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[Query] Who should get the buff?

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Until recently, I thought it was common knowledge that the priority of who gets the jungle buffs was:

1. Fanny
2. Assassin
3. Mage
4. MM
5. Fighter
6. Support/Tank

But it seems more recently Marksmen are taking buffs before Assassins and Mages... and complaining big time if you take "their" buff.

Why is that?

Post time 2019-4-10 08:59 AM | Show all posts
Edited by starboi at 2019-4-10 09:01 AM

hahaha "there was Fanny and there's the rest of us"
Post time 2019-4-9 05:57 AM | Show all posts
Saber plz !!!
Post time 2019-4-9 01:21 AM | Show all posts
only warrior level marksman need buff. fanny is top priority followed by mages then assassins. fighters, assassins and tanks should be stealing buffs from enemy jungle.
Post time 2019-4-9 01:24 AM | Show all posts
Edited by aferli at 2019-4-9 01:26 AM

It is very dependent on some things, eg. which role in your game has the highest level on your team or can that hero kill the monster quickly to prevent getting ganked by others.

The most likely reason for MM to take the buff is simply the consistent damage and speed they get from using their abilities, eg. Clint can easily outpoke/outdamage any mage/assassin from a safe distance.
Assassin with buff against 2 or more is risky, since he has to close the distance between him and the enemy, and some Assassins are Mages, cough Gusion.
Mages are vulnerable after using all their abilities on 1-2 targets and get shut down if they try to autoattack any MM/Fighter/Assassin.
Fanny is considered as an Assassin, and as such she benefits from the energy cost reduction, since she spams s1/s2 + finish with ult.

Post time 2019-4-9 01:38 AM | Show all posts
MM can take buff but its just not as great if it was on an assassin/mage
the mains reason MM take it is for mana but that can be helped with 2 mana crystals or mana boots
Post time 2019-4-9 06:27 AM | Show all posts
There's not such a topic like "who SHOULD get buff". Everybody can get buff, it surely depends on the circumstance. If you see a buff sits there for a long time, do not walk pass and do nothing thinking you "shouldn't" take it. Taking the buff is better than letting the enemies steal it.


"Everybody can get buff" Well tank,that mean my friend who is 1400k shouldn't take the buff and instead my low match Grock can took and steal their hard work Buff with that Logic   Post time 2019-4-10 03:36 PM
Post time 2019-4-9 07:56 AM | Show all posts
Most probably epic or gm.
Legend and mythic mm usually dont take buff unless team needed to.
Post time 2019-4-9 09:26 AM | Show all posts
The marksman buff gives percentage based on their attack power so they shouldn't take it in early game, even mid game.

Assassins and mobile mages really needs the CD reduction and reduced Mana consumption from the buf throughout the game.
Post time 2019-4-9 09:32 AM | Show all posts
it's very iritating whenever i play with my firend as duo (he's hayabusha main and i pick lunox often) most of the time i got teamed with crybaby marksman who always beging for buff. like srsly i alwyas tell them "give the buff for me at the early game phase. i using lunox i need mana. you can take the green jungle. and when it come to lategame we will give you buff priority" and yeah. they didnt listen ofcourse.
Post time 2019-4-9 12:22 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-12-29 10:28 AM

The answer is not that easy, and will change as the game goes on.

The short answer is... whomever is your best damage dealer at that moment. If you have a mage thats tearing it up... or obviously Fanny  (that is clearly an expert)...  you support the hero that can carry you to a win.

In General:
Priority 1: Mages and Assassins
Priority 2: Heros taking solo lane...
Priority 3  Marksmen/fighters.

Never: Tanks and Support (except a really expert Belerick or even Diggie could make a case).  Getting the CD buff on a Diggie ultimate could be a game changer for example with the right team comp.  It just depends on the individual skill levels of the team.
kaptennyud replied at 2019-4-9 09:32 AM
it's very iritating whenever i play with my firend as duo (he's hayabusha main and i pick lunox ofte ...

Absolutly the main things drive me CRAZY...

1. Irethels, Claudes, Leslies.. taking BOTH buffs early in the game
2. Fighters like Alucard or Zilong wiping out buffs constantly.
3. Any player (especially mm and fighters) that sit there and let you do all the work, then come and steal it with retribution.  Noting worse than losing your buff that you just farmed.. to an ally mm with retribution.
4. Selfish Hanzo's that hog every jungle creep and buff on both sides on map. 5. ANY of the above that will then berate you in chat when you cant hold your own against wel fed enemies.5. Any of the above that steal all your farm and then berate you in chat when you cant compete against a SUPER-fed alucard, ruby, or alpha.

Storytime: One particularly frustrating game I needed flicker spell. My team had an Irithel follow me around the map and steal every buff... every crab...  and every creep that he/she could with retribution.........then proceeded to give me the "hahahahaha" in chat. Later they had the nerve to start calling me names when my level 9 hero couldnt hold tower 2v1 against enemies at level 11.  


good points  Post time 2019-4-10 01:18 PM
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