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[Share] How to MASTER and DEFEAT Johnson

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This iswhat I have learned in one year and 1200 games as Johnson. I got him because myfriend always complained when we were fighting a Johnson. “He just shows up andkills you in the crash. If he doesn’t, the other enemy will”. My friend is mainmage, Aurora, Eudora, Valir; so yes, he is f when the car gets him. I boughthim and started to practice the driving in custom. I got all cd reduction itemsso I could turn into a car soon. I practiced a lot, the first 10-20 games Iwould crash in less than 5 seconds. Then, after 20-50 games, I was able todrive straight, just from the beginning to the end of the lane (but I couldn’tturn left or right yet). After 50 custom, I was confident enough to try Johnsonin classic, with my friend.

We soon gotgood crashes and many kills, so he was really really happy. He was so pleased withmy performance that he bought me the fireman skin. In less than 10 succesfulgames in classic, he suggested our Eudora Johnson combo for rank. I was notconfident enough but I did it anyway. We won! And we kept winning. I becomemain Johnson, but I was successful only because I was playing with him. He gotthe kills, I helped him with the jungle and gave him a ride when he recalled.Without him, maybe I would have quit and kept trying other heroes.

After 100games, I started to turn left (always left, never right lol). My friend gotreally excited. Then, I was able to do one whole trip in the map. After hundredsof games I could even drive in the jungle area; I had mastered driving thewhole map.

How do Iplay him now? Solo or with friends, I have tank emblem extra defense. Petrifyis my spell (best spell ever). My first item is the jungle knife. I go straightto the bottom buff, unless a fanny needs the left buff, or someone else like aSelena says they want to do bottom buff by himself. Then I go to mid or bottomto clear waves, but if a teammate is there and doesn’t need help I go to theother buff. My passive and the knife allow me to help with both buffs beforerecalling.

At thistime I am level 2, but the rest of my team is 3 or even 4. I help clear waves(trying to let my team get the last hit on minions), get the crab, try to stunwith my hammer and if possible help with a kill, and then I get to level 4.This is when the game begins for me. I know how much damage I can take earlygame, I have played so many games. I have the tank emblem, that’s why I amtanky, but I have been wondering how things would change if I got the supportemblem. My ultimate time is 53 seconds, so it takes a while to turn into a carin early game. Its 43 seconds in level 3, each crash is really importantbecause it can be a game changer. People usually complain when I ride alone,they want to crash into the teamfight and kill them all, but there are notteamfights all the time, and sometimes it is more important to clear the minionsto save a turret, or push and get their turret.

Johnsondoesn’t have to ride with a teammate in all the rides. Sometimes he needs to goalone to the other side of the map to deal with the north while you keepworking on the bottom. If you both go, you will lose the bottom turret forsure. Even if you get a kill at the north, it is not worth it. It is only agood decision if someone in the mid lane goes bottom, but for this you need totalk to the team, or have an experienced and intelligent stranger who is awareof the map.

In somerides, after I cleared the wave, I drive around to show my team the enemyposition, I am not trying to crash and kill, that is why I went alone. Someother crashes (my favorite) are to crash right into the enemy turret anddestroy it. That is dangerous because if the turret was not only one hit Icould die, or kill my teammate.

You don’treally need to know how to turn or drive in the jungle area. No need tomemorize the whole map and practice in custom for hundreds of games. 90% of myrides are from my base to the first or second enemy turret, with a teammate.Johnson should be a taxi that drives a teammate who just recalled or respawnedto the teamfight in one of the 3 lanes. Teamfights happen more often in mainlanes, not jungle area.

To be agood Johnson you need to check the map all the time, check your teammates greenbar, and communicate. I always do this, so when I see that Alice needs mana, orZilong is almost dead, I say “Ultimate is available” “Alice base” or “Requestback up” and blue exclamation mark to the character I want to ride me.

If I knowone of the players and we have done this before, he will probably ride me thewhole game. We will be a killer duo. If I am solo, I ride alone early game,some rides with random teammates in mid, and only work as a taxi in late gamefor the ones who respawn or need to heal.

Jhonson canget the kill himself, but he needs to be the same level or higher than theenemy he is fighting. The enemy is a weak one, like a mage or a marksman;Johnson can´t kill a tank or a fighter with the crash. The combo goes likethis: crash, basic attack, hammer, basic attack, petrify spell, basic attack,second skill while basic attacks until he is dead. A jhonson with shield spellis useless, he has his passive as a shield. No need to flicker or sprint, he isthe tankiest tank thanks to his passive.

Be patientif you have a Johnson in your team, his crashes are more luck than skill. Mostof the time I can´t see the enemy team because most of their time they are intheir part of the map, which I can´t see. Sometimes I go bottom, turn left atthe middle and by the time I am north, there is a teamfight in the bottom andwe are losing. I rush back there but it is too late, one or two died and theenemy disappeared. I am not a awesome, it is just that I decided to go left in themiddle, instead of going straight. The problem with going straight is that Ican´t see the enemy position. Many times the enemy tanks have stopped me rightin the turret, killed my teammate and then me. That is because I can´t see theenemy but they do see me when I pass next to a minion, turret or hidden enemyin the bushes. Besides that, the crash is not accurate like Aldous ultimate.Sometimes I crash right in between of two enemies, but not close enough to stunthem, they just get the weak wave damage. Again, it is LUCK, not skill.

Jhonson isbetter as a tank and as a taxi, there you can completely trust how skillfulthat Johnson is. The killing crash is just pure luck.

WEAKNESS:As you already know, Grock´s wall is a nightmare every 8 seconds. Badang´s walltoo. Hanabi, Chou and Grock have immunity to the stun, so they escape thedamage wave. Heroes with flickery skills like Claude, Gusion and Kagura areimpossible to target (if they mastered them). Helcurt´s dark cloud makes theride scary, I can´t even see my teammates. Fanny always escapes.

Johnson istanky, but right after a crash he is slow. I only use petrify spell so I can´tflicker escape or sprint; basically I am dead. I am pretty strong because Istun them with the hammer, do some damage with the first kill while I basicattack, but if it´s a fighter or two random enemies, I will die sooner orlater.

Johnsonrides in the center of the lane, he doesn’t want to crash at the turrets or thewalls; if you are fighting Johnson this is where you should go to give him ahard time targeting you, go BEHIND your turret and jungle walls. You also wantto clear minions from the bushes. Rule number one for fighting a Johnson is BECAREFUL when you don’t see him in the map, he might be preparing at the base oralready on his way to kill you.

You haveabout 30 seconds after the crash, plus the time he recalls and comes back maybeone minute in total. So after the crash, or if you see him somewhere else inthe map, it´s your time to kill, move or clear waves. No need to be scared ifyou are a tank or an anti-Johnson character (the ones I mention before). Be extracareful if you are a squishy marksman or mage, and you will be fine.
Check his passive, his shield. If he hasnt used it, you will just waste your ultimate. If he already used it, try to kill him. He is a strong tank but also a great fighter because he stuns you with the hammer, activates the other skill and basic attacks at the same time; he is a strong fighter as well. You need to be a stronger fighter to go 1 vs 1, or a range hero.

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wow. that's the nice story how you get so well together with johnson
i also have really hard time in the past with him (i main mage)
but then i realize the only way to "counter" himis mini map awareness just like you said. now, i don't really frightened by him so no reasons to ban him anymore. but yeah skillful johnson is still annoying for his enemy.
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So long and I'm lazy. Need to ride JS
Post time 2019-4-10 10:44 AM | Show all posts
indeed.. whenever i use johnson, i also always look at minimap.. tho i only play him for around 300+ games with him and have around 60%ish wr.. quite low, but im happy enough with it.. hey our fav spell is the same xD i also use petrify with john.. i wont even bother trying other spell with him.. hahaha

i cant really drive trick around the jungle yet, but if its just cutting lane in jungle with john isnt so hard for me anymore.. and on mid game, i prefer to clear lane alone while my teammate clear other lane.. yes alone.. because in most cases, enemy wont even try to face me head on.. and it gives me distance from teammate in case they get attacked and im using ulti.. (the longer the distance he drives, the longer the stun if im not wrong).. hahaha xD
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Good read. Thanks for sharing
Post time 2019-4-10 11:27 AM | Show all posts
Superb sharing your experience with jhonson
It was like i was reading an exciting story.
It was that much good.The way you describe , proves that practice makes a man perfect.
I am really happy that you enjoy jhonson and mlbb as well. And also thanks to that friend, for whom you keep trying and mastered jhonson.
Post time 2019-4-10 01:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You forgot to mention his other weakness, Diggie and Esmeralda. Purify spell also handy against him.


SSKSKSSKSK SAME. i'm actually happy when i trigger his passive  Post time 2019-4-11 08:21 PM
I second this comment... I have began to main esmerelda and melt johnson like butter. His shield gets drained like a bathtub against her skill 2+1.  Post time 2019-4-10 05:38 PM
Post time 2019-4-10 04:12 PM | Show all posts
OK lemme try.

So, I was practising Johnson in custom
Task 1 : surrounding base = clear (score 10/10)
Task 2 : surrounding the map without crashing for 1 lap = clear (score 10/10)
Task 3 : surrounding the map without crashing for 3 laps = clear (score 8/10)
Task 4 : go from top to bot and back to top and vice versa = clear (score 10/10)
Task 5 : go from base to enemy's top/bot blue buff = clear (score 7/10)
Task 6 : surrounding enemy's jungle = clear (score 6/10)

And after sooo many many games, I confidant enough to bring him to Classic. But, I don't know, when playing him in classic, I always get nervous, always crashing at the walls, passing through enemies, or hit enemy's turret. It's very rare for me to crashing at the enemy. Especially when I bring a teammate. My heart races faster as I don't want to disappoint my passenger. It's like, there's a completely different vibe between custom and classic, let alone rank.

As for now, I rarely using him. But sometimes my friend force me to use Johnson in rank (when he isn't banned). I pick him, but I only drive around teammates area. From base to top, mid, bot, or from top to mid or bot or vice versa, but never brave enough to surround the map or to go to enemy's jungle. I think it's enough
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use jungle to hide yourself on the map
             using creep lanes reveals yourself and will give enemies enough time to prepare a trap
             a wise enemies will block you on their base so dont use their base or near their tower to U-turn

after using ult you must crash into enemy asap
             longer strolls at map = more time wasted
             if you miss the enemy by an inch press ult to stop immedieately (it will hit them)
good partners
Aldous/Yss map scan
and Angela (for 3man ambush, can ult to you while you are in car mode)

your weakness
and any tank that knows how to block you


most of my tanks see johnson and run away with me. and we both get hit. me when i tank: jumps towards johnson SKSKKSKS  Post time 2019-4-11 08:22 PM
Post time 2019-4-11 01:07 AM | Show all posts
This really familiar to how me and my friend play matches he play Johnson and i play gussion or alpha and we combo with our triple stuns and double petrify its almost always a wipe out now i play solo with gussion and alpha
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