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[Hero Concept] New Couple Hero (Dark Lord General)

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Edited by shimura27 at 2019-4-16 06:27 AM

Karis - Spider princess

Dur 6/10
Off 3/10
Eff 9/10
Dif 4/10

Lore :

Passive : Spider Potential
While in human form, Karis skill will recover 20% Mana Lost. While in Spider form, Karis gain 20% mov spd.

Note : for example : after using a skill that consumes 120 Mana in human form, Karis recover 24 Mana. This is good to spam her skills without worrying about her Mana.

Skill 1 : Spider Bites (Mana Usage : 70(+10), CD : 16s) [Damage/Poke/Regen]
In human form, Karis summons 1 her mini spider to chase locked target, then bites target and deals 340 (+33*level) Magical Damage (+1.0 Magic Power) After that the spider will vanish and leave 1 stack of Poison mark, last 3s. This skill can be used max up to 3 times (There is 0.4s delay time). In Spider form, bites closely to target, then deals 320 (+33*level) Magical Damage (+1.2 Magic Power) and leaves 1 stack of Poison Mark too, but the difference is 100% Poison Mark damage can regen herself.

Passively : Poison Mark
1 stack of Poison Mark causes enemy receive 84(+7*level) Magical Damage (+0.5 Magic Power) per second and slow (-60% Mov Spd Reduction), for 3s. Additional stack will increase Poison Mark damage by 10% Magical Damage (max up to 20%), also refreshes its duration.

Note : This spider is untargetable or exactly can't be killed by enemy. Also, it bites to locked enemy only. So, covering enemy by other enemies will be useless. That's why if against Karis, try to CCed her before she cast this skill.

Skill 2 : Spider Weebs (Mana Usage 100(+20), CD : 14s) [CC/Damage]
In human form, Karis fires spider weeb on single target and deals 312 (+35*level) Magical Damage (+0.6 Magic Power), also trap enemy for 2s. In Spider form, Spider weeb can trap multiple enemy inside the range of skill.

Note : about range methode, In Spider form the range is same as Alpha's Skill 2. In human form range is same as Aurora's Skill 1.

Ultimate : Spider Evolve (Mana Usage : 0, CD : 5s)
In human form, Karis dashes forward and turns into Spider Queen. All basic attack deals 100/110/120% Magic Power. In Spider Form, she dashes forward and turn back to human form. Regens herself equivalent as 20/30/40% Lost HP.

Zack - Shadow Prisoner

Dur 3 of 10
Off 9 of 10
Eff 3 of 10
Dif 7 of 10

Lore :

New System : Shadow Orb (without using Mana, max up to 5 Orbs, gained after kill non hero enemy unit)

Passive : Shadow Gaze
When Zack is looking on nearby enemy more than 2s, grants Seed of shadow to enemy for 6s. It's preventing to use stealth/invisible skill or ability. Pressing basic attack can teleport to forward target causes slow (-60 miv spd red) for 2s. Also deals critical damage for next 5 attack.

Skill 1 : Dark Wave (orb usage : +1, CD : 12s) [poke/damage]
Slashes enemy using his hand to create dark wave in a row. When it hits enemy, this skill can be used again max up to 3 times. Deals 250(+23*level) Physical Damage (+0.6 Attack Power) and decrease attack speed by 10(+0)% (can be stacked up to 3 times).

Note : Basically, his skill is like Ruby's skill 1, but can be used max up to 3 times and decrease enemy attack speed.

Skill 2 : Shadow blink (orb usage : +2, CD : 14s) [blink]
Dashes forward that makes him immune from any damage and CC. Next basic attack grant 20(+5)% Phy Dmg bonus.

Note : This skill area same as chou skill 2. But since he doesn't have CC skill, so makes him immune from cc and damage while dashing maybe is best choice for him.

Ultimate : Critical Strike (Orb Usage : all, CD: 42(-4)s) [buff/burst damage]Cut enemy through vital point. Deals 330(114*level) Phy dmg (+1.2 Atk Pwr) and disables any regen effect, also slow enemy (-80% mov spd red) for 2s.

Post time 2019-4-15 01:58 PM | Show all posts
Wow, a 2-in-1 hero concept! I see you got a bit of inspiration from Elise in LoL for Karis' concept. Both are very cool.
One question, for the ultimate, it feels like the 20% max HP as true damage when he explodes is a bit too OP. He did not sacrifice much to deal that immense damage except for turning back to his normal form.
Here's a suggestion, maybe when he becomes normal again, he will be slowed a lot like Hanzo.
Post time 2019-4-15 09:52 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-4-15 10:02 PM

Just saying u might want to edit Karis's second skill's name XD
Overrall pretty good concepts though may i ask if there's a limit to Zack's portal's distance?
Imagine if he blasts one portal and runs with sprint to a far off place and blast the enemies to their doom? (Assuming something like tigreal's ult keeps them there.)
Post time 2019-4-15 11:10 PM | Show all posts
Really like this 2 in 1 hero concept.
Mlbb should have more hero like this.
The passive for both form is cool along with all skills.
Please submit this to in game cs as well.
Post time 2019-4-16 01:37 AM | Show all posts
2 great concepts and the notes are a great addition it make it so much easier to understand the heroes
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