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[Query] Hanzo?

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Edited by ag273n at 2019-4-3 01:58 AM

So I just started using Hanzo, I find his skill sets are nice, and he's fun.
this is my Build: (in order of acquisition)
Corrosion Cythe
Demon Hunter Sword
Blade of Despair (X2)
(reason for build - attackspeed so Skill 1 can immidiately cast - in spirit form)

Spell: Sprint
Emblem: Assasin Emblem - level 32'ish

I always find i run out of Demon Blood before i get the kill. My usual targets  are mm's, mages and assasins that are tower hugging.
I do turret dive a lot. and always end up looking for minions to help with the passive

What are your tips?
would really love to hear tips from someone who is a Hanzo main or anyone who plays this hero a lot

Post time 2019-4-3 05:05 AM | Show all posts
I got inspire to buy Hanzo bro haha
Post time 2019-4-3 07:20 AM | Show all posts
rapid boots, demon hunter sword, corrosion scythe, endless battle, apocoqueen (or bloodlust axe), blade of despair. drop windtalker and the extra blade of despair


I tried this build in like 5 games, its quiet good too. I got BLA instead of ApoQueen. i'm saving this build  Post time 2019-4-4 12:45 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-4-3 07:23 AM | Show all posts
yeah man, this hero is quiet interesting and fun :)
a hard counter for him though is natalia - really scary.
I realize I like heroes that can push alone.
Post time 2019-4-3 07:50 AM | Show all posts
Same with me, but the boots i use is rapid.. and instead extra blade of despair, i use hunter sword or whatever the name is (extra movement speed every 5 basic attacks or so).. looks like ill try double blade of despair tho.. hahaha xD


yeah I tried putting back the HunterStrike. that item is nice too. It was part of the original build but I thought other items were better. now I regret removing it. LOL  Post time 2019-4-4 12:49 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-4-3 08:32 AM | Show all posts
thank you Both :)
do you have like tips on like - overall positioning of this hero - or like what would be the best way to utilize him?

there a couple of times that I tried attacking an enemy tower hugging, then an ally tank came in to back up, we were able to kill the target but, more enemies came and I ran out of demon blood. unfortunately I had to cancel my Ulti so I can return to my body and the tank was left alone, he got caught and died. after that, he stopped going with me. - this happened twice.

And several other times a backup MM or Mage or fighter would help back up in a small clash, but end up being left right after the clash and risk getting caught when enemy back up comes.

it almost feels like this hero shouldn't be backed up when attacking because of that big risk.


it's not the "big risk" It's the: know when your teammate is about to die and needs to elave so its time to bail  Post time 2019-4-3 10:38 PM
Post time 2019-4-3 12:27 PM | Show all posts
I think this is perfect for me too.
I knkw windtalker and sythe is very important for hanzo along with dhs. But did not have idea about rest items.
Thanks for sharing this
Post time 2019-4-3 02:16 PM | Show all posts
Hanzos Ult is OP
long range and so fast

i wont be surprised if they nerf his ult if he becomes popular


he does have high damage on his ult specially skill 1. skill 2 is very easy to miss. the big trade off of all this - cant ult until demon blood is high enough. keep looking for minions  Post time 2019-4-4 12:51 AM
yeah, but the skill 2 from the Ult has a fairly slow animation. I always have to predict where the enemy is heading. about 40% of the time, I miss.  Post time 2019-4-3 11:07 PM
Post time 2019-4-3 05:56 PM | Show all posts
you know, using BOD won't increse his first skill in ghost form, his skill bse of enemy mx Hp. buy phys pent or rmor decrese cn del more dmg to enemy.

(me nd my broken key on left side of my keybord)


its passive helps deal damage  Post time 2019-4-4 12:38 AM
Post time 2019-4-4 12:40 AM | Show all posts
i would change the build order since demon hunter is a early game item and should come first and then swift boots,CS,WT,HS,BOD for the passive for demon blood still skill needs to be spammed on everything that gives blood back


then hanzo would be better than meta lol  Post time 2019-4-4 01:02 AM
if only skill 1 would eat enemy heroes alive, I would spam it too :D  Post time 2019-4-4 12:58 AM
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