

Design Refference
11f3136aa4b04271a2a84a365ae64bf5.jpg c6b9d14c96a160d22ebe89b7e8d5aa94.jpg

Post time 2019-4-15 02:04 PM | Show all posts
Ulti needs nerf imo. I really love the passive though, the fact that you can give your target a buff at first, but turns out it's actually giving them a big advantage. Keep up the good work!


The ultimate seems to be too full of a package. Maybe nerf the stun duration or increase cooldown time.  Post time 2019-4-16 05:45 AM
hahaha yes, the passive is a bit tricky, its look like its healing them but actually at the end those absorbed hp will be taken back multiplied XD about the ult, is the damage is way too big? or else?   Post time 2019-4-15 02:24 PM
Post time 2019-4-15 10:57 PM | Show all posts
Ultimate looks like shukamaru from naruto
But i like it. Passive is a bit odd but interesting.
Please submit this to in game cs as suggestion.


yes, shikamaru the shadow ninja XD but we already have 1 shadow hayabusa, but different shadow XD  Post time 2019-4-15 11:42 PM
Post time 2019-4-16 01:51 AM | Show all posts
WTFlip ult, deceptive passive,bop skill 1,suffering skill 2 and overall (this is my signature catch phrase) Great hero concept


defiantly one the most unique ultimatums you made FUN FACT: the plural of ultimate is ultimatums  Post time 2019-4-16 03:12 AM
what i love more is his Ult, like you become shadow of the enemy then you can activate again to drag the enemy with you on specific direction, its good for ganking XD  Post time 2019-4-16 03:08 AM
Post time 2019-4-19 05:55 PM | Show all posts
This husband of natalia?


or maybe yes he is her husband XD  Post time 2019-4-20 12:06 AM
i dont know, maybe he is Natalia's long lost friend that she is failed to save...  Post time 2019-4-20 12:05 AM
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